Goodbye Astounding August

Today we are filled with a peaceful, easy feeling as we say goodbye to August and hello to a brand new month. We have cleared the way and are now ready for a new journey. Lots of work still to be done but we are feeling good about what’s ahead!

Many Blessings,

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Wandering Spirit

Today you may be having one of those out of body experiences.. or like you wandering without purpose or goals. You have purpose and goals but today you feel out of sorts. Your spirit is control and has taken the wheel. Trust your spirit as it guides you through the day. See what it wants you to see and experience.

Many Blessings,

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Documents and Intuition

Pay attention to documents you are signing! The book without a cover… trusting your intuition without fulling knowing whats in front of you. Allow your spirit to guide you.

Many Blessings,

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A Change in Plans

There may be a hiccup in your plans today but don’t worry .. it’s only a small speed bump. Plans can easily be rearranged. Don’t let this hiccup ruin your day. How you react to change is the deciding factor in how your day goes. Stay flexible and simply create a new plan. When the monkey throws a wrench in your plans.. grab that wrench and fix it!


Many Blessings,

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Another Day Dream State of Mind

Here we go again, another day we find ourselves in a daydream state of mind. We can’t help but dream about the life that is unfolding before us. The hope for the new life that is on it’s way … it the making .. just there .. within reach. Old fears may show up,  but the inner knowing within us pushes those fears aside and we just spend the day dreaming about what is becoming.

Many Blessings,

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Being Your Own Hero

Today, I talk about pulling yourself out of the pit and becoming your own hero. No one is going to magically come along and save us… we have to save ourselves. How long you stay in the pit is a choice you make. You have to make the decision to get out and then focus on a positive life. If you have nothing positive to focus on then  focus on the life you want … see yourself in the life you want. See yourself happy and in a balanced life. Be Your own Hero!

Many Blessings,

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Spiritual Guidance for May 2-8

Magical May Begins! A month of miracles and dreams coming true. A recap of April and then on to MAY. All through May… goals are realized, dreams begin to come true. Not everything happens overnight or at the same time… so be patient with yourself and with your path. No matter how big the dream that becomes true … it’s still a dream come true. Big or small… appreciate all the blessings  that come your way.

Many Blessings,

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He said….

fairy-talesHe said, “Let me be your manuscript, your canvas, your camera” and I became the author of the greatest love story ever told. Writing page after page of a life that appeared out of the wreckage from living the hard way. Suddenly this tragic tale has become something that seems like pure fantasy, but the reality is so much more. It’s a tale of fate and destiny that was always meant to be. It shall become legend and all who read the story will feel its depth. The words vibrating from the pages, resonating throughout the universe and bringing this story of love to life.

He said, “Let me be your manuscript, your canvas, your camera” and I became an artist with a magic brush, painting our lives together, with a stroke his lips were pressed to mine and with another our bodies intertwined. Blending the colors of our spirits perfectly matching each other… one could not tell where I began and he ended. The paint splattered from every corner, every edge, revealing a vibrant energy that can only come from the heart. Anyone who laid eyes on this painting would know… they would feel it too. This was the image of LOVE. It was a portrait of me and you.

He said, “Let me be your manuscript, your canvas, your camera” and I became the photographer with a magic lens. Capturing moments of love and true bliss. Moments lost in the shadows of his being. Wrapped in his embrace, sharing the same breath in the same space. Adjusting the focus on his eyes I see the life he once only dreamed becoming real. Flashes of light and there I see the colors of his soul… his aura shining bright.  Focusing deeper, I see him and his light… his true being… and I knew this was right.

Many Blessings,

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Howling Through the Night

Wandering spirits baying beneath the moonlight
Searching for something to fill their souls
They raise their heads and howl through the night

Crying to the darkened heavens above
We are all searching, searching, searching…
For the same kind of endless love

Sending out the most magical of vibes
The Universe returns the light that has been sent
The feeling upon return is something beyond what words could describe

I find myself howling through the night too
Searching for love to be returned
Can you feel it as it vibrates through you

My light beaming as brightly as can be
Stretching beyond the moon, the stars and the vast space beyond
I smile and know deep within that love will surely come to caress me.

So here I stand alone in the moonlight
Waiting for love to come to me
Howling through the night.

Many Blessings,

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My Wish to the Stars


My wish to the stars above
For a match made in heaven
You know, a special heavenly kind of love

Someone who gets me and understands
Someone to share life with
Who is ready to make long lasting plans

Someone who is unique just like me
Someone who is caring and thoughtful
and with a heart that truly loves me

Someone not afraid to grow
Someone to share life’s experiences with
Who doesn’t need to ask how I feel… just knows

Someone to cuddle with and laugh
Someone who likes to play and share a bath 😉

Someone who doesn’t wish to hurt or cause any pain
Someone to hold my hand and be at my side
Who loves to dance and play in the rain

Someone who’s soul is a lot like my own
Filled with wisdom and love
Who understands what happens to the seeds that are sewn

Someone true that doesn’t even think of wandering astray
Someone to lay beneath the moon and stars in the night
Who doesn’t wish to give up just because they are having a bad day

Someone that looks at me and sees forever
Who understands the fire inside me
And still takes on this endeavor

Someone that sees me on my worst days
But doesn’t get spooked.. not even a little
Who loves me still… in infinite ways

Someone special, not like all the rest
Someone always willing to give their best

Someone that is perfectly matched just for me
Who smiles from the inside out
Who loves without an inkling of doubt.

