Weekly Forecast for June 29 – July 4th

Here’s what’s happening this week! Full moon right in the middle of our week lets us relax Monday and Tuesday while the Moon is working on getting it’s full shine on !! After the Full moon Surprises are coming your way. All positive things some big and some small. Also a reminder from Spirit to enjoy each moment as it comes and stop worrying so much about what’s coming that you miss out on life right here – right now.

Many Blessings,

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Don’t Give Up

Life is hard and sometimes we feel like we just want to quit.. just check out so that we don’t have to deal with all these life lessons and obstacles that keep getting thrown at us. There are good things in life… things worth fighting for, things worth staying for. Don’t give up on life, on yourself and don’t give up the fight… when better times come around, you want to be able to enjoy them. Don’t give up. Better days are just around the corner.

Many Blessings,

Fighting with Yourself

We all do this.. we all fight that inner knowing inside ourselves. We argue with what we already know. We allow doubt and fear to build in our minds and second guess ourselves and when we do that we make foolish decisions. We mess our own lives up because of a self planted fear or doubt. Why are we so afraid to trust ourselves?? Let’s make a new pact this year and stopping fighting with what we already know.

Many Blessings,

Fuss and Fret

No need to fuss and fret
No need of worry and regret

What is …. will be
What was is now gone

Let pain and sorrow be strangers from your past
Remember it’s just temporary … it won’t long last

Find that place deep inside
Where love and light do reside

Find the peace within and let it flow
Now, doesn’t that feel better … letting it all go

No need to busy yourself or rush around
Simply plant yourself firmly in the ground

Now breath deeply .. in and out
Ease your mind of all self doubt

Harness your own power
Let it wash over you like an April shower

Know and trust in you
All your dreams have the possibility to come true.

It begins with just one word that I’ll now say
Then, I’ll flap my wings and fly away.


Many Blessings,

When worry occupies the mind …

>When worry occupies the mind … be sure and cast away those mindful troubles before going to bed.Step outside and cast your worries away for the night so that you can get a peaceful nights sleep.

Worry through the night can cause illness, headaches and along night of tossing and turning

There are many way to let go of those worries.. or should say many techniques..A few are: Before bed write them down and burn the paper before going to bed… Designate a worry stone.. at night before bed .. place your worries on the stone and place it outside on the ground so that the Earth can take those worries away

Prayer always helps. Cast your worries to the heavens before bed

A shower or bath before bed is helpful to wash away the worries and also good at helping you relax …

These are just a few ways to help release worries from your mind before bed…

Many Blessings and Sweet Dreams,

When in Doubt

When one is in doubt of what their next move is along their path .. ask… and then open yourself up to hear the answers that are being given…

All you have to do is ask.. and the answers will come.. but you must quiet your mind.. quiet your worries, quiet your fears, quiet your stress, quiet all that occupies the mind.. like a whisper upon the wind you will hear the answer spoken … but you must be open to whatever message comes … Spirit will not guide you wrong … and this you must trust …

Many Blessings,