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Spiritual Guidance for May 30 – June 5

Our last couple of days of Magical May going straight into Juicy June! This week is about transitioning into a new life and new way of being and experiencing life. Spirit also shows me that this new life we are creating is filled with creativity. This new way of being will look nothing like any life we ever imagined. It’s  a week filled with positivity and inspiration.

Many Blessings,

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Feeling Inspired

Inspirational thought is the theme of the day! You are inspired and you inspire others. You become flooded with inspiration for your new life. Be sure to write them down so that you can implement them in the coming weeks.

Many Blessings,

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I am having one of those moments….

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You know that moment when you want to write something deep and profound that will move others… to relay how you feel inside and there are just so many words that come to you that you can’t seem to get them in the right order???

I am having one of those moments….

I sit here taking a look back into my memory banks and browse upon all the most memorable moments of my life. I see all the good times and all the bad. I look over them carefully and pause for reflection. I search through my feelings about these moments and I realize quickly that the MOST important moments were the ones filled with love. All of the bad moments, important as well but for different reasons. The bad moments in life were times of growth and lessons to be learned. Those moments showed me the strength inside, they showed me how I have abilities greater than I thought possible. I am grateful for those moments but the moments that fill me with light are the moments that were made with love.

The moments in life where love is present are indeed for me the MOST important. The moments I want to reflect on most. Those are the moments when our spirit soar with the greatest power. When love is in our hearts, we become unstoppable, there are no mountains too tall to climb, no rivers too rapid to cross, no oceans to vast to overcome and no obstacle that is too difficult to stand in our way. When you meet someone who is filled with love you can’t help but feel it, absorb some of it yourself and then pass it on to others. Love is truly limitless. It fuels the light within us to levels unimaginable but definitely attainable. The more you are filled with love the more you feel capable of doing and becoming. The light within grows brighter and brighter with every moment that you are filled with love.

Think about the moments in your life that are the most memorable. You will find the bad days and the strength that they unveiled and you will see the growth that those days created. You will then move on to the good days and how much love was felt on those days. You will see that those were days where moments were laced together with true love. Those were the days where your smile was the brightest, your heart filled to the brim and nothing could possibly get in your way of experiencing what we all wish to attain… HAPPINESS in it’s purest form. LOVE.

Today, I am filled with endless LOVE!

Many Blessings,

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Being Motivated

IMG_3841 This morning I watched a video about some women who have worked so hard at perfecting their martial art skills that their abilities were simply amazing. Personally, I have struggled lately to find my drive. There is a place inside all of us where our motivation, our drive and our will to succeed lives. Through the daily grind that life gives us, we sometimes lose that place. It’s still there we just forget to tap into it’s power.

When you start utilizing that force inside yourself, you begin to work like a well oil machine. Nothing can get in your way, you are unstoppable. I need to tap back into my own force and stop making all those excuses I tell myself that today isn’t the day, maybe tomorrow.

You know the old saying, “There’s no time like the present!”. Oh man, this means a lot of work is in store for me. I can handle it, I just have to want to handle it. So here I am, before all of you, saying: “I can handle this! I got this! I will do it!”

Ready set go!

Many Blessings,


upside down birdToday I got a great lesson in perspective. I posted an inspirational video online.. well it was “suppose” to be inspirational.

The theme of the video was to follow your path in life doing what makes you feel good, what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing. That’s the message I took away from the video.

To me, he speaker was saying … why work all your life doing something you hate when there are opportunities out there that enable you to do something you enjoy. The speaker spoke for a moment about working for the sake of just making more money and mentioned that in order to find happiness in our “Living” we may or may not have to take a pay cut… make your life about what you enjoy doing and not about just making a dollar. I totally understood where they were coming from. Especially since I had spent the previous day on the phone for well over an hour, being transferred from one person to the next in comcast’s customer service department. I went from one miserable person to the next … none wanting to actually give me any quality “customer service” .. until finally I came upon someone who didn’t hate their job and was actually wanting to help.

Another person viewed the same exact video and all they took from it was that everyone should do what they want and join Peter Pan in fantasy land. He said that it didn’t encourage hard work at all.

Wow! I don’t recall the speaker saying anything about slacking off. In fact I remember him saying that when you enjoy what you do you soon become an expert at whatever it is simply because you will put your whole self into it far more than a job you are doing simply to make a dollar. AND you will find yourself a much happier person while doing it.

For instance: Some people actually like working in customer service and enjoy helping others.. THOSE people will excel at their jobs while the others will just do the least expected to make that paycheck.

