Your Own Spiritual Journey

In this video I speak about tracing back your own spiritual journey. I tell you why you should be doing this, how to do this and the wonderful gift that you will get from doing this.

Man Blessings,

Our Personal Journey

IMG_3602I once posted a simple statement, ” Don’t let the ideas of others get in the way of your own personal journey”.

This statement short and simple, but I feel many will have a deeper understanding to its truth than one might think.

Often in our journey we allow the ideas and thoughts of others interfere with our own quest. We allow those ideas to seep into our path and distract us from where we were going. We begin to question what we already knew to be our own truth. Those ideas get intertwined with ours and distort the vision we had for ourselves. It’s like a contamination. We must learn to hear the ideas of others without those ideas taking away from our journey forward and our purpose.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and the path that is true to you. It is okay to walk away from those things that don’t feel true to you and your path.

Many Blessings,

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Conquering Your Fear

A vision from one of my morning meditations: 

At some point, what seems to me now like it may have been in the middle of this mornings meditation, I found myself on a paved road, but the center of the road was flooded with water and had broken away.  The edges of the road were jagged and at first I stood there looking at it, knowing I needed to make it to the other side but how?

I examined the road and what parts were left that were still paved and I began walking on the edge to try and make it over to the other side. Suddenly water flowed over the side I was on and now there was no paved edging to walk on. If I was going to make it to the other side I would have to get wet. I would have to fully immerse myself into the water and through my own efforts make my way to the other side.

Water is a symbol of emotions. Good and bad (all emotions). So in this vision, you can see I have a path to follow but my emotions seem to have blocked my way. In fear of facing these emotions, I tried to navigate around them but Spirit took away that possibility, forcing me to make the choice of standing still and not moving forward, running the other way, or facing my fears and facing my emotions by pushing through them.

I stood on the edge of that pavement only for a moment before I realized what was needed. With a little hesitation and one big gulp of gumption.. I jumped right into the water and swam my way across. It turns out I was afraid of nothing. I did not drown, I did not even struggle .. I swam straight across with no trouble at all. When I got to the other side… crawled upon the pavement and looked back at where I had just come from…. I smiled and giggled just a little. What on Earth was I so worried about? I had let my fears stop me from moving forward. I allowed silly thoughts I made up in my own mind to be “Oh this can’t be good”… and I allowed my progress to be halted for a moment. It is true that we are our own worst enemies at times.  It is so easy to convince ourselves of just about anything. Be careful of what you allow yourself to believe. Trust yourself and your abilities. Know that you have it within you to make it through whatever life throws in your direction.

It is smart to think before you leap, just don’t let it stop you from moving forward.

Many Blessings,

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No Longer the Seeker

Today while grinding some of my stained glass for a project I’m working on a thought came to mind… My thoughts were of how I was feeling at that very moment and about where I am right now in my life. I reflected for a moment about where I’ve come from and of the road that has brought me to right now.

I pondered all the seeking that I have done along the road and then thought …
“hmmmmm … what is it that I seek now?”

I couldn’t think of a single thing. (Which surprised me!)

It’s not that I don’t have anything left to learn.. it’s more so that I have found ME!

I found my place in this life and my purpose.. I have found what fills me and I have found my own inner happiness.

No longer do I feel that limbo, unknowing of where my road leads and of who I am or suppose to be.

I still have no idea where my road will go.. I’m just not so worried about it anymore.  Some may say that just comes with age.. where ever it came from, I don’t care. I just know that I am finally at peace inside myself. I am no longer afraid of what if and what’s next and that not knowing of the days to come. I take each day as it is and as it comes. No longer stressing daily of “OMG.. I need to know every step.. every turn.. every obstacle that may or may not be coming!”.

Today I am happy in LIVING LIFE.. enjoying all moments large and small.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. that feels soooooooo good!


Many Blessings,

Winter Solstice – The Long Night’s Journey

This is a vision I had a couple of years ago on the night of the winter solstice… I share with you now my moment.

My whole life has been like the hunt like the wolf, searching for food. The food that we hunt is different only in the hunger that we each sought to feed. In my own search I have sought out various foods to feed the many different hungers of my soul… a hunger for wisdom, of learning, of growth, of love, of creativity, a hunger for spiritual fulfillment and the list goes on.

This the longest night of the year I would like to share with you my spiritual journey. In this journey I was accompanied by my long time spiritual companion, the white wolf.

The day began much colder than any other before it, the community was buzzing with activities, as everyone was preparing for the longest of the cold winter nights.

The elders gathered and I was stripped of all that I wear and bathed in a ritual bath to cleanse away all that was unneeded. I was induced into a restful, relaxed state by way of some sort of herbal drink and then wrapped in the pelt of a white wolf and placed in a shelter with a roaring fire at it’s center.

I lay next to the fire wrapped in this wonderous fur. I give thanks to the wolf that gave his life for the sake of my warmth this long and cold winter night. I struggle to keep my eyes open, the herbal concoction has set in and my body falls into a state of complete rest.

