When You Are Ready!!

Today’s message talks about why we hold on to the people and things we hold on to and when we will be able to let go and move forward. Enjoy!

Many Blessings,

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There’s Magic to be Found

There is magic to be found every day. 

Some days it is really hard to see the magic that is there, but it is still there.
Some days we really have to work on shifting our view to see the good in that day.
Some days it is easy.
Some days it’s right there in front of us, waving hello.
Some days it is hidden beneath a whole bunch of crap.
Some days we really have to dig.
Some days it’s a surprise.
Some days we need it more than others.
Some days we forget that its always there.
Some days, no matter how hard we look, we just can’t see it.
Some days all we need to do is feel it.
Some days it guides us.
Some days we don’t have to search.
Some days it saves us.

The magic is there… it is always there. If you can’t see it… look again. If that doesn’t work… keep looking. Eventually you’ll see it and if not today, there is tomorrow. 

Many Blessings,

Today’s Feast

>From a Cherokee Feast of Days – Volume II

September 20th

Blues are not measles that run their course. They are leeches that hang on as long as there is a tear, a groan or a down attitude. But nothing is as subtle or determined to get you by the throat, and it is well worth the effort to get rid of them at first sign.

But how? Stop the mind from falling into uselessness that is a quagmire. When there seems to be no point to anything.. discouragement sets in. But it is an emotion that rocks the soul the way the wind shakes a boat. Let the weak say, “I am strong.” Speak to yourself in very certain terms that this is the end of blues and the beginning of colorful thoughts and delightful days. Then put your hands to work and give your mind a rest.

Many Blessings,