That’s my wish tonight to the stars above
For a love long lasting and true
Someone who loves like I do!

Many Blessings,

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Sing Me Like a song

Sing Me Like a Song

From my melody to my chorus
Sing as if you were alone in the forest

Know every note, every key
Every word that is me

Sing me like a song
that’s dear to your heart
Sing every line, every part

It doesn’t matter if you sing in tune
or a little off key
as long as this song is me

Make sure the rhymes are soft and sweet
Make the beat, hard and strong
Let the rhythm make you want to dance all night long

Every line should move you
Every word capture your heart
and the ending be a new start!

Sing Me Like a Song

Many Blessings,

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Dear Moon in the Night Sky

Dear moon in the night sky
Rain down your magic so that tonight I might fly
Take me to places of love and light
Take me to where a lover will hold me tight
Someone who sees me and really cares
Someone who will not make me shed anymore tears
Bring me a love that is ever so deep and true
Someone who’s actions match the words “I love you”
Allow me to hold on to this magic forever and always
For the rest of my life and all of my days
Dear moon in the night sky
Rain down your magic so that tonight I might fly.

So mote it be

Many Blessings,

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Soaring on the Winds of Time

IMG_0713I am the Raven soaring upon the winds of time….
I bring to you my words .. with and without rhym

I sing my call into the sacred winds so they may carry my words to all that wish to hear
I sing of love, praise, honor and a life without fear

I fly to the North through the gateway of the mind…. and bring back knowledge and wisdom … I met with the buffalo and gained peace of mind. Connecting with the air… I soared the heavens and pondered the philosophies of life

I fly to the South through the gateway of emotions ….and bring back trust and innocence…. I met with the mouse and gained control of my deepest feelings. Connecting with the water… I frolicked in song and dance

I fly to the East through the gateway of spirit … and bring back illumination and enlightenment…. I met with the eagle and connected with our Great Spirit. Bonding with fire I began to create, paint and write once again….

I fly to the West through the gateway of the body … and bring back introspection and intuition… I met with the bear and found myself … my own inner knowing. Bonding with the Earth I found the heartbeat of magic.

I have flown in all directions.. gathered much
Now under the moon … under the sun .. under the stars above…
I give to you balance … I give to you my love

With honor and blessings this night and all
Hear my words .. as the raven calls…

Many Blessings,

I’m Not You… I’m Me

happy to be me
I don’t look like you may think I should, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t do things the way you think they should be done, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I may not react the way you think I should, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t paint what you think I should paint, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t say what you think I should say, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I may not eat the way you think I should eat, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I may not feel what you think I should feel, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t see what you think I should see, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t believe the way you think I should believe, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I’m perfectly good the way I am, being me the best way that I can. We are all different and that’s not bad. Instead of building bridges to keep us apart, lets build them so that we can come closer together. You bring the rope and I’ll bring the planks. Together we’ll build a connection that unites us.

Many Blessings,

Nothing More Than a Memory

holly sketchI don’t know why, but I started to think about when we pass and then began to think of my own passing and what would be left behind. This is what I came up with in that moment of reflection.

Nothing More Than a Memory

One day I’ll be gone from this Earthly place
Leaving nothing more than a memory to trace.

A glance from your eyes to mine
Something I hope lingers lovingly in your mind.

My mark, I’ve left on many a canvas
Now only memories left to dissolve softly into the blackness.

My words fading from the paper where they were once wrote
Leaving behind only a handful of mindful quotes.

My scent only a few knew, no longer lingering around
My laughter, no longer making a sound.

No projects left to craft
No more designs left to draft.

My love, I hope stays with you til the end of all time
Remember me dearly with a bit of  rhyme.

One day I’ll be gone from this Earthly place
Leaving nothing more than a memory to trace.

Many Blessings,

In the Dream

gray globeRaindrops falling from the night sky
Magical dreams begin when I shut my eyes

Drifting in and out of some magical astral plane
Waking suddenly when I think I hear someone shout my name

Wondering what these symbols in the night might mean
Trying hard to remember all the things I’ve just seen

Scrambled and encoded with a mystery still unknown
Visions pass through my mind like a wild and crazy cyclone

Is it a message from the great beyond?
Silently, I wait for Spirit to respond

Some say dreaming is a healing of sort
All I know is it’s a place where I am suddenly transport

From here to there and all over the place
Bringing always a story that by morning I’ll do my best to retrace

Raindrops falling from the night sky
Shush now there’s a new movie playing just behind these  shut eyes.

