Happy To Be…


I share with you tonight a message from Little Crow


Perched high up in the trees today I was watching a crowd of people go by and noticed that not many of them seemed to be very happy. There weren’t very many smiles on their faces, no spring in their steps and overall they just looked a bit preoccupied and gloomy.

I asked Grandfather Crow why were the people like that and he said, “they are not living as themselves”.

“What ever do you mean by that, Grandfather?”, I asked.

So many of them live through the eyes of others instead of living through their own eyes. They are not being who they were born to be.

Look at our other feathered cousins for a moment. The owl does not live all day thinking I wish I were a crane and the bluebird does not live all day thinking about how to turn his blue feathers to red.

The owl was born to be an owl and so lives as an owl. The Bluebird was born a bluebird and lives as a bluebird.

The owl is not wishing for longer legs and the bluebird is not wishing for feathers of any other color than his own.

One owl does not tell another owl how to fly, hunt or hoot and the bluebird does not compare his life to that of the redbird. They are who they were born to be.

It does not even enter their minds that they should be or want to be any different than who they are. They are happy being themselves.

The wren sings as loud as the wren can sing because it was born to do so and does not wish for another voice or even try to change it’s voice… it is perfectly happy with the voice it was given and uses it to the best of its ability.

Most people don’t live this way, Little Crow.. instead they allow outsiders to tell them how they should be, who they should be and how to act and live… they have forgotten who they were born to be. This makes them seem sad. If they can find themselves again you will see the changes in their whole being. The spring will be back in their step, smiles upon their faces and hope and love will fill their hearts. Until then, Little Crow.. I am afraid that people will continue as you saw them today.

Yours Truly,
Little Crow

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