Your Dreams – Like Fresh Baked Cookies

Yummm Yummm… Spirit reminds us of our dreams and goals. We are asked to take a look at how far we have come and how much closer we are than we once were to reaching those goals and dreams. Even though the progress may be slow.. it’s progress and you are getting closer!

Many Blessings,

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The Picture We Paint Ourselves

We all do this… we paint a picture of how we think our lives should be, what it should look like, who is in it and how they look and behave. Think about that image you have painted and ask yourself where does that come from. How much of what is in that picture is you and how much of it comes from other sources like environment, family, friends, media even. Be careful not to push away people because they don’t match the painting in your head… don’t pull away from opportunities because they aren’t in your painting. Stop looking at that painting and start living.

Many Blessings,

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Wishing Your Life Away

We have all done this … during the bad moments life gives us, we often find ourselves wishing those days away. The thing about wishing your life away is that we have no idea when life will end for ourselves or for those we love. By wishing our lives away, just because we are going through a bad time… we are essentially throwing away days that when you look back will have been a gift left unopened. We must live each day as if it were our last, appreciate all the moments of our lives and not wish them away.

Many Blessings,

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Story Time with the Raven

Today Spirit urges me to tell you all a story… All morning I have wandered through my memory banks to find the right story for you but just could not figure out which story Spirit wanted me to tell. So, I start this video with the thought of a story and allowed it to unfold all on it’s own. Enjoy!

Many Blessings,

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The Evolution of Change

Changes are needed in our lives. We aren’t meant to stay the same… so change comes in and transforms us, molds us into something better, smarter, wiser. Change brings us lessons and growth and I bet if you think back to changes that have occurred in your life that the changes you thought you didn’t want .. you are now grateful for. They may not be wanted at first.. but they are needed.

Many Blessings,

Surviving Life Changes

Change is hard to deal with.. we become uprooted from our comfort zone and placed in unfamiliar territory. In this video I talk about just that and how I have dealt with change and how I see it now after the events.

Many Blessings,

Trusting Your Inner Knowing

When faced with options and feeling like you are being pulled in many directions… Learn to trust your inner knowing. Your heart and soul already know what to do and where to go.. you just have to learn to listen to it much more carefully. In this video I give an exercise to help you figure which option your Spirit chooses.

Many Blessings,

Changing Our Ways

If we want to change our own damaging behaviors in life… we must be our own guardian and constantly and consistently be watching ourselves .. be aware of those behaviors that are not good for us and make effort to change them.

Many Blessings,

What Belongs on Your Path and What Doesn’t!

Often, we allow the people and things to remain on our path that shouldn’t be for far too long. We have to be open and honest with ourselves and what fits us and what doesn’t. Allowing those things that don’t fit us to remain on our path does damage to everyone involved.. they cannot progress and neither can you. Without being harsh or cruel you can let go of those things and people that don’t truly belong with you. When you are able to do that…. everyone grows in the right direction.

Many Blessings,

Falling Off Your Path

In life we will get knocked off our path many times… the important thing is that we get up, dust ourselves off and get back on that road. Spirit knocks us off the path when we are going in the wrong direction… it is important to recognize that so that when we get back on that road we don’t keep going the wrong way!!

Many Blessings,


When fear guides us we make all the wrong choices and decisions. If we are filled with fear, we should take a step back and ask ourselves: what am I afraid of, why am I afraid and is this fear legitimate?

Once you have looked at what’s going on and figured out where your feelings are coming from, you then make a better choice.

Many Blessings,

Finding Balance

Life is busy and can be chaotic… we get an up close point of view when we really need to be able to step back from time to time so that we can see the bigger picture. We should not live in the past but don’t forget the lessons it taught us…. we should not live too far in the future that it takes us away from living in the moment. We have to find a balance between then, now and tomorrow. It takes putting distance between you and your situation to see the bigger picture. Take the time when things start feeling out of place to do that.  Step back and really look at what’s going on… in the physical form and mental form.

Many Blessings,

Don’t Give Up

Life is hard and sometimes we feel like we just want to quit.. just check out so that we don’t have to deal with all these life lessons and obstacles that keep getting thrown at us. There are good things in life… things worth fighting for, things worth staying for. Don’t give up on life, on yourself and don’t give up the fight… when better times come around, you want to be able to enjoy them. Don’t give up. Better days are just around the corner.