Many Blessings,

The First Book!

raven's call front

I’ve composed my first Poetry/Photo book … The Raven’s Call

It’s a collection of poetry I have done over the years along with photographs I have taken. I do hope you enjoy it. I’m working on some future projects to include a book focusing solely on my visions and another that will be a collection of messages from spirit.

You can purchase a digital copy of The Raven’s Call for $1.99 here:

or if you would like a physical copy in paperback you can purchase it here on Lulu:

Rany Blessings,

Sacred Smoke Rising

Sacred smoke rises as the sun sets for the night
Hear me now as I speak beneath the moon’s magical light

Calling upon the grandmothers and grandfathers of times now past
Grant us these blessings that I now do ask

I weave within this circle that has no beginning and no end
My prayers to the heavens I now do send

To all my relations, these blessing I bestow
Hear my words, close your eyes and let go

May the the wind carry away your fears
May the rain wash away all of your tears

May the sun always keep you warm
May the trees give you shelter through the storm

May the moon bless you as you sleep
May the Earth always offer you plenty to reap

May love find it’s place within your heart
May these blessings be with you until this Earth you do depart.

My weaving, now done for the night
Blessings to all beneath the moon’s magical light.

Many Blessings,


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Sing Me A Song

grackle singingSing Me A Song

Sing me a song of love everlasting and true
Sing me a song that says I love you

Sing me a song from beginning to end
Sing me a song holding on to my hand

Sing me a song about how you feel
Sing me a song, make sure it‘s real

Sing me a song straight from your heart
Sing me a song of new beginnings, a fresh start

Sing me a song to ease my pain
Sing me a song of lovers dancing in the rain

Sing me a song of fantasy and delight
Sing me a song about making love under the moon light

Sing me a song of dreams coming true
Sing me a song about me and you

Sing me a song that will heal the hearts scars
Sing me a song that will take us to the stars

Sing me a song under the full moon
Sing me a song and don’t worry about the tune

Sing me a song that will bring a tear to my eye
Sing me a song and you shall hear me sigh

Sing me a song of everlasting love
Sing me a song about what our dreams are made of

Sing me a song as your arms hold me tight
Sing me a song that takes us on a moon lit flight

Sing me a song I’ll never forget
Sing me a song about the day we met

Sing me a song in a romantic fashion
Sing me a song about two lovers’ passion

Sing me a song about how we fell in love
Sing me a song about what you are thinking of

Sing a song as you have me under your spell
Sing me a song about your secrets, please do tell

Sing me a song of magic and light
Sing me a song as we settle in for the night

Sing me a song and I shall sing to you
Sing me a song about forever, me and you

Sing me a song now don‘t be a tease
Sing me a song please my love, pretty please


There’s a Little Something In My Soul

fb cover 2There’s a Little Something In My Soul…

There’s a Mighty Dragon in my Soul.
His fire runs through my blood, coursing through my veins,
building the flames within that push me further than I’ve ever been.

There’s a Fairy in My Soul.
She prances and flitters to and fro, sprinkling her magic all over me as I grow.
Tiny she may be but her magic is greater than I’ve ever seen.

There’s a Wicked Witch in My Soul.
She casts her spells and boils her brew, giving me a life I never knew. Her cackle contagious just like a smile, sharing with me knowledge from a distant isle.

There’s a Healer in My Soul.
Shaking bones and chanting words that resonate deep within.  Collecting energy from the air, healing with a sacred prayer. Sage and incense smoke rising to the heavens, giving me knowledge of all these sevens.

There’s a Monster in My Soul.
Big and scary, feeding upon my fears. Kind and gentle, wiping away the tears. He’s there for my protection, certainly a different kind of astral connection. Giving me the ability to face all those things that scare me, his strength is certainly always there for me.

There’s a Unicorn in My Soul.
Mighty and proud, majestically strong. He carries me from one life to another. Safe passage from here to there. His strength, greater then that of ten bear. A stallion getting me to where I need to be, a truly magnificent sight to see.

There’s a Bright and Shining Light in My Soul.
Consuming my being, ridding me of the darkness that lurks inside. No shadows left to fear, only a loving light with the kindness of a deer. Healing me from inside – out. Leaving behind all the worry, stress, fear and doubt. Shining brighter than the nearest star, releasing me from all of this life’s scars.

Many Blessings,

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Knocking at Your Door

purple passion

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.
Will you let it in or leave it waiting behind the door?

It’s there all around you, waiting for you to notice…
Wondering if you’ll ever overcome this sad kind of blindness.

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.
Will you let it in or leave it for others to explore?

Sometimes it’s easy to see and at other times it may not.
Once we begin to believe… it’s noticed quite a lot!

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.
Will you let it in or are you still unsure?

Magic doesn’t hurt, not one little bit.
It heals hurt, pain and sorrow and lifts the Spirit!