The fire before me glows and my eyes grow so heavy I can no longer keep them open.

I hear not a sound other than the beat of my own heart accompanied by that of my spirited protector, the great white wolf. Not a sound is heard, not the crackle of the fire, not the sounds of the night, no sound from any other soul. The night, silent and still.

Now that night has fallen, there is no scurrying about with chores and busy work, there is no worry or fright, there is no concern or sorrow.. there is only one thing and that thing is rest. Curled up by the fire in this fine coat of fur, I close my eyes and finally I rest.

Completely at ease, knowing I am watched over, I am filled with warmth and love and when I close my eyes, the dreams begin.

Visions of many, they come and they go ..

Secrets of old revealed…

Healing and growth show themselves…

The light from above now glowing from my center.. it fills me.

This night, the longest of the year…. Shall be forever cherished and never feared.

This was my long night’s journey … and the message I’d like to pass on is this:

There is much time in this life to be busy .. to gather.. to hunt ..

to prepare for many things.. you must remember that to be at your best and to keep your strengths at their height.. you must take time to rest .. completely let go and allow yourself time to rejuvenate….



Many Blessings,

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The Road We’re On

IMG_5029Uphill… downhill…. good… bad…. treacherous… smooth …. straight …. crooked …. no matter the condition of the road your on … it’s YOUR road.

You can focus on all the flaws, holes and obstacles or you can do the best with what you have… that’s entirely up to you.

What you do while on your road is also your own making … but beware.. what you do on your road stays on your road. So be careful not to add obstacles that don’t need to be there.

No two roads are alike.. similar they may be but never exactly the same… what worked for someone else may or may not work for you… so don’t try walking in someone elses footsteps expecting the same outcome… rarely does that ever work out.

No matter your road, walk it in peace with love and honor in your heart. You’ll feel much better as you make your way and be able to hold your head up and say … I did my best.
It doesn’t mean you did everything right .. but at least you tried.

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.

Many blessings,

These Pages

These are the pages of my life…

Turn them with ease, gentleness and care.
My soul, these pages do bare

This path is mine, not unlike yours
Full of many roads, hallways and doors.

Tears, laughter, sorrow and pain
Lessons learned again and again

Secrets whispered in the night
Wishes placed on the wings of butterflies in flight

These pages contain all that is me
Bound in leather, written for all to see

Scrapes and bruises, stitches and scars
Always dreaming beneath the stars

Creating for creation’s sake
Sitting with my love by the lake

Kisses and cuddles late at night
Seeing with second sight

Ghosts and spirits roaming about
Wondering what this life is all about

A smile.. a look
It’s all right here.. written on the pages of this book

Fairy tales that do come true..
Have a seat and let me tell you

My light, at times has nearly gone out
My head filled with so much self doubt

This life has had it’s highs and lows
But that light in me… still it glows

I’ll not give up on the dreams I dream
It’s never as easy as it may seem

Twists and turns, wear and tear
Let me tell you… I’ve been there!

It began with “Once upon a time…”
Just like in those old nursery rhymes

There will be no end…  you see
For my soul will continue on buzzing like a bee

So, I’ll see you in the here after
Living Happily ever after.


Many Blessings,

The Long and Winding Road

IMG_5029Remember that we are each born with everything we need to succeed.

Not saying it won’t be a battle… and certainly not saying it will be a smooth and easy road

The road to success lies before us and it’s a long, treacherous road with lots of hills and valleys, with loose rock and sink holes….

How we maneuver down that road makes all the difference….

We must keep our ultimate goal in mind and continue walking in that direction no matter what obstacles come before us.

We must not give up … the goal is there … we just have to keep walking toward it.

Know that you have what it takes to reach that goal and push forward! YOU WILL GET THERE!

Many Blessings,


Come …. look in my eyes… does it seem familiar?

That look is determination. You see I have a goal and I mean to reach that goal, no matter what it takes.. no matter how much it hurts .. no matter how tired I may be .. no matter what anyone else says, thinks or does… my plan is to stand face to face with my goal and look it straight in the eyes. It may not happen tomorrow, next week or next month… but IT WILL HAPPEN! As long as I tell myself daily that my goal is within reach and I walk in the direction of that goal, doing what needs to be done to reach it.. IT WILL BE MET!

So now I will keep pushing .. keep walking forward and with each day that I do what I need to do to reach my goal, I shall grow with excitment knowing that somewhere down my path … my goal and I will stand face to face .. side by side .. looking each other straight in the eye!

I will not quit .. I will not just sit and wait any longer. I have a goal and I intend on meeting it!


D E T E R M I N A T I O N … brought to you by another 8 miles on the bike!


Many Blessings,

Staying On Course!

Today I want to talk a little bit about some things I’ve been going through myself.

I have recently joined a gym and have been workingout each week in hopes to shed some weight and get fit.

First of all after working a 10 hour day with an added 1 hour or more commute each way … it’s a struggle just to get myself to the gym instead of going home and relaxing…. but I’ve been pretty good at getting there anyway.