Many Blessings,

Fighting with Yourself

We all do this.. we all fight that inner knowing inside ourselves. We argue with what we already know. We allow doubt and fear to build in our minds and second guess ourselves and when we do that we make foolish decisions. We mess our own lives up because of a self planted fear or doubt. Why are we so afraid to trust ourselves?? Let’s make a new pact this year and stopping fighting with what we already know.

Many Blessings,

Spiritual Connections

Today I talk a little about connecting to another on a level deeper than most even understand. Connecting with someone and knowing that person so deeply that you can feel them when you are miles away, you know what stirs inside them without being told… without even seeing them face to face.

Many Blessings,

Oooooo Those Obstacles!!!

Obstacles are opportunities for growth and healing. Do we allow them to block us from moving forward or do we use them as opportunities for growth and healing? Being able to stand on your path and look back at what you have overcome is a great feeling. Life will throw us many obstacles… forge past them and take that lesson and learn from it and allow yourself to heal once you have made it past. Look at what you have already survived… you can do this.

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Many Blessings,

Surviving the Storm

Life brings us many lessons, throws at us many obstacles and as a result we have to weather many storms. Some days we just want to give up, not knowing how much more we can endure. What keeps me going is that hope and belief that something wonderful could just be around the corner. I don’t want to just survive life.. I want to enjoy it. I want to be here when that something wonderful does happen. I want to dance in the sunlight when the clouds finally part.

Many Blessings,

Feeling Less Than…

Many people will try and drag you down and make you feel less than. Mostly this is done so that they can feel better about themselves. Don’t allow those people to stay in your life. Their negativity toward you is not about you, it is about them. You have the power to do great things. You can transform your life. You are not less than anyone else, so don’t allow others to make you feel that way.

Many Blessings,


Life is a fairytale. No fairytale begins on a good note. Tragedy, sadness and despair is how they usually begin but the magic is in making your way past all those obstacles to finally find yourself living the “Happily Ever After”. We each hold the pen to our own stories, but many forget that. I have forgotten that particular statement myself many times over. Life happens, we get caught up in the survival of it all, but at the end of the day, we do have choices although they may be hidden from us. We have the power to  change our story at any moment, don’t forget that. I’m doing my best to remind myself as well of the same thing. We cannot go back and erase what has already happened but we do have control over what hasn’t. Some things will not be foreseen and we may have to add some extra pages here and there til we can work around obstacles that pop up… but how you handle those obstacles is completely within your own writing of your story.

It won’t always be the ideal castles and dreams but it will be YOUR castles and dreams.

Many Blessings,

Changing Behaviors and Patterns

In the past, I allowed people to lie to me. Knowing their words were lies I accepted this in my life. I wanted to give each person the benefit of doubt, I looked past the little lies and thought more about why they lied. Was it that they were scared, had low self esteem, or maybe they felt less than for some reason and felt they needed the lie. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t needed. My thoughts, “Maybe one day they will not feel the need to lie to me anymore”. That never seems to work out that way, The truth may be hard but it doesn’t break trust. Without trust, you have NOTHING. This video is me breaking my own patters and behaviors of allowing things in my life that aren’t good for me. I’m watching out for myself way more these days and taking a lot less crap. I deserve better. If better never shows up, well at least I’m not living in a world of lies.

Many Blessings,

You Are Enough

Today’s message from Spirit … YOU ARE ENOUGH

There is no need to change for anyone except yourself. If you are with someone that makes you feel less than, like you aren’t enough, then they are not the person you need in your life. Find someone who already knows your value and appreciates you for who you are right now, just as you are.


Many Blessings,

Easy Words – Hard to Follow

When you find it hard to follow your own advice. Many times over I have given the advice to others to live their life in a way that makes them happy…. only I have not followed my own advice. I spent my years making others happy … putting my own happiness to the side. As a friend, daughter, wife, mother… I thought that is what I was suppose to do. Times are changing. It’s time to start living for me.

Many Blessings,

Year of the Raven… continued

This weekend was a major moment for me. I treated myself to a weekend holiday. After work on Friday, I headed straight for the mountains, all by myself. No one to keep me company on the 4 hour drive, no one to go sightseeing with, no one to have lunch and dinner with, it was just me keeping my own company. I had several emotional moments, but gathered my senses and enjoyed myself.

