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Say Hello to Your New Awareness

Are your eyes open? Is there something you are blind to? Is there something you just aren’t seeing? Today I bring you an awareness of your own new awareness!!! LOL… YOU ARE AWAKE! You are not the same person you use to be… you are now seeing, hearing sensing and living in a whole new way.

Many Blessings,

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Finding Your Own Spiritual Truth

Spirit urges me to talk about our individual paths and the spiritual truth that is within each of us. I talk about spirit guides, animal totems and spirits as well as past life experiences. TRUST your own truth when it comes to these matters…. seeking out others to direction and guidance is great but when it comes down to what calls, resonates and speaks to you… TRUST your own knowing.

Past Life Regression Meditation
Animal Totems

Many Blessings,

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Spirit Asks – Who Are You?

This time Spirit asks YOU a question: Who are you?  Spirit asks that you go deep within and explore the many aspects of yourself. What excites you, what calls to you, what makes you feel full, what guides you, what scares you, what pushes you away????

Many Blessings,

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Being in Tune with Yourself & the Universe

Oh boy.. what a hard lesson it is to trust your own intuition. When we fight against our own inner knowing, we complicate our lives and make our journey so much harder than it needs to be. In this video I explain and give you a funny example. Learn to TRUST YOURSELF!

Many Blessings,

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I am having one of those moments….

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You know that moment when you want to write something deep and profound that will move others… to relay how you feel inside and there are just so many words that come to you that you can’t seem to get them in the right order???

I am having one of those moments….

I sit here taking a look back into my memory banks and browse upon all the most memorable moments of my life. I see all the good times and all the bad. I look over them carefully and pause for reflection. I search through my feelings about these moments and I realize quickly that the MOST important moments were the ones filled with love. All of the bad moments, important as well but for different reasons. The bad moments in life were times of growth and lessons to be learned. Those moments showed me the strength inside, they showed me how I have abilities greater than I thought possible. I am grateful for those moments but the moments that fill me with light are the moments that were made with love.

The moments in life where love is present are indeed for me the MOST important. The moments I want to reflect on most. Those are the moments when our spirit soar with the greatest power. When love is in our hearts, we become unstoppable, there are no mountains too tall to climb, no rivers too rapid to cross, no oceans to vast to overcome and no obstacle that is too difficult to stand in our way. When you meet someone who is filled with love you can’t help but feel it, absorb some of it yourself and then pass it on to others. Love is truly limitless. It fuels the light within us to levels unimaginable but definitely attainable. The more you are filled with love the more you feel capable of doing and becoming. The light within grows brighter and brighter with every moment that you are filled with love.

Think about the moments in your life that are the most memorable. You will find the bad days and the strength that they unveiled and you will see the growth that those days created. You will then move on to the good days and how much love was felt on those days. You will see that those were days where moments were laced together with true love. Those were the days where your smile was the brightest, your heart filled to the brim and nothing could possibly get in your way of experiencing what we all wish to attain… HAPPINESS in it’s purest form. LOVE.

Today, I am filled with endless LOVE!

Many Blessings,

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Trusting Your Inner Knowing

When faced with options and feeling like you are being pulled in many directions… Learn to trust your inner knowing. Your heart and soul already know what to do and where to go.. you just have to learn to listen to it much more carefully. In this video I give an exercise to help you figure which option your Spirit chooses.

Many Blessings,

Fighting with Yourself

We all do this.. we all fight that inner knowing inside ourselves. We argue with what we already know. We allow doubt and fear to build in our minds and second guess ourselves and when we do that we make foolish decisions. We mess our own lives up because of a self planted fear or doubt. Why are we so afraid to trust ourselves?? Let’s make a new pact this year and stopping fighting with what we already know.

Many Blessings,

Feel the Shift…

IMG_8802There are many shifts that will happen in our lives. Some shifts come and go without hardly a notice and others rock our world in such a way that great change is experienced and acknowledged. We are constantly moving into different phases of being and of knowing. As our lives progress, we can’t help but to change.

When a new shift of being draws near, you can feel it. It resonates within you to the very core of your being. Your soul knows it’s coming, your mind, however may want to try and dismiss this shift coming for what could be a wide array of reasons. The shift is necessary for your own personal growth. Find ways to ground yourself and hold steady as the transition takes place. When you begin fighting with the inevitable, it only creates chaos. Stay flexible and allow the shift to take place. Once through the shift you will find yourself in a better place. Mentally, emotionally, physically …. all together better.

Looking back, you’ll wonder why you ever stressed over the change to begin with and wonder why you fought it and why you didn’t allow it to take place sooner.

The key is listening to your own intuition, that inner knowing that lives inside you will let you know when these shifts are coming. Listen and trust!

