being yourself

Revealing Who We Are

Have you figured out who you are and what you want? It’s time to take off the mask, come out of hiding and stop pretending. It’s time to embrace the real you and show yourself and the rest of the world the real you.

Many Blessings,

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Your Spiritual Forecast for Oct 19-25

I am so excited about this week! Spirit shows me a week filled with love, light, magic and surprises!! It’s a great time to be alive!! Oh and Spirit gives us another message about being ourselves and a reminder to let our light shine. We were born to shine as brightly as we can, stop hiding behind the mask and stop worrying about what others might think. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!

Many Blessings,

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Releasing the Chains that Are Holding You Back!

Today I talk about what holds us back, what has us chained down and releasing those things that bind us and keep us from moving forward on our path. I talk about this SHIFT that we are all experiencing and what to expect. What it’s all about and how to make it through.

Many Blessings,


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You Are Enough

Today’s message from Spirit … YOU ARE ENOUGH

There is no need to change for anyone except yourself. If you are with someone that makes you feel less than, like you aren’t enough, then they are not the person you need in your life. Find someone who already knows your value and appreciates you for who you are right now, just as you are.


Many Blessings,

Year of the Raven… continued

Here we go with my first update on MY YEAR to ENJOY  BEING ME!

WP_20150103_026I was walking through Hobby Lobby today and started down an aisle to look at a giant clock at the other end. There were tons of mirrors in that aisle.. I try my best to avoid mirrors…. the horror of seeing what I look like out in public.. cringe. Just before I got to the clock I turned an saw myself… I paused, stepped back for another look and do you know what??? Other than the typical stuff…. yeah I need to lose some weight, blah blah blah, etc…  there was nothing wrong with that reflection. That was me and I’m not all that bad to look at. A bit fluffy but if I really want to change that, I can!

For years I felt so unattractive, not from words said or actions toward me but more because of a lack of actions and just the feeling that I got. One knows when someone else finds them attractive and that’s something I haven’t felt in a very long time. When that feeling is absent in your life long enough, you begin to think you look how you feel inside and inside I felt that I must be hideous. Why else would that feeling of mutual love be held back from me so much?   I certainly know I’m far from what most consider beautiful or gorgeous and that’s okay… I’m happy to be me. Today the reflection in that mirror wasn’t hideous at all and it took me by surprise. It was a really nice moment and I hope that it stays with me.

Many Blessings,

I Promise …

IMG_0181Promises I make to myself…

I promise to allow myself as much time as I need to heal when life has caused me heartache and pain.

I promise to always, always follow my dreams.

I promise to never give up on my dreams, goals and ambitions.

I promise to be kind to myself.

I promise to trust my own intuition.

I promise to believe in myself more.

I promise to never give up on me.

I promise to make the best of every situation.

I promise to keep trying.

I promise to always get up after I have fallen down.

I promise to stay creative.

I promise to do my best.

I promise to trust myself more.

I promise to try and stay positive.

I promise to treat myself with love and understanding more.

I promise to always stay true to myself.

I promise to keep an open mind.

I promise to keep my heart open.

I promise to allow myself time alone.

I promise to allow myself time to relax.

I promise myself down time.

I promise to take care of me.

I promise to try and worry less.

I promise to let myself grieve when grieving needs to be done.

I promise not to feel bad about who I am and what I believe.

I promise to do my best at not letting others negative words get in my head.

I promise to try and keeping looking forward instead of backward.

I promise to not give up on me.

I promise to try my best to keep my promises.

This is not going to be easy…. but a promise is a promise.

Many Blessings,

I’m Not You… I’m Me

happy to be me
I don’t look like you may think I should, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t do things the way you think they should be done, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I may not react the way you think I should, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t paint what you think I should paint, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t say what you think I should say, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I may not eat the way you think I should eat, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I may not feel what you think I should feel, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t see what you think I should see, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t believe the way you think I should believe, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I’m perfectly good the way I am, being me the best way that I can. We are all different and that’s not bad. Instead of building bridges to keep us apart, lets build them so that we can come closer together. You bring the rope and I’ll bring the planks. Together we’ll build a connection that unites us.

Many Blessings,

Being YOU

owl444Don’t allow outside forces to destroy who YOU are or allow them to take the light from inside.

Be who you are without fear ..

We are happiest when we don’t have to hide or mask the true self… when we are allowed the freedom to be exactly who we are without criticism and without fear of others looking at us with the tilted head and disapproving look on their faces.

I have learned that those type of people exist no matter where you are or where you go. There is always someone out there that won’t agree with everything you do or everything you believe.

Be yourself and don’t worry about what if someone doesn’t like this or that .. what if I look foolish .. what if I fail.. what if it doesn’t work exactly as planned .. what if.. what if… what if ….

I know from experience those “what ifs” are the true killer. Every day  that you don’t do something that feels right in your soul .. those what ifs eat away at you .. and your mind takes you on a nasty journey of self doubt.

Now please, do use common sense when living your life and making choices. Don’t do those things that you know may hurt you or someone else in some way.
Just follow your heart and be true to who you are. Follow your truest dreams and don’t let the ideas of others cause you self doubt.


You never know .. some of those dreams may just come true.


As my favorite quote goes:

Only the ones who believe,

Ever see what they dream

Ever dream what comes true….

Many Blessings,

The Original vs The Fake

owlBe YOU! Be the original YOU.

Those who fake who they are, cut off their own power to greatness. They are always having to think about who they are each day. They lack the ability to connect naturally to the people and world around them because of the mask that they wear.

