Surviving This Life & Surviving The Shift

The energy, the planetary alignments, the eclipses, the moon and life changes that are going on right now can be soooooooo overwhelming.  It is NOT the time to check out… life is just about to change from what it has always been to something amazing. The struggle is about to become a lot less of a struggle and the storm is nearly over. Change isn’t easy, and when so many on the same path are experiencing this all at once .. the energy is super intense and hard to manage. I promise you that you will survive as long as you just don’t give up. The life that is coming is well worth everything you are going through right now.

Many Blessings,

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Who is Raventalker?

Edited in Lumia SelfieI’ll tell you who I am …. for one, I’m a mess! A great big, giant mess of a woman! I love way too much and believe in myself way too little. I have baggage, loads and loads of baggage. The good thing is, I know about the baggage I carry and I am always trying my best to lighten the load. I am forever working on being a better me. Always working toward resolving any issues I may have with myself or my past, always teaching myself new things and eager to grow in as many ways as I possibly can. I won’t lie though, some things scare me to death so I dare not say that I am fearless in any way. I worry all the time and quite often about things that will never happen. I am ever curious and some might say a bit crafty 😉 .

I love finding new ways to be creative and express myself in all forms of art. I have dabbled in painting, stained glass, lampwork, weaving, sewing, knitting, leather work, sculpting, prop building, photography and writing .. just to name a few. The act of visualizing something and then working with your hands to make this vision a reality is an exciting challenge I am always ready to take on. I don’t have to be the best at anything, I just try to be the best me and do my own personal best at whatever challenge I decide to take on. I land where I land, on top, in the middle or even sometimes at the bottom.. as long as I have felt like I did my best, it doesn’t matter where others may rank me.

I am a hopeless romantic, a dreamer of dreams and a believer in magic. Some might say that magic isn’t real, dreams are for the foolish and that romance never lasts…. I say, we each make our own magic, dreams are worth following and romance is exactly what the world needs. Romance, magic and dreams die only if we allow them to. In my world, these things are what keep me smiling and hoping. They are why I have never given up this fight for life, even when my world seemed to be falling apart… magic, dreams and romance kept me going. I know they exist. They are a part of my soul.

I laugh, I cry, I hurt, I love, I create, I learn, I teach, I care, I fear, I worry, I dream, I hope, I believe, I play, I stress, I get emotional, I joke around, I try many things, I never give up on something I believe in, I keep going when others have let go.

Well, now you know… this is me, Raventalker…. that crazy woman, with all that baggage, creating art and believing in the silliest of things.

Many Blessings,

There’s Magic to be Found

There is magic to be found every day. 

Some days it is really hard to see the magic that is there, but it is still there.
Some days we really have to work on shifting our view to see the good in that day.
Some days it is easy.
Some days it’s right there in front of us, waving hello.
Some days it is hidden beneath a whole bunch of crap.
Some days we really have to dig.
Some days it’s a surprise.
Some days we need it more than others.
Some days we forget that its always there.
Some days, no matter how hard we look, we just can’t see it.
Some days all we need to do is feel it.
Some days it guides us.
Some days we don’t have to search.
Some days it saves us.

The magic is there… it is always there. If you can’t see it… look again. If that doesn’t work… keep looking. Eventually you’ll see it and if not today, there is tomorrow. 

Many Blessings,

The Birth of a Story

mushroomThere’s a place where stories are born. A place so magical, so amazing… a place truly like no other you have ever seen. This place is filled with every emotion: fear and love, sorrow and pain, joy and wonder, ecstasy and fright.

Painted with every color, every shade, every hue. A place where magic waits to be born.

You’ll find yourself falling in love by a babbling brook, writhing in pain from a loss so great you can hardly breathe. You’ll find adventure on a mountain side, joy inside of a fairy ring and experience great fear in a darkened cave. There are no limits, no boundaries within this place. What you dare to dream can come to life right before your eyes. Creatures of all shapes and sizes, from every corner of the world.. from every walk of life.

Each experience, like no other. Each moment more magical than the one before. A place where the angels sing upon a soft whisper into the winds from ancient times, where devils dance within the flames of unrequited love, where the rain kisses your soul with every drop from the heavens above. Dreams, magic, adventure… they all wait for you there in the place where stories are born.

Dare to step inside this place… experience it for yourself and journey where ever your imagination takes you.

Many Blessings,

Facing Your Demons

holly7-2012Today I’ve been thinking about the individual worlds that we all live in and the demons that haunt us there.

I’ve given much thought this morning to my own demons and why the heck am I still allowing them to haunt me. Getting rid of behaviors or thoughts related to past pain is hard. It’s a defense mechanism to hold on to these memories and to certain behaviors and or thoughts to keep history from repeating itself and to keep the pain that was felt as far away as possible.

