The Dragon’s Way

In honor of the Fire Breathing Dragon piece I just finished in stained glass … I thought I would share with you also this dragon poem I wrote a few years ago.

Here’s the finished panel and the poem below

The Way of the Dragon

It is the dragon’s way
Be silent and listen to what he has to say

In the darkness of the night 
He enters into your dreams and takes you on a mystical flight

His passions burn inside, full of desire
He is filled with mystical kind of power
His only release is within his fire

He soars through the night in a blaze
His memory, it will stay with you for days

There, that look in his eyes
You can see his soul and oh how it cries

A giant in the sky he may be
But when it comes to love, he’s as gentle as can be

Swiftly he flies down from above
Bringing you the gift of his dragon love

He says from his heart, dear lady have my heart to hold
It will keep you warm when the days grow cold

Filled with the wisdom of ancient ages
Nothing will stop him, not even cold bar cages.  

He speaks with a gentle command
Come now and listen as I sing
I’ll comfort you and keep you safe within my wings

I’ll fight off all your worries and all your fears
I’ll be your protector throughout the years

I am your dragon and this is my dragon way
To watch over and protect you every night and every day.

Many Blessings,

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