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.
Will you let it in or carry on without a notion just like before?

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.

Many Blessings, 

Tinsel and light

christmas lights
Tinsel and light
All things merry and bright

Tis that magical time of year
To spread lots of love and good cheer

Childlike hopes and dreams fill our hearts
Standing beneath the mistletoe with my sweetheart

Cookies in the oven baking with care
Lights and stockings strung everywhere!

Watching close, that mischievous elf
Wondering how on Earth he gets off the shelf!

Family and friends gathering from far and near
Waiting for Santa and his reindeer!

Wishes being sent from me to you
For a Happy Christmas and New Year!

Many Blessings,

Winter Dreams

Magical wonders beneath a star lit sky
With a twinkle, winter dreams begin to fill our eyes

Cozy nights, snuggled by the fire
Spending quality time with those you admire

The snow begins to fall and a hush is  whispered through the air
The land is resting for the winter just like a bear

The days now shorter and the weather  quite cold
Even as she sleeps, the Earth’s beauty is surly a sight to behold

Watching through the window, winter birds coming around for a treat
You’ll find me with a hot cup of tea, snuggled up in my favorite seat

It’s a time of reflection and a time to rest
Please do come in and have a seat, be my guest

We’ll sit and chat about the days gone by and the days to come
We’ll be calmed by the fire’s magical crackle and hum

Once we’ve had our tea and said our farewell
We’ll make a wish to the winter fairies with a quick ring of the bell

One for luck
Two for good health
Three for love
and Four for a special wish that we shall not tell


The Eagle and the Wolf

You just never know where inspiration will come from.. today is a fine example. Last night I created a dream catcher for a lady who ordered it as a gift for an at risk teen that she has been mentoring. They read a poem called The Eagle and the Wolf and that is what inspired the Eagle themed dream catcher.

This morning I posted photos of the dream catcher and then thought maybe I should search for the poem to post with it and so I did. This is what I found:

The Eagle and the Wolf ~Author Unknown

There is a great battle that rages inside me. One side is the soaring eagle. Everything  the eagle stands for is good and true and beautiful and it soars above the clouds. Even though it dips down into the valleys, it lays its eggs on the mountaintops. The other side of me is the howling wolf, and that raging, howling wolf represents the worst in me. He eats upon my downfalls and justifies himself by his presence in the pack. Who wins this great battle? The one I feed.

This poem disappointed me and I am so glad that I did not read it before creating the dream catcher. I would have hated to put in any negative energy that the poem may have brought me into the dream catcher. This poem is a copy cat poem of another about two wolves fighting inside someone. The good wolf and the bad wolf.

The poem about the wolves, I like… the poem about the eagle and the wolf .. I do not and this is why:

When comparing 2 of the same, we say there is the good and the bad side in each of us,  we all do have a good and bad side to us and it is true that the one we feed is the one that wins the battle.  The poem comparing a wolf and an eagle is comparing two separate animals.. making one out to be good and the other bad. Just as all people are not bad .. all wolves are not bad.

Just because you may not understand something, or someone .. it does not make them or it bad. I should add that also, just because you may fear something … does not make it bad.

It is great that the mentor found something that the teen could connect with .. I just wish it had been a comparison of two wolves or two eagles and not two distinctly different animals.   This only separates us. Now this young man will view the wolf as something bad .. instead of understanding more that we all have a choice of who we are and who we shall be.

The point of the story being 2 animals of the same kind was to point out that we all have 2 sides to us that may be different but really are still the same. The two wolves differ in their actions and behaviors but at the end of the day they are both a wolf.

Many Blessings,

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When The Rain Comes Again

When the Rain Comes Again
I will not fall
I will stand my ground
And hold steady my stance

When the Rain Comes Again
I will not be overcome by the murky waters
I will reach up and stand tall
I will not leave my life to chance

When the Rain Comes Again
My fears will not win
I will not …  give in

When the Rain Comes Again
I will remain strong
I will hold onto that inner knowing
The light within will remain forever glowing

When the Rain Comes Again
I shall face the wind
I shall face the rain
It will know my strength
It will know my will
It will not cloud my mind
I will survive the rain

When the Rain Comes Again

Many Blessings,


Creative Writing Experiment – continued

I thought I wold take this task on once again and offer out to my facebook friends to lend me a line or phrase and I would in turn make that line or phrase into a poem or story for them.
Here’s how the experiment continued:

1) “The dragon silently wept.”

The dragon silently wept as the world before him slipped away
The days of soaring the skies without fear would have to wait until another day

The change brought about a sadness he’d never known
A great nothingness exists now where the trees had once grown

The wind that had once roared through the mountains, trees and hills
Now at a deadly standstill

The dragon silently wept as the world before him was now unknown

2) “The mermaid glanced at the distant shore.”

The mermaid glanced at the distant shore
Remembering the days from before

A longing inside her stirred
A glimpse of someone walking and then the flight of a bird

Scales and fins kept her from the land
Knowing her walk could only be upon the ocean’s sand

Her fantasies rang of journeys beyond the water’s edge
To walk, to fly, to run … in her next life, this was her pledge.

