The Star

The Star

The Star reminds us of our own talents and that we should learn to share them freely with the universe.  Talent does not always come in the shape of playing any particular instrument, singing, painting, sculpting or any of that which many consider “talent”. For some their gift of talent comes from being able to listen or from the ability to comfort others, it may come from the ability to stand up for those who can’t or are afraid to do so, it may even come from the ability to lighten a room by the energy you share with others. We are all gifted with a talent of some kind and none more important than another.

What ever it is you are good at.. share it with the world..  whether it be gardening, singing, making others feel good, comforting others, cooking, cleaning, designing… it does not matter the gift as long as you share it .. use it and let it shine!

Many Blessings,

We want this sign to say 2012! :-)

Please please don’t forget to cast your votes for me this year in Toast of Music City

I’m running for Best Blog and Best Visual Artist …. just click each link below to cast your votes.. Thank you in advance to everyone that takes the time to vote this year.. I appreciate you guys far more than you know! Voting is daily through the whole month of June.

Thank you all!

Best Blog

Best Local Artist (Visual)

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