The big question is: How much do these demons hold us back?

What would you do if it weren’t for these demons? If they did not exist… where might you be?

Explore your demons today and start putting them in their place.

It’s not going to be easy by any means… it’s not going to be quick and it’s not going to be painless… BUT…. it will be worth it!

Many Blessings,

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Change Your Focus

spring bloomsNot every day can be lollipops and giggles… but no matter what life is throwing at you,  there is beauty to be seen. The negativity in a day is in reality just a small part of our life. It will pass soon and we will look back and wonder why we stressed so much over that tiny little moment of our lives. During those moments of stress, hardship and despair it’s extremely difficult to see anything other … but if we can manage if even for a moment to change our focus … we may be able to also gain some perspective on that moment.

Seeing obstacles for what they instead of how they make us feel at that moment…  feelings of dread, fear, sorrow, anger, etc  dissipate more quickly and the situation becomes more manageable.

How to do this?

Stay aware. Be open to seeing every thing in life with more than one point of view. Make a conscience effort daily to integrate this way of seeing into your life. Take each moment as it comes and if possible find a way to step back from that moment that brings you such stress and anxiety to reflect on what is real and what is made up with emotions.

Many Blessings,

Inside Each of Us

Inside each of us is a song .. each custom fit to who we are. I take that back…  there’s not just one single song .. there are many .. each one custom designed for our every need.

There is the song that comforts us
The song that fills us with love
The song that fills our spirit with joy
The song that helps us express our sorrows
The song that makes us laugh
The song that entertains our inner child
The song that motivates us and gets us moving…. and the list goes on.

My message here tonight is that you get to know each of your songs and when it is time to sing .. let them be heard .. if by no one else but yourself. Sing your songs … let the vibrations heal you and help you through whatever the moment brings. Your songs are there for a reason… allow them do work their magic through you. Don’t be afraid of your own voice.. sing and sing it loud!

Many Blessings,

The Upside of Living

I won’t pretend life is all roses and smiles… life gets crazy, hectic, hard, painful and down right insane at times… BUT … my message for you today is … The Sun is ALWAYS Shining.

Beyond the clouds… the sun is ever shining. Though we may sleep .. the sun never does.. it’s rays of light are continuous.. and when the moon takes it’s rest and the clouds part way… we are given the gift of light to brighten our way.

Take each day as it comes…. hardships are expected …. none of us are immune to that fact… but how we make it through.. how we handle ourselves through those times.. how we endure.. is completely up to us. We can give in or we can fight it out.

When times get hard and you are finding it difficult to keep going .. think about the bright days you’ve already had.. think of the blessings that have come your way .. remember the days when smiles and laughter filled your heart and know that those days will come again.

Hard times are temporary just like the weather… hang in there and keep walking forward. Brighter days are just around the corner. Focus on the positive. Let the negative slip away.

Many Blessings and great big hugs to all,

These Pages

These are the pages of my life…

Turn them with ease, gentleness and care.
My soul, these pages do bare

This path is mine, not unlike yours
Full of many roads, hallways and doors.

Tears, laughter, sorrow and pain
Lessons learned again and again

Secrets whispered in the night
Wishes placed on the wings of butterflies in flight

These pages contain all that is me
Bound in leather, written for all to see

Scrapes and bruises, stitches and scars
Always dreaming beneath the stars

Creating for creation’s sake
Sitting with my love by the lake

Kisses and cuddles late at night
Seeing with second sight

Ghosts and spirits roaming about
Wondering what this life is all about

A smile.. a look
It’s all right here.. written on the pages of this book

Fairy tales that do come true..
Have a seat and let me tell you

My light, at times has nearly gone out
My head filled with so much self doubt

This life has had it’s highs and lows
But that light in me… still it glows

I’ll not give up on the dreams I dream
It’s never as easy as it may seem

Twists and turns, wear and tear
Let me tell you… I’ve been there!

It began with “Once upon a time…”
Just like in those old nursery rhymes

There will be no end…  you see
For my soul will continue on buzzing like a bee

So, I’ll see you in the here after
Living Happily ever after.


Many Blessings,

I’m Letting Go

IMG_8797I’m letting go of this pain ..
Hoping it will move on like yesterday’s rain

No longer does it have a place within
No more sadness .. I’m sending it away with the wind

The hurt is far more than I can bare
I’m washing it away like the grey in my hair

Happiness and light are welcome to stay
As for this pain … you can go and stay far far away

Leave me alone I don’t like how you make me feel
It seems harder each time to heal

I’m not your victim.. I’m not your prey
What more is there to say

Hurt and Pain … it’s you I really don’t like!
I don’t care if you leap, run, drive or take flight!

Just go now and take a hike!

Many Blessings,

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