The mermaid glanced at the distant shore
Longing for something more.

3) “ as the sky turned to a vivid shade of purple the dragonflies appeared over the horizon”

As the sky turned to a vivid shade of purple the dragonflies appeared over the horizon, I knew a message was clearly on its way. A message from where? From whom? About what? I was sure to find out soon. Oh dear, this message seems to be quite encrypted. It feels like I am to understand something, but I am at a loss. I ask, please my dragonfly friends, can you take this pen and paper and just state the obvious for I am blind to the message you bring. Suddenly a dragonfly lands upon my shoulder and I knew. It was as if a connection was finally made and we shared thoughts. I felt a peace overtake me and I settled in for the message to be delivered. What came next was unexpected and yet comforting. There wasn’t any sort of contrived message about “do this” or “do that” the message was simply of love and that I am not alone.. no matter how distant from the world I may feel.. I am not. We are all connected and that connection is love.

4) “A single snowflake landed on the window pane”

A single snowflake landed on the window pane today
I longed for the days when all I had to do was go out and play

Remembering way back when
Running with arms stretched, pretending to glide upon the wind

Spinning in circles round and round
Playing hopscotch and drawing squares upon the ground

Puddles became the ocean and old logs became the pirate’s plank
All my pennies were stored safely in a piggy bank

No worries and no cares
Comforting hugs from teddy bears

A single snowflake landed on the window pane today
So who else wants to join me and go outside to play?

I hope you enjoy this play with words 🙂

Many Blessings,

My wings, you may not see

My wings, you may not see
But I can fly just as pretty as you please

I drift among the clouds and float upon the winds
I soar over the fields and dance atop the trees

My wings, you may not see
But I can fly… just sit back and watch me

The body feels what the mind can see
I am strong like the eagle, gentle as a butterfly, yet as swift as a honey bee

My wings, you may not see
But I can fly across the ocean or over the top of a mountain range

When I’m flying, my visions come clearly into sight
I know to some, this seems quite strange

My wings, you may not see
But I can fly, quick like any dragonfly

For when I soar, be it day or night
The winds of life lift me up and set me free

My wings, you may not see
But I can fly…. just trust me!

Many Blessings, 

The Dragon’s Way

In honor of the Fire Breathing Dragon piece I just finished in stained glass … I thought I would share with you also this dragon poem I wrote a few years ago.

Here’s the finished panel and the poem below

The Way of the Dragon

It is the dragon’s way
Be silent and listen to what he has to say

In the darkness of the night 
He enters into your dreams and takes you on a mystical flight

His passions burn inside, full of desire
He is filled with mystical kind of power
His only release is within his fire

He soars through the night in a blaze
His memory, it will stay with you for days

There, that look in his eyes
You can see his soul and oh how it cries

A giant in the sky he may be
But when it comes to love, he’s as gentle as can be

Swiftly he flies down from above
Bringing you the gift of his dragon love

He says from his heart, dear lady have my heart to hold
It will keep you warm when the days grow cold

Filled with the wisdom of ancient ages
Nothing will stop him, not even cold bar cages.  

He speaks with a gentle command
Come now and listen as I sing
I’ll comfort you and keep you safe within my wings

I’ll fight off all your worries and all your fears
I’ll be your protector throughout the years

I am your dragon and this is my dragon way
To watch over and protect you every night and every day.

Many Blessings,

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It’s Spring!

It’s Spring!

Blossoms, birds and bees
The green, green grass growing
Warm air whirling through the trees

It’s Spring!

Life sprouting right up from the ground
Daffodils, daisies and violets splashing color to and fro
While the robin fills the air with its sweet, melodic sound!

It’s Spring!

Revitalized from the ever glowing sun
Bare feet on the fresh mowed lawn
Blue skies and cloud watching … OH what fun!

It’s Spring!

A sunny day picnic for two
Baby ducks playing on the lake
A feeling all fresh and new!

It’s Spring!

A wonderland of life now buzzing through the air
The great awakening has begun
While I’m sunning on the deck without a worry or a care!

It’s Spring!

Many Blessings,

The Fallen One

The Fallen One … that would be me.

I have fallen right under his spell
It’s in his eyes, his touch and his smile
From the very first moment we met… I fell.

It’s a magic like no other I’ve ever known
I’m quite taken and can barely breathe
His spell has me shaking right to the bone

Uncontrolled with wild abandon, My love for him does soar
To the heavens high above the Earth and the ground
It’s like a mighty lion inside me with a ferocious roar

Ready to give way at any moment… any time
My heart is the dam filled to the rim, ready to burst
Overflowing with love and passion, spouting words in romantic rhyme.

I am taken by his presence when ever he is near
Waiting breathlessly for him to be at my side
My heart is pounding so loud, everyone must be able to hear!