I drove up without booking a hotel, I thought for a change I wouldn’t really plan a thing and just see where I landed. I got to the strip in Pigeon Forge and just picked a place to stay. I got my room key thing-a-ma-bob and I knew straight away that this would be a great trip. My room number was 111 (Number 111 signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into your reality). Note to self: Stay positive! That being said, I got some sleep so I could get up before the sun to make my way up the mountain to see the sunrise.
cades cove 1
So my day starts out again without any real plans except to get up the mountain before the sunrise and drive the Cades Cove loop. My first stop, Visitor’s Center to get a map…. hmmmmm looks like the Visitor’s center isn’t open this early. No map, no problem! I just followed the signs. Found a great spot for the sunrise photo and continued to the Cove.

cades cove 3I laughed at my own silliness when I got out at the first stop and grabbed nothing but a sweater to keep me warm on the mountain where it was 25 degrees and a long walk to the abandoned cabin I was headed for to take photos. The crows were laughing at me too. They surrounded the field as I made my way up the path and cawed back and fourth to each other. I nodded my head and said.. I know, I know…. not a smart decision! It’s wasn’t my first and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

I ran into a fellow photographer at the cabin and showed her my crystal ball trick then took her camera to get a shot of her in the beautiful surroundings… we ran into each other at several places along the rout in Cades Cove and each time exchanged where the best view points were. I really enjoyed being out on that mountain top, even all by myself. I realized that I wasn’t ever really alone. I could hear the voices of all my friends cheering me along, I felt their love and caring thoughts and all of their support. They weren’t physically there, but I felt their spirit with me.
cades cove 2
There were deer everywhere you looked, frost covered everything and made it look like a winter wonderland. I was in my own little piece of heaven. At one spot in the Cove I encountered an amazing amount of Eastern Bluebirds. Oh my goodness, they were so beautiful and everywhere! The wind would blow through the trees and the frost would float down just like snow. The vibrant colors of the bluebirds stood out again the white landscape. It was like a scene from my very own fairy tale. BEAUTIFUL! I knew I was right where I was meant to be. My spirit sang out loud how happy it was to be there in this place of beauty.

The stress that was once inside me, gone…. the loneliness I had been feeling for so long, gone… the heartache that follows me around like a shadow, not gone but definitely healing. I stood on that mountain looking at the valley below and the voice inside me said, “You’ve got this!” I let everything else go and enjoyed every moment of my holiday alone.

To check out the photos I took … click here and visit my Facebook Photography Page, Life Through Raven Eyes.
cades cove 4

Many Blessings,

Year of the Raven… continued

Here we go with my first update on MY YEAR to ENJOY  BEING ME!

WP_20150103_026I was walking through Hobby Lobby today and started down an aisle to look at a giant clock at the other end. There were tons of mirrors in that aisle.. I try my best to avoid mirrors…. the horror of seeing what I look like out in public.. cringe. Just before I got to the clock I turned an saw myself… I paused, stepped back for another look and do you know what??? Other than the typical stuff…. yeah I need to lose some weight, blah blah blah, etc…  there was nothing wrong with that reflection. That was me and I’m not all that bad to look at. A bit fluffy but if I really want to change that, I can!

For years I felt so unattractive, not from words said or actions toward me but more because of a lack of actions and just the feeling that I got. One knows when someone else finds them attractive and that’s something I haven’t felt in a very long time. When that feeling is absent in your life long enough, you begin to think you look how you feel inside and inside I felt that I must be hideous. Why else would that feeling of mutual love be held back from me so much?   I certainly know I’m far from what most consider beautiful or gorgeous and that’s okay… I’m happy to be me. Today the reflection in that mirror wasn’t hideous at all and it took me by surprise. It was a really nice moment and I hope that it stays with me.

Many Blessings,

2015 – Year of the Raven

celebrate me 2My entire life has been about others. First it was about my parents, then it was about significant other and children, this year I’m making some changes, this year is all about ME!

I have always been one of those “fix it” kind of people. Always nursing others back to health. Fixing whatever problems they have, the one giving the pat on the back, the “atta boy”, the one to provide love, care and companionship. The one who kisses all the booboos and makes them go away, gets rid of the monsters and makes sure everyone is okay. Many times over I have changed my ways to adapt and make life easier for someone else. The problem is I was the one making changes and adapting while everyone else remained as they were. A whole lot of give coming from one direction only. Life needs balance. Your work life, your family life, your creative life, your love life…. all parts of your life need some sort of balance. This is something I’ve always sought after but never really found. I’m not placing any blame on anyone other than myself. I’ve made bad decisions and I have enabled over and over again. All with good intentions but still the only blame here is on me.