Don’t worry about trying to “be” something … instead be YOU. You choose this life for a reason.. there must have been something in it that called to you. Something that made you say ” THAT’S WHO I WANT TO BE!”  If you spend all your time trying to be something … you’ll miss out on being who you were born to be.

Many Blessings,

Magical Mondays – Being Yourself

Its a wonderful feeling to be free to be you. There was a time when I felt like I couldn’t be myself. I felt like I had to hide certain aspects of who I am to fit in or not to stand out too much. I’ve never been one that cared about what others thought of me… but I also never want people to think badly of me. I would hide aspects of myself around those who I thought would fear or not understand who I am.

I’m not sure when that all stopped .. I think it has been a gradual thing than something I just suddenly stopped doing. Through the years I have found that by being myself openly and honestly to everyone.. there was far less to fear by me and by others. It’s not that I am some sort of monster .. there are just parts of my way of doing things that differ from others. I see the world as a magical place filled with possibilities of even more magical moments and opportunities. I once worried about being called names like the ever so common “witch”…. but somewhere down the line I realized that those that don’t understand will always throw stones and call you names. So if someone was freaked out by my collection of crystals or my magical way of talking and seeing the world… and if they were to call me that name.. I would say thanks and then explain to them that a witch is a healer and a magical person and nothing at all that I would be ashamed of if someone wished to call me by that name.

Do I consider myself to be a witch? No, not really.. who needs labels.. I am just me. I have my way of seeing and doing .. my own way of being and I am me always. The label I give myself is Holly or Raventalker … that’s who I am … no need to add extra names to it. I am simply me. Every day .. all the time .. I am me. It feels so good to fly as you are without worry or fear of what others don’t understand.

Many Blessings,

Happy To Be…


I share with you tonight a message from Little Crow


Perched high up in the trees today I was watching a crowd of people go by and noticed that not many of them seemed to be very happy. There weren’t very many smiles on their faces, no spring in their steps and overall they just looked a bit preoccupied and gloomy.

I asked Grandfather Crow why were the people like that and he said, “they are not living as themselves”.

“What ever do you mean by that, Grandfather?”, I asked.

So many of them live through the eyes of others instead of living through their own eyes. They are not being who they were born to be.

Look at our other feathered cousins for a moment. The owl does not live all day thinking I wish I were a crane and the bluebird does not live all day thinking about how to turn his blue feathers to red.

The owl was born to be an owl and so lives as an owl. The Bluebird was born a bluebird and lives as a bluebird.

The owl is not wishing for longer legs and the bluebird is not wishing for feathers of any other color than his own.

One owl does not tell another owl how to fly, hunt or hoot and the bluebird does not compare his life to that of the redbird. They are who they were born to be.

It does not even enter their minds that they should be or want to be any different than who they are. They are happy being themselves.

The wren sings as loud as the wren can sing because it was born to do so and does not wish for another voice or even try to change it’s voice… it is perfectly happy with the voice it was given and uses it to the best of its ability.

Most people don’t live this way, Little Crow.. instead they allow outsiders to tell them how they should be, who they should be and how to act and live… they have forgotten who they were born to be. This makes them seem sad. If they can find themselves again you will see the changes in their whole being. The spring will be back in their step, smiles upon their faces and hope and love will fill their hearts. Until then, Little Crow.. I am afraid that people will continue as you saw them today.

Yours Truly,
Little Crow

Fitting In

I struggled this morning on how to title this blog. My second battle comes from how to  word this blog without coming across on a soap box or something. Oh well.. here we go… I’m just going to give you my words and let it be what it is.

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I was thinking about something my boss asked me on Friday. He had asked me if I was going to the Thanksgiving dinner with the other ladies in the office. Every year the corporate staff get together at one of their homes and have a dinner celebration for Thanksgiving. They also do this for Christmas as well. I never go. They always invite me, but I never go. So he then asked me why not. I said, it’s just not really my cup of tea. He explained how I would have fun if I went, but still I said no thanks.

I was thinking about it this morning. There is nothing wrong with the other ladies and my reasons for not going has nothing at all to do with them but everything to do with me. First of all my birthday is the very next day and my hubby and I are going away for the weekend. Sorry ladies, but I would much rather spend some quality time with my husband than spend the night chatting about nothing at all with you guys. Other reasons include: the driving distance from my house to theirs (at the end of the day I just want to go home) afterall I’ve already been with them all day!; these ladies are nice and all, but nothing at all like me… we have no real connections, they have connections with each other and so I’d pretty much be there as a witness to their conversations (not my idea of a great night).

The biggest reason is that I really don’t need their acceptance into their group (which is what it feels like) and this is where I’d like to explain a bit more.

As a child something my mother instilled in me was that if someone doesn’t accept you as you are, then you don’t need them in your life. Growing up with this in mind, I was always one of those kids with just a small hand full of really good friends, not one of those who was always surrounded by loads of “just ok” friends. This was of my choosing. I never felt the need to do things, wear certain brands of clothing or anything else to fit in with any group. I did me. I did my own thing, I was who I was and I am who I am.. no pretenses, just me. That same thing carries over to today. I am still me… doing me every single day.

This brings me back to the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with co-workers. I don’t feel I should feel bad about not going to their dinner and participating in after hours activities with these ladies because whether I go or not shouldn’t change their opinion about me. I should be allowed a choice without worry about being on the outside of the group.

My not going doesn’t mean I don’t like them, it just means I don’t want to go. I’m not being a snob, I don’t think I’m better… the fact is I’m just different than they are and that should be ok. We all should be allowed to be who we are without the worry of acceptance by others.

Many Blessing,