Many Blessings,

The Struggle with Our Own Knowing

IMG_2794This morning a friend asked me how to explain to others how being in awareness of your own abilities can bring you into a better place. Even though we all have abilities, most like to stay in their safe place so that they don’t feel vulnerable.

My Response: Most people are afraid to question what they were always taught to believe … so they fight with themselves, second guessing what they feel inside to be true. Your soul already knows where you are going and what you should do, but most people fight with their own souls because they were taught something else.

Don’t get too caught up in meanings other people, websites or books give you, you can listen to them, take them in and make note but don’t let that be what guides you. You have to always listen to your own inner knowing… your own soul.

 The more we trust, the more our lives will come together in a much more peaceful way.
I’m not saying we won’t have battles because we will. We will battle, we will struggle and we will survive.. time and time again… that’s all a part of living and if you have never been through a storm how can you help guide another as they go through their own.

Many Blessings,

Our Inner Instincts

crow 2This morning as I was driving to work I was thinking about one of the Olympic ads about a cross country skier I had seen last night. While I was watching the commercial, it made me think back to when I had that kind of determination as a child. I had found an old pair of roller skates at my Grandmother’s house, they were way to big at the time but I put them on anyway and began teaching myself how to skate in her living room. I can’t tell you how many times I fell down and got back up. The thing that stuck with me was how determined I was to stay upright on those skates and to be able to use them without having to hold onto things. I remember doing this for days and days, for hours at a time until I finally found myself skating without any trouble at all.

My mind then went to how fearless I once was. The road I lived on as a child was a steep hill with a level part right where my house was and then back to a steep hill again. I would skate up to the top of the hill and without consideration of traffic (thankfully back then there wasn’t much) I would then skate down the hill. I wish I knew how fast I was going.

At this point you are probably wondering what all this has to do with instinct, well I’m getting to that. The instinct comes from how I skated down that steep hill. Without anyone showing me how to do it, without seeing anyone else ever do it, somehow I just knew the best way to skate down the hill. By some magical inner knowing once I got to the top of the hill, I would squat down low as I made my way down the first steep section of the road, once the road started leveling out I would stand up and then as I approached the next steep section I would squat down again and ready myself to skate into an empty lot across the street from my house. Just before turning my body to glide into the empty lot I pushed one foot forward to keep me balanced as I transitioned from pavement to the grassy lot. This kept me balanced and shifted my weight to the back so that I wouldn’t go head over heels into the grass on my face. No one ever told me this and no one ever showed me and I had never seen it done. Something inside me just automatically knew what to do and what might happen if I didn’t do this. As a kid I never gave any thought to it. All I knew is how much fun it was to coast down that hill at full speed ahead.

Determination taught me how to skate, instinct kept me from killing myself.

When we stop over-thinking, when we let go and trust our inner knowing, when we let go of our fears… we find the tools to do anything we wish to accomplish.

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – YOU DESERVE IT!

reading 3-13-13

Son of Earth  – It’s ok to be proud of yourself for your accomplishments … the size of the endeavor doesn’t matter. It’s time to appreciate yourself and the work you have done, the miles you have walked, the storms you have weathered, the harvests that you have gathered, and the seeds that you have planted and tended.

Six of Air – Clarity  – The more you understand and know yourself … the clearer your insights. Get to know your own inner truths. When the battle inside you stops, harmony and wisdom prevail. Knowing yourself gives you inner peace, security and trust.

Five of Earth – Insecurity – Stop abusing yourself! Look at yourself with love and understanding… there is no need to be so harsh with yourself. Where does this negative thinking come from? It’s not needed in your life. Thinking poorly of yourself slows your growth and holds you in a miserable loop of negativity. Stop it! Your are worth love and kindness. Treat yourself how you treat others. Stop beating yourself up. Inject positive thinking into yourself and allow yourself some happiness…. some love and kindness. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Many Blessings,

Day Dream Journal

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Here’s a new twist on the old fashioned journal. We have our every day journals… and then we have dream journals… how about a Day Dream Journal??

This is a journal that would log in all thoughts random thoughts and visions that come to you throughout your day. This isn’t a standard log of your daily activities.. this is more of a log to keep track and look back on previous messages, thoughts, visions, etc that seem to randomly come into mind through your day.

Why do this? This is a great tool for those who often doubt their instincts and those first thoughts about this or that. Use this journal to write down those gut feelings, those random messages that sneak into our minds, those visions of something unexpected. Later, you will be able to look back and see what came true, what didn’t…. you’ll see when you were spot on and when maybe you were on the right track but slightly off.

This journal is meant to help you begin trusting yourself and the inner knowing that you are always second guessing 🙂  It’s also a great way to become more aware of your thoughts and processes.

If you start keeping a Day Dream Journal.. let me know how it works for you .. I’d love to hear your stories!