2014 was one of the worst years of my life so far and I have found myself having to do some deep thinking about how I want the rest of my life to go. Sooooooooo, 2015 is my year to be ME! This is the year I work on fixing me and not others. I will find my own balance, I will enjoy life as it comes and not stress over every little thing coming my way. I will conquer my fears and face life with a whole new vision.

I’m going to keep this topic going to let you all know how I’m doing throughout the year. We’ll see what obstacles come up and how I manage my way around them, we’ll explore new places and learn all kinds of new things, well go on adventures, explore the unexplored and create magic wherever we go! When you see “2015 – Year of the Raven” in the subject line …. you’ll know what it’s about. If you don’t care to know how it’s going.. just skip those posts.

Farewell 2014 … and Hello New Year!

This New Year is MINE! Mine all MINE!

Grab a year and make it yours!

Many Blessings,

New Year – New You

newyearOnce again we are approaching a New Year, it’s time to cleanse yourself of the past and prepare for the year ahead.

On two sheets of parchment (or any paper you like) paper you will make 2 lists: (While making these lists, visualize everything you write down. If you want to get rid of heartbreak, visualize your heart mending – if you want more money, visualize yourself getting a larger paycheck, more money in your bank accounts, etc)

The first list will be of all things you don’t want or no longer need in your life. Be specific, very specific!

The second list will be of things you want to keep in your life and things you would like to see coming into fruition. Again, be specific!

You will take the “Keep” list, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, say a final prayer and place it in a safe place for the year. 

You will then take the “Get Rid of” list and burn it in a fire. Watch that list burn and imagine all the things on that list burning out of your life with it. Be sure while you do these acts that you do them with love in your heart. You don’t want bad karma, mojo or intentions intertwined with your ceremony. Do all things with love. You don’t wish for bad to come to anyone or anything in your lists … you just no longer want or need them in your life so you should wish them away with love and kindness so that the parting may be an easier transition for all who may be involved.

And as with all ceremonies you should take time to yourself to reflect, prepare and ground yourself before beginning. Cleanse the space, yourself, your mind and body before the ceremony. 

Many Blessings,

The Coyote and the Wolf

wolfLet me tell you about the story of the Coyote and the Wolf. There was this Coyote who such a non-believer in everything. He was such a non-believer that even if something stared him right in the face he would question everything about what he had just witnessed with his own eyes. He would argue his own experience, until he made himself disbelieve in everything that had just happened.

One day the Coyote was walking through the forest and came upon a Wolf who was talking to… well…. the Coyote wasn’t quite sure who the Wolf was speaking to. To the Coyote it seemed as though the Wolf was just talking to herself. The Coyote’s curiosity would not rest until he got to the bottom of the matter. He approached the chatty Wolf and asked, “Who are you taking to?”, the Wolf responded with, “Can’t you see, I’m talking to the Fairies!”. The Coyote rolled his eyes and with a big laugh replied, “Oh, yeah sure… the fairies…. yeah, well you go ahead and talk to your imaginary friends if you like” and he walked away laughing. The Wolf ignored the Coyote and continued her conversation and then went on with her business.

The Coyote could not leave this matter alone, for some reason it bothered the Coyote that the Wolf thought she could speak to Fairies. So, every time the Coyote saw the Wolf, he would make comments, hoping to make the Wolf feel foolish about her beliefs. The Wolf never listened to the Coyote. She would shrug her shoulders and just walk away. The Wolf had many magical beliefs and no matter what the Coyote would say or how much he would laugh, the Wolf stayed true to her beliefs and carried on with her day.

The Coyote really could not stand it that the Wolf believed in such nonsense. He began to make more comments and belittle the Wolf’s beliefs every chance he got. He was going to destroy her beliefs if it was the last thing he ever did. What the Coyote did not know was the strength of the Wolf. The Wolf could not be shaken from her beliefs for she had witnessed all these magical things with her very own eyes, with her soul and with her spirit. The Wolf herself was magical, inside and out and the strength she carried with her was far beyond the understanding of the Coyote.

The Coyote continued bashing the Wolf’s beliefs for many years. It grew so very old, the bashing, the laughing and the tormenting. The Wolf as usual, would shrug her shoulders and move on. She would speak to the Fairies, listen to the Spirits of the Forest, and practice magic every day. There was nothing this Coyote could do to shake the Wolf from this nonsense she believed in. The Coyote had nothing left. It seemed as though he was speaking into the wind every time he would try and argue with the Wolf. The Coyote just grew more and more frustrated while the Wolf seemed untouched. She continued being herself, working her magic and believing her way.