As with all things lets use some common sense folks. Don’t watch a video and quit your job without making sure your responsibilities are covered … instead take the inspiration from that video and go the extra mile to make your own dreams happen. Go back to school, learn a new hobby or trade, make the effort while keeping your responsibilities in life met.

The resources are there if you look long and hard enough. The change may not happen over night but with commitment and drive .. you will someday begin to live your dreams.

Many Blessings,

P.S. if your dream is to just sit on the sofa, stuffing your face and watching TV …. well I was going to say … find a new dream but now thinking about it for a moment .. I’m sure there is probably a job out there for you somewhere that will allow you to do just that! LOL

Daily Insight – Insight – Growth – Balance

Ace of Air – Inspiration  – Insight – Mental Clarity

The answers are clear….. follow that hunch – that inner knowing. You know what to do so why question what you already know and feel? An inner balance will help you find the trust that is needed. Practice meditations and begin following your hunches… the more you follow the more you will begin trusting yourself fully.

Nine of Fire – Inner Strength – Break Through – Growth – Courage – Resolve

You know the gifts and the strengths that exist inside you… and you must begin now to trust that they will sprout fourth when the time is right. This does not mean that your actions stop.. it means you continue your work to progress but have patience in yourself and allow the gifts to fully develop in their own time. It is hard to see our own growth.. but take a journey back and look at where you were 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago and even just 1 year ago.. you are growing .. and you must truth that you will continue this path of growth.

Balance – Looking Within – Change – Transformation

It is easy to become overwhelmed in today’s life .. take some time to step back and reflect within. Sometimes we must withdraw to regroup and gain our balance. Let  go of “doing” and just let go for a while. Listen to your inner knowing and when the time is right to begin “doing” again.. you’ll know.

Letting go is the key to wisdom…  clarity is revealed when one lets go.  Easier said then done… I know.. but practice makes perfect .. so pend some time teaching yourself the act of letting go.. even if for small moments at a time. You will benefit greatly from this practice, and the more you do it the more you benefit.

Many Blessings,

My Photo Scavenger Hunt

This morning after arriving at work.. I felt this pull to take my camera outside to see what there was to see. I looked at my surroundings with thoughts of wonder and hopes of inspiration. Here are a few of the things that I saw through the lense of my camera. ENJOY!

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Many Blessings,


Daily Insight – May 10th

And out from the deck these 3 cards flew….

Son of Earth: Enjoy the fruits of your labor, give yourself a good pat on the back for a job well done. Be proud of your accomplishments.. large and small… physical and spiritual.

Fear:  First off be aware that you are NOT your fear. We all carry fear around with us in one form or another. We must take a look at the larger picture of our fears and put them in their place. See through your fears completely and they dissolve on their own.

Insight: With inner balance you can now act decisively. Confidently make decisions on thoughts you have had for a long time. Clarity enables you to throw away the bad and useless and make good of the useful and needed things in your life.

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – The Star

The star reminds us of our own gifts, whatever they may be. Whether is its a specific artistic skill or something like the skill of listening or giving care to others .. share your talents without holding back and without expectations or without strings attached and the life force of energy will flow freely from you and be returned equally. The more you share .. the more is returned.

You have specific gifts for a reason .. and that reason is to share it with others.
There is no gift or talent too small.. none more valuable than the other.

Many Blessings,

What I Am and What I’m Not

I was watching America’s Got Talent and there were a couple of Father-Daughter acts and they both brought me straight to tears. I envy the closeness and the support they all had for each other. I come from a family where no one was to succeed. Dream all you want, your dreams are silly and they will never come true. I even witnessed my own mother say to my children how their dreams were stupid and they would never come true. I was in shock and couldn’t believe my ears, even though I knew how she was and that she had been the same way with me through all my years growing up. It was still ever so shocking to hear her say these words to my own children. I would have hoped that she would want more for them.

Growing up I often heard my mother and my aunts always talking negative about everyone. Rarely did they ever speak positively about anyone or any thing. Remarks would be made to myself and my cousins about failure and not living up to our hopes and dreams and that’s all they would ever be.. just hopes and dreams. My mother would also say directly to me how jealous she was over mine and my father’s connection. She hated the attention he would give me and she made it well known quite often. While my father was really only concerned with his own needs… sure he would play games with me when he was around but that was it…. no real talks .. no real conversations. He was good at the fun stuff but that’s where it all ended. No real guidance or support.  So, yes, I am very envious of those kids with their attentive, caring and thoughtful parents.. parents that inspire and support their children’s dreams.

