Let’s Get Inspired

Let’s forget complexity and structure and just ALLOW ourselves to be inspired.

Today we are so busy doing and doing .. most often, just spinning our wheels going nowhere! We forget what it’s like to be inspired. Some may not even know how that feels or what might inspire them.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or complex.. inspiration can come from anywhere!

here are just a few examples:

~waking up to a beautiful sunny day
~the sound of your children playing
~a quote
~kindness from a stranger
~a smile
~a thought
~a dream
~the way the sun glistens on the morning grass
~reflections on the lake
~other people

You see there is no limit to what can inspire as long as you are allowing yourself to be so.
What you are inspired to do in reaction is also limitless.

Allow yourself to be inspired today and do it! Follow it through!

Even if you don’t finish your inspired task.. at least you began!

Many Blessings,

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