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – Trusting Yourself

Trusting Yourself…. yeah … ok … this one is a HARD one!

I’m not sure about everyone else… but I was taught to question everything and that included myself. No one ever said to me that I shouldn’t trust myself but no one ever said I should either.

Looking back at my life so far.. I wish that I had someone to teach me to trust myself and my innermost feelings. Soooooooooooooo many things could have been avoided, had I gone with my instincts instead of questioning what I already knew and felt.

I cannot tell you exactly how to begin finding your own self trust… all I can say is that once you start believing in your own abilities and trusting your inner knowing.. life will start to come together as it has never done before. We all must find our own way down our individual path in life… my goal here is to be a flashlight in the night to help you see what is in front of you when all seems to be cloaked in the darkness of getting by.

I am here to tell you that it is well worth the efforts to stop doubting yourself, your abilities and your own knowing. I can tell you that when I have followed my instincts, I have found a much happier, healthy and enlightening trail along my path. The rewards are far more than just being right… the rewards go much deeper. Choosing to trust your intuition and following that knowledge, fills you with something that I cannot describe.. I only wish that you too will be able to experience the same.

Start out with small steps and pay attention to that stirring inside you that whispers.. turn this way … follow this road… stop… do this.. do that… or that whisper that tells you .. run … go the other way…. don’t travel that particular path. Whatever that whisper is inside you .. listen to it and trust it. The more you begin doing this.. the more you will start trusting and understanding who you are and where you belong and where you are going.

Many Blessings,

Our Inner Medicine Man

Shuffling my cards this morning to see what message Spirit brings and straight away the medicine man card flew right out of my hands. A sure sign that we need to pay extra attention to the message this card brings us.

Ahhhhhhhhh yes… this message is very clear. You are already what you seek. Step away from “Wanting to Become” and dance in the reality of “What Is”.

This is something we all struggle at different points in our lives. We over think situations, over think our own thinking, over think our own knowing and our instincts… we over think everything . If we can find that place in ourselves where we can just allow things to be as they are and trust what we already know, feel and believe .. that’s where the magic happens.

We are already who we are suppose to be and we already have the gifts we wish to have… we just have to stop fighting with ourselves to allow ourselves to be just that and to use and trust those gifts that are already inside us.

So the message today is: There is a Medicine man in every one of us.. we just have to trust that knowledge and allow it to be so.

Many Blessings,


A Whisper of Something New

You know that feeling you get when your life is about to change? That feeling that stirs deep inside that whispers of moments to come? That moment that sneaks upon you in the silence of an ordinary day, that lets you know that more is on it’s way? There is a knowing as well as an unknowing. You know something new is coming into your life but just exactly what it is… is still unknown. You begin to wonder what this something new is. Will it be a new job, a new home, a new project or maybe a new aspect of yourself. Just what it is maybe unknown but there is a deep knowing that whatever it is … it’s becoming. Oh the mystery that surrounds us in our daily growing.

Many Blessings for a Beautiful Day,


Finding Trust

Finding Trust in yourself…. finding it in others is a whole other topic!

The question of the day is: How do you know when you can trust that little voice in your head?

This is a hard one to answer, but I will do my best to help you along.

I can only speak from personal experiences, so please keep this in mind as you continue to read.

For years I would push that little voice of knowing in my head away  for fear of “what if I’m wrong”. Time and time again I would ignore the voice and go another way with whatever it was before me. Time and time again I realized that I should have listened to that little voice.  I’m sure many of you are nodding your head and can relate. If only we could go back and actually go with that first thought.. that gut instinct. If only we could have trusted what we already seemed to know.

I’m not sure when I finally started trusting that voice. I just know that once I did .. everything started to fall into place a lot more often. As I continued trusting that inner knowing, my trust for following that voice grew and grew. It wasn’t something that just happened over night and from time to time I still find myself thinking “what if I’m wrong”, but that is far less these days then in times past.

I remember distinctly a particular time in my life when chaos was all around me. I was having a migraine that had at that point lasted for more than 3 days.  I was desperate for relief. I remember sitting at my desk at home, with my head in my hands asking for help from the universe. Suddenly I had this urge to take a piece of amethyst I had laying on the book shelf behind me … go up to bed and go to sleep. The likely hood of me falling to sleep with this headache wasn’t very good, but I did it anyway. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose. I actually fell asleep and fell asleep quickly. I woke up with the amethyst still in my hand and no headache at all. I was a bit startled by it all and in disbelief. I ran straight down to my computer to look up the properties of amethyst. The first thing listed on the site I first clicked was headache relief. OMG! How did I know to do that? It was the craziest thing ever that I knew without knowing I knew.

When situations came up after that one that were similar.. I would just go with that instinct and do what I was being urged to do. I would always look up the info after the fact and find that I was right in doing whatever it was at that time. This is when I started trusting myself more and more. The more things that came into my life and the more that I went with my instinct … the more that I trusted my own inner knowledge.