At the end of the day though I can say without doubt that because of how I was raised…. I am who I am today. Determined to prove the naysayers wrong.

Let me explain:

I may not be the best painter
I may not be the best  writer
I may not be the best stained glass artist
I may not be the best photographer
I may not be the best at anything I do ….


I am THE BEST at not giving up
I am THE BEST at dreaming
I am THE BEST at hoping
I am THE BEST at trying again and again
I am THE BEST at loving
I am THE BEST at trying new things
I am THE BEST at overcoming my own fears

Many Blessings,

Let’s Get Inspired

Let’s forget complexity and structure and just ALLOW ourselves to be inspired.

Today we are so busy doing and doing .. most often, just spinning our wheels going nowhere! We forget what it’s like to be inspired. Some may not even know how that feels or what might inspire them.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or complex.. inspiration can come from anywhere!

here are just a few examples:

~waking up to a beautiful sunny day
~the sound of your children playing
~a quote
~kindness from a stranger
~a smile
~a thought
~a dream
~the way the sun glistens on the morning grass
~reflections on the lake
~other people

You see there is no limit to what can inspire as long as you are allowing yourself to be so.
What you are inspired to do in reaction is also limitless.

Allow yourself to be inspired today and do it! Follow it through!

Even if you don’t finish your inspired task.. at least you began!

Many Blessings,

Let’s Get Inspired!

Whatever you do today .. do it with your whole heart in a way that you can be proud of whatever task you take on.

Allow yourself to be inspired by others and be inspiration as well for those who need it.

Do a job well done, no matter the task, no matter the size, large or small.

With everything you do, your world, the world… changes, one small step at a time .. we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.

How’s that old saying go…. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

It begins right now, right here … with each of us…

It’s time to start doing!

Wishing you all a fabulous day!

Many Blessings,

Fear of Reaching Out

Today I want to talk a moment about those feelings we get urging us to reach out to someone .. someone we don’t know.

You ever see someone out in public and immediately get this urge to go over and speak to them .. offering a hand .. advice .. encouragement or a hug?

This is what I’m talking about today .. I have two stories I’d like to share with you today.

Story No. 1:

The first happened a few years ago….

I was going to Tong Ren(energy healing) classes with a friend of mine and there was a woman there .. who had obvious sadness or depression in her life. I always carry crystals with me … and the first time I saw her .. this voice inside me said .. give her the crystal.. I fought back and fourth with that voice through the whole class. I told the voice.. I can’t do that .. I don’t know this lady and she doesn’t know me.. what will she think… be the voice insisted I give her the crystal.. the class ended and I didn’t give her the crystal.

The next class, there she is again and oh boy there is that voice again. All class I argued with the voice and struggled with what to do.. going over in my head how this would play out if I made the decision to hand the woman a crystal.

By the end of the class .. the voice was so overwhelming that I gave in.. took the crystal from my bag and turned to face the woman with my hand out …  crystal in hand.. she looked at me and started crying .. not just a little tear .. I mean she was seriously crying .. she took the crystal and hugged me.. and then said .. Thank you for noticing and thank you for caring.  WOW! I was speechless .. yes, me .. speechless. It felt good… and the voice had been right all along.

Story No. 2:

Ok this happened to me yesterday.. I was at the gym, riding the bike.. pushin and goin like crazy trying to get through the whole 30 minutes and reach my 8 mile mark. I notice a lady in the mirror behind me.. she is on the treadmill and quite a large lady .. I felt a great sadness and loneliness about her and I couldn’t help but keep checking on her. She is on that treadmill walking the whole time I am on my bike and my thoughts go out to her. I’m inspired by the fact that she is in there just like me fighting this battle to get fit. It’s her loneliness that keeps pulling my attention to her .. not her size. I wanted to get off my bike and ask her if she minded if I walk on the treadmill next to her .. I wanted to do this so maybe we could strike up a conversation and that maybe I could take away some of that lonely feeling she had. Again, I argue back and fourth with my own feelings… I don’t know this lady and she doesn’t know me. Maybe she just wants to work out and be left alone.. but that feeling I keep getting from her makes me want to help her.

The voice keeps on talking and I keep on arguing. I wanted to go up to her and say.. just in case no one has told you today.. I want to say I’m proud of you.. but that sounded weird to me and I was worried how it would come across and how she might take that. I just wanted to find a way to keep her encouraged and to take away some of the loneliness she had.

I finished my 30 minutes and my 8 miles and even though I so badly wanted to approach this lady .. I didn’t .. all the way home I kept thinking about her and was kicking myself for not doing something. I hope I see her again… I will try to strike a conversation and just offer to come work out with her if she wants a buddy to workout with.