This went on for years before the Coyote grew bored and one day just gave up and left the forest. He realized there was nothing more he could do to change the Wolf. I’m sure it was no time at all before the Coyote found someone else to badger.

When you are sure and firm in your beliefs, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does, your beliefs stay intact.

Your faith stays strong and you stand unshaken by the disbelief of others.

Stand Strong.. Stay True to Yourself.
Many Blessings,

Who is Raventalker?

Edited in Lumia SelfieI’ll tell you who I am …. for one, I’m a mess! A great big, giant mess of a woman! I love way too much and believe in myself way too little. I have baggage, loads and loads of baggage. The good thing is, I know about the baggage I carry and I am always trying my best to lighten the load. I am forever working on being a better me. Always working toward resolving any issues I may have with myself or my past, always teaching myself new things and eager to grow in as many ways as I possibly can. I won’t lie though, some things scare me to death so I dare not say that I am fearless in any way. I worry all the time and quite often about things that will never happen. I am ever curious and some might say a bit crafty 😉 .

I love finding new ways to be creative and express myself in all forms of art. I have dabbled in painting, stained glass, lampwork, weaving, sewing, knitting, leather work, sculpting, prop building, photography and writing .. just to name a few. The act of visualizing something and then working with your hands to make this vision a reality is an exciting challenge I am always ready to take on. I don’t have to be the best at anything, I just try to be the best me and do my own personal best at whatever challenge I decide to take on. I land where I land, on top, in the middle or even sometimes at the bottom.. as long as I have felt like I did my best, it doesn’t matter where others may rank me.

I am a hopeless romantic, a dreamer of dreams and a believer in magic. Some might say that magic isn’t real, dreams are for the foolish and that romance never lasts…. I say, we each make our own magic, dreams are worth following and romance is exactly what the world needs. Romance, magic and dreams die only if we allow them to. In my world, these things are what keep me smiling and hoping. They are why I have never given up this fight for life, even when my world seemed to be falling apart… magic, dreams and romance kept me going. I know they exist. They are a part of my soul.

I laugh, I cry, I hurt, I love, I create, I learn, I teach, I care, I fear, I worry, I dream, I hope, I believe, I play, I stress, I get emotional, I joke around, I try many things, I never give up on something I believe in, I keep going when others have let go.

Well, now you know… this is me, Raventalker…. that crazy woman, with all that baggage, creating art and believing in the silliest of things.

Many Blessings,

Word of the Day: Patience

crowtalkerI asked a friend for a topic for today’s blog. She replied with “Patience”… My response “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For THAT!!!”.

You all know it’s true. That phrase we have all heard so many times, Patience is a Virtue. Uh huh… yeah okay, well that’s not a virtue that lives in this body! I want what I want and I want it now!! If only the universe would sync to my needs, all would be great in the world.

Okay, on a more serious note: Please do try and practice more patience with those around you, especially during the holidays. Getting upset won’t help you or anyone involved, so relax, take a deep breath and be patient with yourself and others.

Many Blessing,

The Roller Coaster of Change

IMG_4174I have been through so many life changes, I think I must be getting use to it. In times past I would fight the change and battle to keep my world from changing whether it was good for me or not. Today I sit here thinking about how I have changed through all of these changes. I am much more calm, there seems to be a knowing growing inside me that tells me that once the storm has passed, life will open up to new surprises. Not knowing what those surprises will be doesn’t even stress me out like they use to. I think I’m looking forward to the unknown.. not having everything perfectly mapped out. Through all the battles I have been through, I think I have finally figured out how to find inner calmness. There may be a storm all around me of chaos and change but inside, I have control and staying calm inside while I pass through these troubling times, is a reward all on its own. Okay so if I’m honest, I’m not always so calm. My emotions are heightened and at the drop of a pin I might start crying uncontrollably or if someone asks me what’s going on or if someone comes up and gives me a hug, or looks at me with that compassionate look. I have to allow myself time to grieve the loss and allow the tears to cleanse my spirit.

The tears don’t mean I’m broken, they mean I am healing. So if you see me crying, know that I am on the mend for better days ahead.

