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  1. Can you help me understand what my dreams are about? I keeping dreaming that I need help but have a lot of trouble dialing 911. Sometimes the numbers are jumbled, other times they are floating around or blurry. Sometimes I manage to dial but no one answers or the person who answers tells me I need to dial a different number. Another theme is that I know secret passage ways through homes of friends or in commercial buildings. I usually love these places in my dreams and am excited to get to where the passage leads, but sometimes the secret way is just a means to get from one point to another. Any ideas would really be appreciated. (((hugs)))

    1. the dialing 911 is you feeling like you can’t get the help you need. Something holding you back from getting help.

      The secret passageways and the problem of them not really going anywhere is just that … you seem to be doing a lot but not really going anywhere .. you just keep ending up in the same old places.

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