Sing Me A Song

grackle singingSing Me A Song

Sing me a song of love everlasting and true
Sing me a song that says I love you

Sing me a song from beginning to end
Sing me a song holding on to my hand

Sing me a song about how you feel
Sing me a song, make sure it‘s real

Sing me a song straight from your heart
Sing me a song of new beginnings, a fresh start

Sing me a song to ease my pain
Sing me a song of lovers dancing in the rain

Sing me a song of fantasy and delight
Sing me a song about making love under the moon light

Sing me a song of dreams coming true
Sing me a song about me and you

Sing me a song that will heal the hearts scars
Sing me a song that will take us to the stars

Sing me a song under the full moon
Sing me a song and don’t worry about the tune

Sing me a song that will bring a tear to my eye
Sing me a song and you shall hear me sigh

Sing me a song of everlasting love
Sing me a song about what our dreams are made of

Sing me a song as your arms hold me tight
Sing me a song that takes us on a moon lit flight

Sing me a song I’ll never forget
Sing me a song about the day we met

Sing me a song in a romantic fashion
Sing me a song about two lovers’ passion

Sing me a song about how we fell in love
Sing me a song about what you are thinking of

Sing a song as you have me under your spell
Sing me a song about your secrets, please do tell

Sing me a song of magic and light
Sing me a song as we settle in for the night

Sing me a song and I shall sing to you
Sing me a song about forever, me and you

Sing me a song now don‘t be a tease
Sing me a song please my love, pretty please


Singing a New Tune

raven at stonehengeI was just making myself a cup of tea and as I was waiting for the water to boil I found myself humming. It’s no surprise I sing, hum and whistle a lot! What was different, was the tune that I was humming. Most of the time I find myself singing, humming or whistling the same hand full of  tunes… but this morning it was a tune I had not heard myself hum before. This new tune made me think about the new year and the possibilities ahead.

I thought … “A new year… a new tune! Awesome!”

I leave you with just one thought to ponder today:

In the months to come will you be singing that same old tune you’ve always sang or will you be singing something new?

Many Blessings,

The Star

The Star

The Star reminds us of our own talents and that we should learn to share them freely with the universe.  Talent does not always come in the shape of playing any particular instrument, singing, painting, sculpting or any of that which many consider “talent”. For some their gift of talent comes from being able to listen or from the ability to comfort others, it may come from the ability to stand up for those who can’t or are afraid to do so, it may even come from the ability to lighten a room by the energy you share with others. We are all gifted with a talent of some kind and none more important than another.

What ever it is you are good at.. share it with the world..  whether it be gardening, singing, making others feel good, comforting others, cooking, cleaning, designing… it does not matter the gift as long as you share it .. use it and let it shine!

Many Blessings,

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Inside Each of Us

Inside each of us is a song .. each custom fit to who we are. I take that back…  there’s not just one single song .. there are many .. each one custom designed for our every need.

There is the song that comforts us
The song that fills us with love
The song that fills our spirit with joy
The song that helps us express our sorrows
The song that makes us laugh
The song that entertains our inner child
The song that motivates us and gets us moving…. and the list goes on.

My message here tonight is that you get to know each of your songs and when it is time to sing .. let them be heard .. if by no one else but yourself. Sing your songs … let the vibrations heal you and help you through whatever the moment brings. Your songs are there for a reason… allow them do work their magic through you. Don’t be afraid of your own voice.. sing and sing it loud!

Many Blessings,