New Dream Catchers Available for Christmas!!

I spent the weekend weaving new dream catchers… Just in time for Christmas!!

Check them out on my Etsy Shop – Click Here!!

Many Blessings,

Wedding and Bridal Party Gifts

Can you imagine …. you are at a beautiful wedding and the bridesmaids are walking down the isle. What’s that hanging from their bouquets? Tiny dream catchers matching their colors!! Oh and here comes the Bride… LOOK! She has one too!

Maybe this is a DREAM WEDDING afterall!

I now have custom dream catchers available for weddings of all types… each set custom created to match your wedding theme!! Click here to view the order from my Etsy Shop!

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These sets are made to order – so please keep this in mind when ordering and allow plenty of time for them to created and shipped in time for the wedding. Standard turn around time is approx. one week.. depending on the amount of additional bridal party dream catchers ordered
The Above Image is an example of the Main Bridal Dream Catcher for the Bride and Groom to keep for their home. Each set will be custom created to match the bride to be. (The above shown pendents may not always be available)

With the Brides Dream Catcher will also be a small 3″ dream catcher that can be wrapped around the bridal bouquet and carried down the isle and then removed for a keepsake.

Also included are 4 small 3″ dream catchers for the bridesmaids … these will also be wrapped around the bouquets and carried down the isle to keep with the theme of the wedding. The beads can be chosen to match the colors of your bridal party or you may go with clear beads.. the choice is yours.

Additional bridal party dream catchers may be added for an additional fee… email me for

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quotes and questions.

Never Ending Love Dream Catcher – 10″ hoop wrapped in soft tan leather .. adorned with white glass beads.. pendents that say Happily Ever After and 2 brass rings that are bound together in the center.

Great gift for weddings, engagements and anniversaries.

All of my dreamcatchers are created with purpose, love and intent for healing and are smudged and cleansed for the best possible results.


Cyber Week Savings!

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This week only Save 10% on your purchase … lots of great and affordable gifts available. Remember each piece is handmade by yours truly and infused with as much healing energy as I can muster. Use coupon code RAVE777 to take advantage of this week’s savings!

All of my pieces are created with purpose, love and intent for healing and are smudged and cleansed for the best possible results.

Many Blessings,


The Star

The Star

The Star reminds us of our own talents and that we should learn to share them freely with the universe.  Talent does not always come in the shape of playing any particular instrument, singing, painting, sculpting or any of that which many consider “talent”. For some their gift of talent comes from being able to listen or from the ability to comfort others, it may come from the ability to stand up for those who can’t or are afraid to do so, it may even come from the ability to lighten a room by the energy you share with others. We are all gifted with a talent of some kind and none more important than another.

What ever it is you are good at.. share it with the world..  whether it be gardening, singing, making others feel good, comforting others, cooking, cleaning, designing… it does not matter the gift as long as you share it .. use it and let it shine!

Many Blessings,

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When Creating For Others

Be sure that when you are creating pieces of art or craft items for others that you feel good yourself when doing the work. Your energy goes into everything you create and so when that item gets a new owner .. not only do they have your creation they also have a bit of your energy. You want to make sure that they receive good, healing and happy energy along with the item and not cruddy, negative or sick energy.

If you feel bad, if you are angry, depressed, hurt, sore, achy or any of the sort then that energy will go into whatever you are doing at the time. Be aware of your own feelings when creating or doing anything.

It’s ok to have a bad or off day… just be aware of what you are doing and how you feel .. whether realted or not that energy is there and it DOES go into whatever it is you are doing… even if you are simply cooking a meal.

Many Blessings,