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Surviving This Life & Surviving The Shift

The energy, the planetary alignments, the eclipses, the moon and life changes that are going on right now can be soooooooo overwhelming.  It is NOT the time to check out… life is just about to change from what it has always been to something amazing. The struggle is about to become a lot less of a struggle and the storm is nearly over. Change isn’t easy, and when so many on the same path are experiencing this all at once .. the energy is super intense and hard to manage. I promise you that you will survive as long as you just don’t give up. The life that is coming is well worth everything you are going through right now.

Many Blessings,

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Life’s Ups and Downs

Life brings us many ups and downs and all arounds… good moments and bad. My love for life remains strong. I choose what my life is like and I choose a happy, magical life filled with love. There will be more obstacles and hardships, but none of that matters … I already know that I have it within me to weather the storm. What matters are the moments of magic, love and happiness.. I’ll not let them slip past me again.. I am reaching out and taking hold of every moment life sends my way. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, we must live each day as though it were our last.

Many Blessings,