I won’t say that the struggle was suddenly gone… but having the courage to just take that leap of faith in yourself was the key.

If anyone is worth taking a leap of faith for.. let that someone be you. Trust yourself. You are worth it!

Many Blessing,



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True Vision

Have you ever had a dream or a vision or even a thought or feeling and it turn out to be true?

I bet you have.. many of us have at some point in time.

My question for you is this:

When that dream, vision, feeling or thought turned out to be true … how did it make you feel? And why after it passed did you not continue believing in yourself?

Did you dismiss it as coincidence?

Did you flick it away as if nothing more than wishful thinking that just happened to be right?

Why not believe in yourself and your own inner knowing?

Don’t be afraid to follow your insticts and that inner knowing that stirs inside us all.

Take a moment to think back over all of the years you have lived so far… think of the moments when you felt something about a situation, person or moment and whether or not you listened to that inner knowing or not and then how you felt when it turned outto be true. Oh and lets not forget thos popular words we all mutter to ourselves “I should have known” or “I knew it!”  or “I should have listened to myself” or “why did I doubt myself”.

Think about all those moments and then answer my original question: Why not believe in yourself and your own inner knowing?

Many Blessings,

If your soul wants to….

If your soul wants to sing … Let it sing
If your soul wants to dance … Let it dance
If your soul wants to cry… Let it cry
If your soul wants to dare… Let it dare
If your soul wants to laugh – Let it laugh
If your soul wants to hide.. Let it hide
If your soul wants to praise .. Let it praise
If you soul wants to complain.. Let it complain
If your soul wants to love… Let it love.
If your soul wants to be.. Let it be

 To often that we push ourselves into doing or acting in a way that is not good for us. Somewhere down the line we will find ourselves saying .. “I should have” “I could have” “Why didn’t I”.

 We will hold on to the things that need to fall away from our lives, hoping to keep whatever “normal” we think we should have in tact. We’ll hold onto relationships (friends, family  and lovers) longer than we should for fear of hurting someone else’s feelings. We’ll hold onto bad habits for fear of change.
We stop nature from taking its course so often that we damage not only our own lives but all those involved and then we sit and ask that every so popular
question.. “Why?”.

 Well because we did it to ourselves. We held on when everything inside of us said “LET GO!”. We need not worry about what we have already done and focus more on this moment forward. The past is done, there is no changing it. However, we are able to shape the future.

 We need to learn how to listen to our inner knowing, pay  attention to our surroundings and when the universe sends us a gigantic sign to
say STOP..RUN..GO THE OTHER WAY!! then we should listen and do that very thing!

 Don’t be afraid of what you can become.

 All of our lives we have heard others says things like: “If I was younger..” “If I knew then what I know now…” “The youth holds the world in their

 We hold our own world in our hands. WE have unlimited possibilities. It is not wasted on the young, it is wasted on those who do not believe in

 It’s time we are start believing!

Many Blessings,

Change, Trust and Fear

Change, Trust & Fear

Change is something that must happen all the time. Change doesn’t have to be scary and it doesn’t have to be drastic. Small changes are occuring within and around us every day.

Changing your surroundings for instance, doesn’t always mean a change in location. There are many things in your life you could change if you think about it. Maybe it’s the way you interact with people or a certain person. Maybe it’s routine things you do that can or need to be changed. It really could be anything in your life, it doesn’t mean you have to physically move or change locations.

Maybe there are things you would like to do or say but those things are outside your
comfort zone. Keep in mind the golden rule “harm none” including yourself and then give some of these things outside your comfort zone a try. By doing that,  you will definately shake things up a bit … even if it is just within yourself.

Another rule to keep in mind “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”.

Trust is a hard one. I for one, know how hard it is to trust not only others but most importantly… yourself. The question comes to mind of how do you know the difference between instinct/gut feelings and fear? For instance.. say a choice in your life appears… how does one know if you are leaning toward or away from that choice because of instinct or because of your own fears?

From my own experiences, I have found that my true gut feelings/inner knowing doesn’t cause fear. They don’t make me nervous or hesitate. Instead I am filled more with a knowing, a confidence and a positive outlook. Only when my fears come into play do I begin to second guess myself and question my true inner guidance.

Examine how you feel about all the many things in your life as you plan ahead.  When that little voice whispers in your ear… “Oh no you can’t do that” but everything inside you feels so right and it feels as though you were going against your inner knowing  by not doing it ….. then I’d say that “Oh you can’t do that” voice came from your fears.

If the voice says “Don’t do that” and with that voice you feel a sense of knowing it was indeed the wrong thing to do… then thats the voice you should be listening to.

See the difference?

Many Blessings,

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams