Appreciating the Breeze

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed before 5 am and made my way to the lake with camera in hand. One of my biggest loves is capturing the beauty of nature on camera and sharing it with the world. This morning I found myself complaining A LOT! It went something like this:

What the hell was I thinking?
Why am I out in this heat this early in the morning!
My feet hurt
What’s that pain in my side, I don’t like that …
I’m hot
I’m covered in sweat
OH God, what am I doing
Too flippin late to turn back now
Where are all the animals, even they know it’s too hot for this shit
I’m exhausted already
I can’t breathe … where is the air????
God, it needs to rain!
I can’t wait to get back to my car and the bottle of Gatorade in the console
Oh, this is painful

And then something beautiful happened… I topped the ridge and a breeze came soaring through the trail. That moment when I first felt the breeze upon my skin was nothing less than heavenly. All the things I had been complaining about where non existent for that moment. There were no negative thoughts rushing through my mind any longer… just the wonderful sensation of that cool breeze and a thankful mindset. I made it back to my car with just a handful of photos to share but with a whole new appreciation for something else.

There is nothing more refreshing and beautiful than a breeze when you have been far too long in the stale air. 

Many Blessings,

I Am More Than Just Me

Taken with Lumia Selfie

I Am More Than Just Me

I’m not just me but also the flower, the nectar and the bee…

I’m the stream that travels around the bend .. I’m the river with no end

I’m a new born fawn on unsteady feet, I’m the mushroom that’s now a toads comfy seat

I’m the wind and the rain, I’m the woodpecker and the crane

I’m more than just me, I’m the dolphin playing in the sea

I’m the bear, once asleep now awake, I’m every pond and every lake

I’m the branch on every tree, I’m the ocean and the sea

I’m the grass, the weeds, the flower and the seeds

I’m the mountain, I’m the grove… I’m the reef in every cove

I’m the forest and the dale …. I’m the cry of the hump back whale

I’m far more than just one, I’m a part of it all

I’m more than the raven, more than its call

I’m not just one, I’m a part of it all

Many Blessings,

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Have You Heard?


Have You Heard …

Have you heard the whispers upon the wind ?
The story of the butterfly and its romance with the breeze…
How it glides on love with beauty and ease?

Have you heard the whispers from within?
The call that pulls and steers you along your path…

Have you heard the whispers from ancient times?
The voices that ring of truth and healing…
Have you heard the whispers … do you know that feeling?

Have you heard the whispers from distant places?
That knowing … that place inside you that keeps on growing?

Have you heard the whispers of the land?
Mother Earth speaking …
And with every chance… lending a helping hand?

Have you heard the whispers in the night?
The dreams.. the visions… that come from not from the eyes but some
other kind of sight?

Have yo heard the whispers the animals speak?
Guiding you along the way ..
Can you hear them and the messages they wish to relay?

Have you heard the whispers from the great beyond?
Words.. warm and full of support from the heavens above
Have you heard the whispers and felt the love?

Have you heard the whispers today?

Have you ?

Have you heard?

Many Blessings,