Many Blessings,

Lashing Out and Karma

Jackson Falls - Natchez Trace

Jackson Falls – Natchez Trace

I was having a conversation with a friend earlier about people from their past who have done them wrong, hurt them or were just plain ugly in their ways toward that person. My friend was quick to say, given the situation again, they would retaliate with angry but truthful words that they know would in kind, hurt that person back. They would fight dirty with dirty, throw stones as they were thrown at them. 

My reply was this: Just because someone else wants to get down on that level, doesn’t mean you have to as well. Take a step back from the situation and disconnect from it for a moment to see it for what it truly is. Ask yourself a few questions; is retaliation worth the karma for you to take on? Sending out negative energy into the world, is it worth the risk of it coming back to you? Do you allow yourself to entertain this negativity for a brief moment of feeling justified? That feel good moment does only last a very brief time. 

It’s easy to say these things when you aren’t in the middle of the dispute. I do know how hard it is to hold back when stones keep getting thrown in your direction. I have been on the receiving end many times in life and in many situations. I guess that is where my experience comes from and why today I would much rather choose to gather those stones and build a bridge than to throw them back. I’m certainly not saying I haven’t thrown some of those stones back, especially earlier in my years… but quite often, regret is on the back end of those stones that got thrown and once they hit their mark, they cannot be taken back, ever! 

So when a situation comes your way and someone is sending out negativity of any kind your way… step back, find your balance and don’t allow their negativity to flow over on to you. Or at least, do your best to not let the negativity control your emotions and actions.

No one can take your inner peace away from you unless you allow it. 

Many Blessings, 

Would You Come Back?

A while back I had a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe in reincarnation and her argument was “why would you want to come back?”.

My argument was “Why wouldn’t you?”.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in reincarnation or not. That’s not what this post is about .. what it IS about is finding reasons to live life all over again.

Some of my reasons for wanting to live life all over again:

Falling in love all over again
Giving birth to my children, holding them in my arms all over again
The excitement and wonder of Christmas
Jumping in that huge pile of leaves that took you all day to rake up
Giggles and laughter
Moments spent with friends
Talking all night on the phone
The first kiss
Making a difference in someone’s life for the better
Feeling that first kick
Singing in the car, not caring who sees
Sunsets and sunrises
Summers first rain
Winters first snow
Snow angels
Snow days!
Trick or Treat
Wondering how the Easter Bunny got into the house to hide your eggs
Swinging as high as you can swing
Spinning in circles til you fall down
Cuddles with the one you love
Baby’s first words or steps
A cuddle by the fire
Hot soup on a cold winter’s day
Bubble baths
Birthday Cake!

This list goes on forever ………

Do you see? There is so much you would miss if not ever born… why wouldn’t you want to do it over and over again?

No matter what you believe .. no matter how hard the road has been … there is reason to live!

Many Blessings,


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The Student and the Teacher

OwlToday I’d like to hear your thoughts….

Let me be the student and you the teacher …

Now… what is it you’d like to say?

What inspires you?

What gets you up out of bed in the mornings?

What keeps you moving even though you want so badly to give up or take a break?

What motivates you?

What lessons have you learned?

What makes you feel better?

What makes you smile?

What makes you sad?

What is it that you could share today?

Many Blessings,

Appreciating the Breeze

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed before 5 am and made my way to the lake with camera in hand. One of my biggest loves is capturing the beauty of nature on camera and sharing it with the world. This morning I found myself complaining A LOT! It went something like this:

What the hell was I thinking?
Why am I out in this heat this early in the morning!
My feet hurt
What’s that pain in my side, I don’t like that …
I’m hot
I’m covered in sweat
OH God, what am I doing
Too flippin late to turn back now
Where are all the animals, even they know it’s too hot for this shit
I’m exhausted already
I can’t breathe … where is the air????
God, it needs to rain!
I can’t wait to get back to my car and the bottle of Gatorade in the console
Oh, this is painful

And then something beautiful happened… I topped the ridge and a breeze came soaring through the trail. That moment when I first felt the breeze upon my skin was nothing less than heavenly. All the things I had been complaining about where non existent for that moment. There were no negative thoughts rushing through my mind any longer… just the wonderful sensation of that cool breeze and a thankful mindset. I made it back to my car with just a handful of photos to share but with a whole new appreciation for something else.

There is nothing more refreshing and beautiful than a breeze when you have been far too long in the stale air. 

Many Blessings,

Being YOU

owl444Don’t allow outside forces to destroy who YOU are or allow them to take the light from inside.

Be who you are without fear ..

We are happiest when we don’t have to hide or mask the true self… when we are allowed the freedom to be exactly who we are without criticism and without fear of others looking at us with the tilted head and disapproving look on their faces.

