message from spirit

Messages from the Other Side

Spirit sends me loads of random messages. Today, I am playing the part of the messenger big time! Have a listen to see if there is a message in there for you!  From rainbows and butterflies to velvet roses, holding hands, crazy phases like “Go fly a kite”, something being left on a pillow, something about digging, horseshoes and more.

Many Blessings,


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Spirit Message for the Week Ahead June 8 – 13

It’s time to stop looking over that plan of yours.. time to stop letting excuses, worries and fear get in your way and it’s time to get up and put action behind those plans. It’s time to create the next phase of your life. The planets are lined up in favor of you accomplishing your dreams. YOU have to get up and start moving in the direction of those dreams. YOU have to start making the needed changes to make them happen. Ready… Set.. GO!

Many Blessings,

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Spiritually Speaking…

IMG_3964This blog post isn’t anything at all to do with anyone’s Spirituality, the spiritually speaking I’m talking about today has to do with your own communication with Spirit.

I know many out there struggle with trusting when their messages come from Spirit or is it what they wish it to be. They are afraid of making the wrong choices, they allow their fears to get in the way… blocking the communication between themselves and Spirit.

So how do you know when the thoughts that pop into your head or those feelings that come over are from Spirit or just your imagination?

I’m not quite sure how to answer this, all I can do is tell you what I do. When feelings or messages come to me I deliver them. I send them out into the world to land where they are needed. It took me years to trust myself enough to do this. It started with baby steps. I would only send out what I felt were smaller messages and messages that could very well be for anyone. As I started this journey and began actually voicing these messages I found that more and more messages came. I found myself delivering more and more of these messages. I found myself also receiving more personal messages for me alone. The more I did  and the more I trusted the more came to me and still today I sometimes struggle with “Oh no what if I’m wrong” but most of the time I suck it up, take a deep breath and let the message be heard. I am always amazed when the message is spot on… and once it’s delivered and I get feedback with a “thank you” or “I really needed that” or “that helped me so much” … this encourages me and fills me with the trust I need to continue delivering messages to those that need it.

Take baby steps and trust that feeling inside you.

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – Holding It All In

ace of waterSo often we find ourselves holding back our emotions. We keep locked inside ourselves, our truest feelings… leaving them unsaid. We must find a way to let go of the fear of what others will say, how they will react or what they will think and let our true selves be known.

It does us no good to hold all of that inside. Find a way and let it go.

Not an easy task and something I’m sure we will have to remind ourselves to do every day .. but in the end I feel that everyone will be much happier.

Many Blessings,

A Whisper of Something New

You know that feeling you get when your life is about to change? That feeling that stirs deep inside that whispers of moments to come? That moment that sneaks upon you in the silence of an ordinary day, that lets you know that more is on it’s way? There is a knowing as well as an unknowing. You know something new is coming into your life but just exactly what it is… is still unknown. You begin to wonder what this something new is. Will it be a new job, a new home, a new project or maybe a new aspect of yourself. Just what it is maybe unknown but there is a deep knowing that whatever it is … it’s becoming. Oh the mystery that surrounds us in our daily growing.

Many Blessings for a Beautiful Day,


Daily Insight – May 10th

And out from the deck these 3 cards flew….

Son of Earth: Enjoy the fruits of your labor, give yourself a good pat on the back for a job well done. Be proud of your accomplishments.. large and small… physical and spiritual.

Fear:  First off be aware that you are NOT your fear. We all carry fear around with us in one form or another. We must take a look at the larger picture of our fears and put them in their place. See through your fears completely and they dissolve on their own.

Insight: With inner balance you can now act decisively. Confidently make decisions on thoughts you have had for a long time. Clarity enables you to throw away the bad and useless and make good of the useful and needed things in your life.

Many Blessings,

Messages from Spirit

I have been feeling all day the draw to post something but for the life of me couldn’t figure out what it was. So I sat here in from of my pc trying to figure out exactly what it is I’m being urged to post and then it happens! So many messages .. quick and sparatic and I realize .. oh ok.. I get it .. it’s that time again for me to be the messenger and send out a few notes.. not just to one but to many. Soooooooooooo… here we go… ENJOY!

Message 1. The pain WILL go away…. it may feel like this is permanent but it’s not .. by Spring the pain will miraculously dissappear.

Message 2. NEVER ever be afraid of the dark. We must have both light and dark for balance. The light shows us how dark it can get when it’s gone and the dark shows us how bright the light can truly be. Fear neither. It is what is inside us that matters .. nothing more.

Message 3. Gardening is the answer. You’ve been wanting to get to know nature better .. you”ve been aching to be out in the midst of nature. Get ready for Spring is coming and it will be early this year.. plan your garden now and get yourself out there and plant. You will become to know the healing forces of the Earth so myuch better by digging in and getting your hands a little dirty.

Message 4. Love is coming.. your wait will be over soon.. just know that you’ll not be finding it in an expected place.. totally unexpected and it will be one of those ah ha moments when you realize what and who it is. You already know I’m talking about you just by reading this the hair stands on end and chill bumbs show themselves 🙂 .

Message 5. Your intuition is spot on and so are your dreams. Don’t doubt or second guess yourself .. it’s time you start trusting in your own abilities.  There truly is no need to seek others for answers that you already have inside yourself. Oh and stop beating yourself up.