Maybe she didn’t want or need the help.. but then again .. maybe she did .. and there I was doing nothing about it. After all whats the worst she could do .. tell me no and to tell me to piss off.

I regret letting my fears keep me from doing what I was instinctively guided to do.

I’d love to hear your stories, if this has happened to you .. or if you were on the other end and a stranger has come to you out of the blue to help.

Many Blessings,

Let’s Get Inspired!!

It’s SPRING!!! What a beautiful time of the year … oh and today is a full moon… even better!

Inspiration is all around us with new life popping up everywhere you turn…. Take some time, get yourself out in the sunshine and enjoy a little bit of what Mother Nature has gifted us all with.

A tree will sit in waiting all winter long … waiting to let loose the fabulous foilage inside… now that’s what I call patience!

I’ve been watching the trees go from bare to green from my office window and it’s amazing how just within 1 day you can see the growth…

I am in awe  and inspired by Mother Nature.. so much beauty she brings… the birth of new life everywhere you look… if you can’t get inspired by that .. then I don’t know what else to tell you.

Do something creative today … in honor of Mother Nature and the Full Moon… you’ll be amazed at how good that can make you feel 🙂

I think I’ll go out in the garden and collect things to make a fairy fort….

Many Blessings,

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Facing Forward

purple finchToday I walk forward into the direction of my dreams..

Nothing I can do about the past for it has gone … today I look at the here and now and work towards the future.

Sitting idle waiting … accomplishes nothing

Even if today you only take one step toward your goals/dreams… that’s one step closer than you were before.

We can’t always go full speed ahead .. and that’s ok … take the time you need to take and go at your own pace.. as long as you are walking forward.

Walk with love and honor in your heart and you’ll not go wrong.

Many Blessings,

What’s Holding You Back?

What’s Holding You Back Today From Chasing Your Dreams?

Is it money?

Is it Know-how?

Is it time?

Is it opportunity?

What is it that holds you back today?

Take your dreams in your own hands today and do something .. even if it is only to sit down and draw/write out a plan of action.

Do something today that will help you step a little closer to your dreams.

dream catcherTo have a dream/goal and do nothing to bring it into reality is a sad loss.

Even if the dream is never fully brought into creation..  if you work toward that goal/dream..    you will have at least tried.  But if you do nothing to bring that dream into reality .. it is lost forever.

Take a chance .. and do something today that will bring you one step closer to that dream.

You just never know.. with each step you become that much closer and before you know it … that dream/goal might be staring you right in the face.

You’ll never know until you try.

Go ahead .. step closer to your dreams today!!!

Many Blessings,

Have You?

>sun, moon, raventalker

The Wind..
have you stepped outside and stood still just to feel the wind .. how it rushes by you and wraps its translucent arms around you .. have you allowed it to wipe clean all the negativity from your being .. and allowed it to take all that is not good away from you have you taken in the beauty of the wind and the freedom that it symbolizes. Have you?

The Rain
have you stood out in the rain lately and just allowed it to drench your soul.. let it wash over your body and wash away your worries.. your fears.. your sadness and your grief have you felt the rains watery embrace have you felt the beauty of the rain .. have you allowed the rain to fill you with love and nourishment have you taken in all that the rain symbolizes and gives .. have you?

The Sun
have you laid upon a bed of clover on a sunny day and allowed the suns rays to fill you with light.. from the inside out have you felt the suns warmth .. have you felt its warm embrace hold you and comfort you have you seen the beauty of the sun and all that it gives.. have you allowed the sun to help you grow like the flowers in the field .. the trees in the park and the roses in the garden .. have you?

The Moon
have you sat beneath the full moon and seen its beauty have you felt the magic .. the power the moon holds.. have you allowed the moon to embrace you and hold you within the dark night have you felt the moons love .. have you been witness to the many gifts the moon allows.. have you?

Have YOU?
Have you felt what the world around you gives? Do you know of the magic that surrounds us all? Have you listened to the world and have you heard the secrets the earth whispers in your ears .. ? Can you feel its energy? Do you know the love?

Even tho so ignored by most .. the Earth , she still gives.. she still loves..
many take and take and take .. and yet never even think of giving back or even to say thank you .. She has no breaks no vacations.. no pay and no acknowledgment .. but yet she continues to give.. continues to care and continues to take care of all the children that play upon her surface..

Today take a minute and think about what you do .. think about how you would feel if so mistreated and ignored

Just think about it ..

Many Blessings,