Yesterday I went straight from work to the gym .. got myself on a bike and started peddling … 5 minutes goes by and I am ready to stop and go home.. I find myself talking my way through it .. saying to myself.. I think I can make it to 15 minutes then I’ll stop for today and go home… 12 minutes comes around and I am definately ready to call it quits at 15 minutes…  so then 15 minutes comes around and I think to myself.. ok 5 more minutes .. 20 minutes isn’t so bad .. so I am ok with quitting at 20 minutes .. 20 minutes comes around and I’m thinking oh how I want to quit but then I’m thinking I’ve got this far .. only 10 minutes left.. I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS!

That next 10 minutes I’m just feeling determined to finish it out and make it to the 30 minute mark.. I’m sore, tired and really ready to stop but I keep going .. I grab hold of that bike and finish the 30 minutes.

Whew! I did it! I made it all the way even though 5 minutes into it I was ready to give up and go home. Now proud that I made it through and that I didn’t quit but also exhausted! hahahahaha but a good exhausted 🙂

My message today is .. stay on the bike! You’ll feel so much better about your decisions and you’ll be that much closer to your goal.

No goal was ever met by giving up.

Many Blessings,

Hitting the Wall

Most of us have been there at some point in our lives ..

No matter what it is we are facing …. somewhere down the line is that wall.

Sometimes it comes up and we are able to maneuver around it .. other times it’s merely a speed bump on our path.. and other times it is a solid wall that we hit full force.. straight on … and it stops us dead in our tracks.

The question of the day is: How do we get past that wall once it has stopped us in our tracks?

I won’t pretend it’s any easy feat … words are easy .. it’s easy to talk about what we can do and how we should feel about that wall and ideas of how we overcome that wall … but the act of actually doing it is a whole other story.

Depending on where we are in our life and what else is going on in our life and a list of many other factors play a part in how and if we make it past that wall.

The point of today’s post is to simply let you know you are not alone. So many of us have had to face that wall. Don’t beat yourself up if.. for now.. you can’t make it past that wall.

Take your time.. maybe it’s not meant for you to get past it .. maybe you need to do some reflecting on why that wall is there.. maybe this.. maybe that … just don’t beat yourself up over it.

Life is hard enough as it is… that wall doesn’t help .. obsessing over it make it even worse… just know that you are not alone when it comes to meeting that wall… many have been there and many will find themselves there at some point.

Many Blessings,

Which Way Are You Headed?

I started out with no clue what to post for today’s wisdom … and then a thought hit me… WHAM!

So here we go!

hawkWhich way are you headed?

Are you walking toward your dreams.. or are you just sitting on the side of the road waiting for your dreams to come hopping along?

I don’t need to tell you that sitting on the side of the road waiting for things to happen isn’t the way to get to your destination… because you already know this… but maybe what you didn’t realize is that you were sitting on the side of the road…. maybe you thought you were moving toward your dreams…

Step back and take a good look at the path you are on and what you are doing as you walk forward …

Do your actions show progress toward your dreams?

Are you moving too fast? too slow? jumping around? dodging the obvious? walking in fear?

Can you do more?

Can you step it up a notch?

Are you giving it your all?

Are you doing your best or could you really do a little bit more?

Life will never be our idea of “perfect” there will always be things missing or out of order from how we perceive that they “should” be … but at the end of the day .. if you have given it your best … and know that without doubt that you have done all that you can do … YOU WILL FIND HAPPINESS. Having part of a dream is far better than having nothing at all.

Walk in the direction of your dreams … Believe in yourself … And be the best that YOU can be.. whatever that best is ..

Many Blessings,

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Are We There Yet?

fb cover 2When it comes to that moment of Spiritual enlightenment … that moment we find ourselves atop the mountain … that place we have been searching for our whole lives … that place we believe to be at the end of our path … it’s not about that moment at the top … it’s about our journey getting there.

It’s how we walked the path on the way… how we carried ourselves… the lives we touched… and the changes we made in ourselves.

It’s not a race … and not a competition.. it’s not about being better than anyone else .. it’s about your own growth.

On the way to that mountain top… what did you learn?

How have you changed?

When you look out at the view and see the path you walked… what do you see? How do you feel?

Was it a good life?

Food for thought….

Many Blessings,

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Left Behind From Our Journey

IMG_4172-22This morning the thought came to mind about our footprints … or more so the footprints we leave behind us as we journey through life.

Take some time now to look back at the footprints you have already left and think on how you would like to leave your future footprints.

This is not about correcting wrongs or even correcting past mistakes.. it’s about growing and becoming our own personal best.

It’s about being responsible in our actions and in all ways that we live.

Many Blessings,

When in Doubt

When one is in doubt of what their next move is along their path .. ask… and then open yourself up to hear the answers that are being given…

All you have to do is ask.. and the answers will come.. but you must quiet your mind.. quiet your worries, quiet your fears, quiet your stress, quiet all that occupies the mind.. like a whisper upon the wind you will hear the answer spoken … but you must be open to whatever message comes … Spirit will not guide you wrong … and this you must trust …

Many Blessings,