Message 6. The answers are clearly in front of you every single day. You simply have a choice to acknowledge those answers or to continue turning a blind eye to what you already know is there.

Message 7.  The house you’ve been looking at is trash.. I’m sorry but I wanted to type something else but TRASH is the word that came to me very clear and strong… something is very wrong with this house that cannot be seen but you sense it .. walk away now.. this will be a money pit.


Many Blessings and good luck on your journies,

The Floor is Yours…

Ok I’m getting this strong feeling from someone out there that is looking for a message.. a sign or something from spirit … what is it that you are looking for???? The gates are open so ask away!

I’m not saying I have the answers you seek.. but Spirit is urging me to post this allowing you to ask your questions … so now the floor is open to you.

Many Blessings,

Message from Spirit 9-23-2011

The following message may or may not make sense to those who are reading the words to follow.. but know that you are reading this post for a reason.

Message from Spirit:

Words that have been spoken/written fell upon unready ears/eyes …..

Those who speak/write will speak/write again…
Those seeking will listen/review/read with ready ears/eyes.


It is time…

How do you know which you are? YOU KNOW.
It is within you and you are already what you have always felt you would be.

Allow life to flow through you .. both the speaker/writer and the listener/reader. Allow it.

You are ready. Don’t doubt yourself or question it. TRUST and DO.


Many Blessings,


Being the Messenger

>Let me answer the questions that have been wandering through your head..
How is it I come up with the things I have said?

How do you see what you see?
With the inner eyes that Spirit has given me.

How do you hear what can’t be heard?
I quiet the noise and say not a word.

How does Spirit sound?
Like the wind, the rain, the sun, the moon and the ground.

How do you know these things are true?
I have faith, the question is, why don’t you?

What’s the key to help me see more?
Our mind is like a hallway of many doors…

No locks, even though closed they may be
Just reach out and turn the knob – that’s the key!

Open them wide and release your fear
Soon, you’ll see and even hear

Empty your heart of all anger and distrust
To walk this way, it is a must!

Let go, stop trying to control

Let yourself be guided, taken by the hand
Soon you’ll be floating with Spirit across the land

Visions will fill the eyes you didn’t know were there
It’s not a secret… everyone has two pair!

Forget what you thought you knew
Just let it come to you.

And now with a smile and a wink, you know what to do
Blessings for the beginning of a whole new view!

Many Blessings,

Messages From Spirit

>As always when I make these type posts .. I have a few messages from Spirit .. not sure who they are for … all I can do relay the message given to me and have faith that they will reach their intended target.


Watch where you are walking … be careful of the steps you take right now… there could be some hidden obstacles.


You are looking in the wrong place… what you seek is not outside of you …

You already know this.. so stop looking outside


It feels like there is something you are suppose to be doing… because you are …. what are you waiting for.. take the bull by the horns and get busy..


It doesn’t matter if anyone else cares about what you are doing or why … it only matters that you care … stop questioning your reason and just do it anyway. You are on the right path.


You have been given the signs… you hear the voice telling you what to do … so stop ignoring it!!!!!


Yellow… paint it yellow


Look up the properties of the image you see and you will understand


its in the song you sing


if you don’t care … who will? Stop pretending you don’t


Many Blessings,

Spirit is Speaking…..

>I feel Spirit speaking to me today and so I have to relay the message/messages…


BE YOURSELF!!!!! Not sure who this is for but Spirit is screaming as though this person is having a difficult time just relaxing and maybe even being comfortable and open with their own self.. BE YOU … Stop worrying about what others will think … You will never find happiness hiding who you are .. don’t be afraid .. just relax and allow yourself to BE YOU.


I can’t let go of this issue I’m picking up with someone and a garden … I really don’t know what the message is but I keep seeing the garden and the feeling I get is frustration… or something similar ….. and even some sort of sadness or disappointment


Hold the bar… again no clue what that is suppose to mean … I just get “Hold the bar”


If you need help.. ask for it … don’t trouble yourself or worry yourself to the point of making yourself sick when you are in need of help from someone else … seek out the help and your troubles will fade away .. the problem will be resolved… you just have to stop worrying about it and ask for the help.


Those wings … yes … you know the ones I’m talking about .. those are indeed the wings of angels.


The door is open… you just have to step through it now. Don’t let your fears stop you from walking forward.


Why do you question so much what is put in front of you? When Spirit speaks.. listen .. don’t question. The signs have been put before you again and again .. stop convincing yourself that you are wrong and that they are not what you feel they are… TRUST


The dog is barking so much because he is trying to warn someone ….. once you understand the warning .. the dog will stop barking


Do you have your ducks in a row?


The first draft is done.. there will be a few more so don’t get frustrated … it will all come together when the time is right … just don’t give up … you are on the right path .. going in the right direction.


I hope these messages make sense to those who needed to see them today

Many Blessings,

Message From Spirit

Today Spirit guides me to ask this one question…

The steps you are taking …. are they taking you down the path that is yours or someone elses?

Do we follow our own hearts and dreams or do we follow that of others? …

We cannot make everyone happy but we can do what is needed to make ourselves happy …

By trying to live your life by the terms of another we do not live for ourselves and in the end neither will be happy..

For they will find that they were the only ones who could fulfill their own happiness and the same is said for each of us.

Many Blessings,