He has taken my heart and my breath away
My life is surly blessed in every way
I have fallen under his spell since the very first day

I am the Fallen One … who has fallen for The One!


Through Raven Eyes

Through raven eyes I see the past, the present and the times to come..
Looking beyond the veil into the dream world where spirits dance
Seeing what others miss, Oh what fun!

With raven ears I hear the whispers from ancient times.
The sounds of Mother Earth that to most are unheard.
With these raven ears the words are translated quite often with poetic rhymes.

With raven wings I soar the great blue heavens above
Drifting on the currents of healing light
Where perspective is in sight and my heart fills with never-ending love.

With a raven voice I call out on the winds of change and hope
With healing intent and frame of mind
To bring light and love with prayers to help you cope.

With raven eyes I see more than most do.
I see the beyond the mask, beyond the shield..
With raven eyes, I see the real YOU!

Many Blessings,

The Story You May or May Not Know

There is a story inside me you may or may not know
I’ll try to explain it with a bit of rhyming flow.

This story runs deep, straight to the core
It begs for you to know me just a little bit more.

From my childhood to this adult like life
The girl, the friend, the lover, the mother and the wife.

I’ve been through the jungle and survived many a war
I’ve been lost but also found what I was looking for.

I’ve been held captive and I’ve known what it’s like to soar
I’ve found the keys and unlocked some doors.

Some right, some wrong
But through it all I have become ever so strong.

At times all I wanted to do was flee
But that wasn’t really me.

I’ve learned to conquer many of my fears
It has taken lots of practice and many years.

But here I am today as I stand
Offering you a welcoming hand.

Come into my world and see what I see
You’ll get a little glimpse of what it’s like to be me.

The many hats that I wear
The way it feels when people give you that stare.

The love that I give and the friends that I gain
And lets not forget how much fun it is when we dance in the rain!

From my hand to yours
I welcome you to know me just a little bit more.

Many Blessings,

All Hallows

All Hallows

All Hallows is drawing ever so near
Shhhhhhhhh, what’s that creepy sound I hear?

That’s the wind now blowing a cooler breeze
Creaks and moans radiating from the branches of the trees

They say the veil between worlds is growing really thin
Spirits are said to cross over and glide across the land with the wind

Vampires, werewolves, monsters and witches too
I have heard that they would like to meet with you

The vampires looking for a bit of a snack
You better watch out for that shadow lingering over your back

The werewolves ready their voices now
For when the sky darkens they will begin to holler and howl

Monsters of every shape, size and kind are said to come out
Scaring the children making them scream and shout

The witches cackle and ready their brew
On the hunt for a lizard, a toad and a rat or two

Don’t worry, there’s nothing really to fear
It’s just that time of the year

When all things spooky and unknown come out to play
Causing chaos and fright all night and day!

I love this time of the year when the breeze turns cold
When candy is free and spooky stories are told.

All Hallows its coming soon….
What was that, that just flew past the moon!

All Hallows

Many Blessings,


My Inner Child Wants to Play

Candy and Caramel coated apples on a stick
The year is passing us by really quick

The trees begin to change into their fall attire
Families gather around a warm, glowing fire

Roasting and toasting as the year nears it’s end
You can feel a chill in the air from the cool Autumn wind

Trick or Treat, candy sweets and costumes too
Scary monsters roam the streets with ghastly ghost shouting BOO!

Pumpkins carved and lit to light the way
Scarecrows placed to rush the birds away

Shorter the days and longer the nights
Movies are playing to cause us a fright!

There’s a great big pile of leaves to jump in and play!
I think I’ll release my inner child today!

Tossing leaves of red, yellow, brown and gold high into the air
I don’t even care if they land in my hair!

For I am a child at heart and I like to live that way
Where all my dreams may come true…..
and my worries stop at how much longer I get to stay out and play. 

Yeah, I think I’ll release my inner child today!

Many Blessings,

Red, Yellow, Brown and Gold

Red, Yellow, Brown and Gold
The days grow short, the nights grow cold.

Magic shadows dance across the land.
Some even come out and touch my hand.

The winds now blow, sending a chill through the air.
The leaves fall gently to the ground without a care.

Summer has come to it’s end.
Autumn blessing to you I now send.

May the colors of the land fill you with a joyous delight.
May the Autumn fires keep you warm and cozy through the night.

As the darkness grows do not worry and do not fret.
For you’ll be blessed with every golden sunset.

You’ll be in my prayers and all my wishes.
Think of every falling leaf as angel kisses.

Safe you’ll be and forever you’ll know….
That my magic shall follow and protect you wherever you go.

Now wave goodbye to Summer’s end….
Say hello to Autumn with a smile and let the season know you are a friend.

Many Blessings,

To Believe

To Believe

 To believe is to know that every day is a new beginning.

It is to trust that miracles happen, and dreams really do come true.

To believe is to see angels dancing among the clouds,

To know the wonder of a stardust sky, and the wisdom of the man in the moon.

To believe is to know the value of a nurturing heart,

The innocence of a child’s eyes and the beauty of an aging hand,
for it is through their teachings we learn to love.

To believe is to find the strength and courage that lies within us,
when it is time to pick up the pieces and begin again.

To believe is to know we are not alone,
that life is a gift and this is our time to cherish it.

To believe is to know that wonderful surprises are just waiting to happen,
And all our hopes and dreams are within reach.

Many Blessings,

If I could share…

waya777777If I could share with you a bit of me I would ask you to take hold my hand and let go

Let go, not of my hand .. but of all else .. so that you can experience what’s inside me

Holding my hand you would know my pain and that I hurt just as you when things go wrong

You would know my love and how its always growing

You would know my tears an what gets them flowing

You would know my passion and the roar of its fire

You would know my song without hearing it sung out-loud

You would know my heart and what makes it melt

You would know my touch.. both gentle and strong

You would know my faith and the strength of my will

You would know me just by holding my hand and standing still

You would know my faults, my failures and my sad regrets

You would know me and all my secrets

You would know not just what you see but those things that don’t always show

You would know me … just by holding my hand and letting go.

Many Blessings,

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I have to say I’m not perfect in anyway .. except one…
I’m perfect only at being ME!

I can’t sing.. my dancing is just ok …
I can rhyme a little but try to write a lot …
I know how to use a paintbrush but the greatest, I’m certainly not
My drawings are never exact … even my glass sometimes gets chipped
My words sometimes come out wrong
My days often flawed
But I’m ME and that’s all I can be…

I try my best and give it my all
But sometimes I still hit that wall
I try to see from all points of view..
But my vision sometimes goes  askew

To myself I try to always be true
Even if we don’t agree … doesn’t mean I don’t like  or respect you
I have to stand my ground and stay true to who I am
Otherwise I’m nothing more than a joke, a  sham

So there you have it .. I’m just me..
As perfectly as I can be..
Flaws and all .. this is me

Perfectly ME!


From a thought to a dream

From a thought to a dream
From a dream to reality
We all have within us this ability

To make our wishes and dreams come true
The power is there, sitting deep inside you

Thoughts become words, words become action
The universe works in reaction

Speak out loud, what you wish to see
Answers will soon come to thee

With honor and love in your heart
For the dream to come true
You must play an active part

Walking in the direction of your dream
It’s not as easy as it may seem

Obstacles sometimes block the way
Never give up, no matter what anyone has to say

Positive thoughts and actions ease the trail
Don’t worry about “What if I fail”

Where there is a will, there is a way
That’s what I’ve always heard them say

So follow your heart and you shall soon see
What was once a dream, has now become reality!

Many Blessings,

These Pages

These are the pages of my life…

Turn them with ease, gentleness and care.
My soul, these pages do bare

This path is mine, not unlike yours
Full of many roads, hallways and doors.

Tears, laughter, sorrow and pain
Lessons learned again and again

Secrets whispered in the night
Wishes placed on the wings of butterflies in flight

These pages contain all that is me
Bound in leather, written for all to see

Scrapes and bruises, stitches and scars
Always dreaming beneath the stars

Creating for creation’s sake
Sitting with my love by the lake

Kisses and cuddles late at night
Seeing with second sight

Ghosts and spirits roaming about
Wondering what this life is all about

A smile.. a look
It’s all right here.. written on the pages of this book

Fairy tales that do come true..
Have a seat and let me tell you

My light, at times has nearly gone out
My head filled with so much self doubt

This life has had it’s highs and lows
But that light in me… still it glows

I’ll not give up on the dreams I dream
It’s never as easy as it may seem

Twists and turns, wear and tear
Let me tell you… I’ve been there!

It began with “Once upon a time…”
Just like in those old nursery rhymes

There will be no end…  you see
For my soul will continue on buzzing like a bee

So, I’ll see you in the here after
Living Happily ever after.


Many Blessings,

Fuss and Fret

No need to fuss and fret
No need of worry and regret

What is …. will be
What was is now gone

Let pain and sorrow be strangers from your past
Remember it’s just temporary … it won’t long last

Find that place deep inside
Where love and light do reside

Find the peace within and let it flow
Now, doesn’t that feel better … letting it all go

No need to busy yourself or rush around
Simply plant yourself firmly in the ground

Now breath deeply .. in and out
Ease your mind of all self doubt

Harness your own power
Let it wash over you like an April shower

Know and trust in you
All your dreams have the possibility to come true.

It begins with just one word that I’ll now say
Then, I’ll flap my wings and fly away.


Many Blessings,

Feeling the Flow

Inspired by a post I read earlier this morning about feeling the flow  and energy of all things.

Feeling the Flow

It’s here and there .. it’s all around us everywhere!
It’s energy fills us and brings us into being
It’s something worth feeling .. something worth seeing…

The flow, it comes in waves of greatness
Swirling all around and bathing us

It’s not in just you and me
It’s in the buzzing of every bee and the whisper of every tree

It’s in the lake, the pond and every river, ocean and stream
It fills us like the visions in a dream

Circling all around us in a swift and steady fashion
Feeling the vibration is beyond words or imagination

The Earth and it’s hummm
Like the beating of an ancient drum

Pounding deep from within it’s core
Feeding life into each and every pore

Rushing through flesh and bone, wood and stone
It’s always there and never gone

Feel it now with your heart, soul and very being
Close your eyes and experience with me this amazing feeling

Feel it now with more than just your hand
Feel it as it moves across the land

The flow of life as it sways to and fro
That fills us all each and every day as we grow

Many Blessings,

A Mother’s Day Wish

leaves 1A Mother’s Day Wish

This isn’t the typical Mother’s Day wish you see..

This isn’t a wish for mother’s like you and me ….

It’s the wish we, as mothers make

For our child or children’s sake!

It’s the reason we fuss and fret

It’s why there are rules we must set.

It’s not for the reasons that you think you know

It’s not because we like grounding and saying “NO!”

The wishes a mother makes ….

Are in hopes that her babies don’t make the same mistakes

You see it starts before you begin to breathe and cry

We set out in hopes to bring you a much bluer sky

We wish you safety and a road not quite so hard

We wish for you to never know the pain of a broken heart

We wish for your travels to always be a blast

We wish you love that will surely last

We try to protect you …and keep you from that inevitable fall

Our goal is to be there when you have no one else to call

May your years be kinder

May your love be grander

May your days be filled with greatness

May your worries be less

So you see it’s not that we just want to nag and fuss

We only meant for you to have a better life than us ..

Many Blessings,

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P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

Astrological Wonders

Astrological Wonders

  What’s that in the night sky I see?

It’s the mighty bull, Taurus looking back at me.

And who is that with the stinger on its tail?

Oh, that’s Scorpio, I know that one well.

There is Gemini with her two faces

She can see in two different places.

Over there I see Pisces, the two fishes

I think that grants me two more wishes

With Virgo, Libra and Leo over there way up high

I sit and stare at the star filled sky.

Cancer, Aries and Aquarius

Oh how they leave me so curious.

Finally I see Capricorn and Sagittarius shining like a light

It’s late, so for now I’ll just bid thee a goodnight.


Many Blessings,

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In the Darkness of the New Moon

In the Darkness of the New Moon

In the darkness of the New moon I fly about to see what there is to see…

There is no light and no shadows to chase after me..

Flying about the void, this darkened space…

I let go my worries as the wind blows across my face..

My fears aside, I look at starting something new…..

And as I look within, to myself,  I must stay true…..

Blessed be the tasks I begin this night …

May they be in bloom by the  Moon’s next full light…

Fear not the darkness of the New Moon…

Tis the time for new beginnings and to get yourself back in tune..

As I fly away on the currents this night when the moon in new…

I begin my tasks and send out prayers and wishes of dreams coming true…

Blessing to every man, woman, child and friend….

May you find happiness, love and riches of the heart…..

And may your dreaming never ever end!

Many Blessings,

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I Am More Than Just Me

Taken with Lumia Selfie

I Am More Than Just Me

I’m not just me but also the flower, the nectar and the bee…

I’m the stream that travels around the bend .. I’m the river with no end

I’m a new born fawn on unsteady feet, I’m the mushroom that’s now a toads comfy seat

I’m the wind and the rain, I’m the woodpecker and the crane

I’m more than just me, I’m the dolphin playing in the sea

I’m the bear, once asleep now awake, I’m every pond and every lake

I’m the branch on every tree, I’m the ocean and the sea

I’m the grass, the weeds, the flower and the seeds

I’m the mountain, I’m the grove… I’m the reef in every cove

I’m the forest and the dale …. I’m the cry of the hump back whale

I’m far more than just one, I’m a part of it all

I’m more than the raven, more than its call

I’m not just one, I’m a part of it all

Many Blessings,

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Let Me Be….

cades cove 5
Let Me Be…

Think of me in a kind and loving way
Feel my heart in the words that I say

Let me be more than some romantic notion
Recite me like the ingredients of a spellbound potion

Allow my hands to help you heal
Know that my love for you is real

Remember the twinkle in my eyes that let you know
That you are the one who makes the light inside me glow

Chant me like a sacred song
Love me as forever is long

Know me inside and out
Hold me in your heart without any fear, without any doubt

Let me be your muse, I’ll share with you my magic light
Hold me close, everyday and every night

Love me in a true and honest fashion
I’ll give to you my devoted love and passion

I want to be the poetry that lies within your soul
I’ll be the greatest love you’ll ever know

Let me be the rain that quenches your thirst
The one you wake and think of first

Lull me like a magic rhyme
You’ll see how our love will withstand the test of time

Cast me like your most cherished wish to stars above
I’ll promise you forever my love

Let me be your most fond memory
I give to you my heart and all that is me.

Many Blessings,

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