Magical Mondays – Where Do You Go?

Often, when I go to bed I meditate before going to sleep. In my meditation I always go to the same place, I guess you might call this my happy place. I had never given this place much thought until recently. The other night as I made my way to that familiar place, I paused for a moment and gave more thought to that place and why I go there and how it makes me feel. I’d like to share with you now, my thoughts about my own happy place.

My happy place is a creek bank on the edge of a large field. Behind me is a row of trees that separates the bank from the open field. The bank is slightly sloped and filled with tall grasses. I can hear the water softly rambling just below where I lay in the tall grass. It’s always a sunny beautiful day with the random fluffy cloud that may pass by as a gentle breeze flows through the air. The smell of nature fills my senses and the warm sun gives me that cozy feeling of love and happiness. The birds sing their songs and fly overhead, often landing for a moment in the trees…. butterflies flutter across the land and I am at home.

I am alone, there on the creek bank and yet not afraid, not worried, not lonely, never sad or upset. When I go to that place, that little creek bank I am whole, I am happy and I am at peace. I lay there taking in the warmth of the sun, the nurturing feeling of the ground beneath me and the bliss that nature provides. I lay there first thinking of my breathing, slowing my pace and getting myself settled in for whatever journey Spirit wishes to bring my way.

In the past I would go to my place, do my thing and then on into the meditations, but in this moment I took the time to fully appreciate the entire process. Appreciating my happy place and all that it offered, how it made me feel and the content that it brings me.

So, now that you have heard all about my happy place… give a little more thought to your own… where do you go and why?

Many Blessings,

Can You Feel It?

Can You Feel It?

The Wind..
have you stepped outside and stood still just to feel the wind .. how it rushes by you and wraps its translucent arms around you  .. have you allowed it to wipe clean all the negativity from your being .. and allowed it to take all that is not good away from you have you taken in the beauty of the wind and the freedom that it symbolizes. Have you?


The Rain
have you stood out in the rain lately and just allowed it to drench your soul.. let it wash over your body and wash away your worries.. your fears.. your sadness and your grief have you felt the rains watery embrace have you felt the beauty of the rain .. have you allowed the rain to fill you with love and nourishment have you taken in all that the rain symbolizes and gives .. have you?




The Sun
have you laid upon a bed of clover on a sunny day and allowed the suns rays to fill you with light.. from the inside out have you felt the suns warmth .. have you felt its  warm embrace hold you and comfort you have you seen the beauty of the sun and all that it gives.. have you allowed the sun to help you grow like the flowers in the field .. the trees in the park and the roses in the garden .. have you?

The Moon
have you sat beneath the full moon and seen its beauty have you felt the magic .. the power the moon holds.. have you allowed the moon to embrace you and hold you within the dark night  have you felt the moons love .. have you been witness to the many gifts the moon allows.. have you?

Have YOU?
Have you felt what the world around you gives? Do you know of the magic that surrounds us all?  Have you listened to the world and have you heard the secrets the earth whispers in your ears .. ? Can you feel its energy? Do you know the love?


Even tho so ignored by most .. the Earth , she still gives.. she still loves..
many take and take and take .. and yet never even think of giving back or even to say thank you .. She has no breaks no vacations.. no pay and no acknowledgment .. but yet she continues to give.. continues to care and continues to take  care of all the children that play upon her surface..

Today take a minute and think about what you do .. think about how you would feel if so mistreated and ignored


Many Blessings,



Have you stepped outside lately and truly connected with the Earth?

Have you walked barefoot in the green grass?

Slip off your shoes and feel the coolness of the grass below your feet… feel life growing         right there beneath you and all around you.

Take in the fresh spring air.

Sit quietly in the presence of new birth. The Earth is waking up from winter’s nap and life     is growing all around you.. have you stopped, if only for a moment to take it in?


It’s good for the mind, body and soul to take a break from the busy and chaotic day to day life we all live..

Take some time to slow your pace and take in the beauty that surrounds us … Spring is a magical time of year when all life begins anew.

Sleeping buds awaken to the warm spring air ..  Nests and dens are filled with new life and the Earth is painted in new shades of color.

Take some time today to connect.


Many Blessings,




Have You Heard?


Have You Heard …

Have you heard the whispers upon the wind ?
The story of the butterfly and its romance with the breeze…
How it glides on love with beauty and ease?

Have you heard the whispers from within?
The call that pulls and steers you along your path…

Have you heard the whispers from ancient times?
The voices that ring of truth and healing…
Have you heard the whispers … do you know that feeling?

Have you heard the whispers from distant places?
That knowing … that place inside you that keeps on growing?

Have you heard the whispers of the land?
Mother Earth speaking …
And with every chance… lending a helping hand?

Have you heard the whispers in the night?
The dreams.. the visions… that come from not from the eyes but some
other kind of sight?

Have yo heard the whispers the animals speak?
Guiding you along the way ..
Can you hear them and the messages they wish to relay?

Have you heard the whispers from the great beyond?
Words.. warm and full of support from the heavens above
Have you heard the whispers and felt the love?

Have you heard the whispers today?

Have you ?

Have you heard?

Many Blessings,