I have learned that those type of people exist no matter where you are or where you go. There is always someone out there that won’t agree with everything you do or everything you believe.

Be yourself and don’t worry about what if someone doesn’t like this or that .. what if I look foolish .. what if I fail.. what if it doesn’t work exactly as planned .. what if.. what if… what if ….

I know from experience those “what ifs” are the true killer. Every day  that you don’t do something that feels right in your soul .. those what ifs eat away at you .. and your mind takes you on a nasty journey of self doubt.

Now please, do use common sense when living your life and making choices. Don’t do those things that you know may hurt you or someone else in some way.
Just follow your heart and be true to who you are. Follow your truest dreams and don’t let the ideas of others cause you self doubt.


You never know .. some of those dreams may just come true.


As my favorite quote goes:

Only the ones who believe,

Ever see what they dream

Ever dream what comes true….

Many Blessings,

The Fairytale Update

fairy-talesI heard a great quote today from a movie, a mother and daughter were talking about love and the whole fairy tale idea of it all when the mother said “You’re knight and shining armor isn’t going to show up with a horse and carriage to rescue you… you need to update your fairy tale baby!”.

Romantic stories of love have been told for centuries, every little girl grows up hearing these tall tales before she can even speak and then one wonders why we seek this thing called romance. Romance does still exist, it just doesn’t look like the picture painted in all those storybooks.

Today’s knight, instead of riding a horse and fighting fierce battles in shiny armor, he drives a car and has a 9 to 5. He has just as many issues as the damsel in distress and can sometimes need rescuing himself. He has bills to pay, obligations to fulfill and a boss to answer to just like the rest of us. The battles he fights are simply day to day getting by and getting ahead and the shiny armor is the light he carries within.

Think about the fairy tale you are looking for… is it realistic or is it something of pure fiction? Do you even need rescuing? Maybe it’s time to update the storybook of your life … you never know, you might find that you are already living your own happily ever after. So stop thinking you need what others have written and write your own.

Many Blessings,

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Better by the Day

Disclaimer: This blog post is not about trashing or making fun of anyone. This is a personal thought about myself and my own dreams/goals/ambition. Nothing at all to do with anyone else being less than. 

You this post is going to be a doozie if I have to begin with a disclaimer… lol.

The other day I asked a co-worker what they wanted to do with their life. Straight away the answer was “What kind of stupid question is that?” in a raised and defensive voice. I said it’s just a question, a normal, common type of question. I then rephrased it and asked what is it you wanted to be when you were a kid. Others in the office started answering but it took her longer to finally give an answer. It doesn’t matter the answers, what does matter is the fact that she was defensive straight away. I wasn’t attempting to judge anyone, it was a common, curious question.

winged ones 8I think we all have dreams of how we’d like our lives to be. Certainly when I was a child my dream wasn’t to be working in some office doing busy work every day, but there are parts of what I do now that were part of my childhood dream. I have transformed my job to best fulfill my own dreams/goals and ambition. While this job may not have been what I planned or hoped for it is a job that pays the bills and I take pride in doing it to the best of my ability.

I should start getting to my point. It is not the job but the person and what they choose to do with the job that they have. You can do a job just as it is labeled to be done or you can step up your own personal game and better yourself and the job that you do. I have to say that yes I know that you cannot always do this .. some jobs do call for precise actions only and well I’m not talking about those type of jobs. There are always exceptions. Let’s be smart about this … if you are in a particular job that has to be done in such a way that if changed could be damaging then this post is not meant for you. If you are in a job where there is wiggle room, then YOU’RE IT!

I have always been one to go into a job and when I see opportunity to improve a process in my duties, I just do it. I don’t wait on someone else to figure it out for me and then wait for them to inform me of these changes that will benefit me and my daily processes. I am always teaching myself new things and pride myself on knowing my job (whatever it may be) inside and out. It’s not about showing off or being better than anyone. It’s about feeling accomplished for myself .. the only person I strive to be better than is the person I was yesterday.

Now why was there such a defensive mindset coming from the other person? Not for me to figure out. That’s all for the other person to consider and figure out on their own.

Don’t allow the daily chore of getting by stop you from reaching new heights. If you are breathing, you can also be achieving. It doesn’t matter the size of he steps you take. What matters is that you continue to take those steps forward.

I hope that didn’t sound like I’m putting anyone down… I just want everyone to know that dreams are achievable at any age. Don’t give up on YOU.

Many Blessings,

Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary!

Ringing in the New Year

2014This New Year is even more special than most that have passed in that this year on the New Year we also have a New Moon.

The New Moon is a time of New Beginnings, a fresh start to take on new projects, new journeys and start new lives, traditions, new ways, new everything!

Cleanse yourself of the past and prepare for the days to come.

Here’s something you can do to help you bring things into focus at this time of a New YOU!

On two sheets of parchment paper you will make 2 lists:

The first list will be of all things you don’t want or no longer need in your life. Be specific!

The second list will be of things you want to keep in your life and things you would like to see coming into your life. Again, be specific. While writing these things out on your list be sure to visualize each of them coming into reality.

You will take the “Keep” list, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, bless it and thank Spirit for being with you and place it in a safe place for the year.

You will then take the “Get Rid of” list and burn it in a fire. Watch that list burn and imagine all the things on that list burning out of your life with it. Be sure while you do these acts that you do them with love in your heart. You don’t want bad karma, mojo or intentions intertwined with your ceremony. Do all things with love. You don’t wish for bad to come to anyone or anything in your lists … you just no longer want or need them in your life so you should wish them away with love and kindness so that the parting be an easier transition for all who may be involved.

And as with all ceremonies you should take time to yourself to reflect, prepare and ground yourself before beginning. Cleanse the space, yourself, your mind and body before the ceremony. Close the ceremony with an offer of blessings to Spirit and all who may have been watching over you during the ceremony and for the year ahead.

Many Blessings,

Feeling All Alone in a Crowded Room

crowI know many feel this way and I’m certainly not alone here. I’ve always been a loner from since I can remember back in my early childhood days. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd or do things to “fit in”. I follow my own set of rules that have nothing to do with anyone other than myself and the beliefs that are a part of my core being.

For the most part I am okay with being a loner and then there are times when I feel too much alone. It feels good to connect with others. To have that mutual bond for whatever reason that gives you that feeling of “someone understands me or someone gets me or even  a feeling that someone cares”, that feeling is priceless.

The holidays I think are the worst at least for me they are. I am usually the one going out of my way to create for others, hoping to make their holiday a little more special … those loner feelings then fall right into place when it seems as though no one cares to make mine more special in return. It’s certainly not why I do it, I do things for others because I really want to create something special for them and make them feel good. It’s just nice if at some point I wasn’t the only one who seems to care and go out of my way for others.

How do you get past these feelings?


Personally I get back to creating. I find things to do that make me feel good and I do them a lot. I do my best to ignore that fact that those around me just don’t go out of their way for others and I continue doing “me”.

I wish I had more advice for others to help you cope, but I’ve got nothing. We have to learn to accept who we are and who other’s are and that we are all separate individuals. Don’t take it personally because someone else doesn’t do as much as you do or that they seem not to care as much or that they don’t do more. Continue being you and enjoy your life to its fullest.

Many Blessings,


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I just read a great quote: Before going to bed, forgive everyone and sleep with a clean heart.

This is something I’m sure we all need to practice. I cannot even begin to count the hours of lost sleep because I was holding onto something negative.

Ok let’s do a practice run now:
I forgive your stupidity and your blindness
I forgive what you don’t understand and your ignorance
I forgive you for what you don’t even realize that you’ve done to my soul
I forgive you for not seeing the best in me
I forgive you for not understanding
I forgive you

I forgive myself for hurting and for keeping it locked inside
I forgive myself for allowing the pain to drain me
I forgive myself for not being able to let it go
I forgive myself

Many Blessings,

Blessings From Nature

Shared  from my photo blog: I have had one really stressful week…. and things still aren’t coming together as hoped.. but hopefully soon I’ll find a moment to relax. I stepped outside the office a few minutes ago just to get some fresh air and as I was walking around with camera in hand I said … ” I need a nice big butterfly to come by and share with me it’s magic”. Just then I looked up to find a feather sticking up out of the grass… and then another just over by the edge of the building … I picked up my feathers and continued walking around … just trying to find a way to let go and relax for a bit before going back inside to get some work done. When I popped around to the front of our building a butterfly… oops nope a month (upon closer examination) fluttered by and landed on a rose… I said “it’s no butterfly .. but it’ll sure do!” “Close enough!” … as I walked around the last little bit of building another feather was on my path.

Today’s message: Be thankful for the small blessings that come your way.

Many Blessings,