Year of the Raven… continued

Here we go with my first update on MY YEAR to ENJOY  BEING ME!

WP_20150103_026I was walking through Hobby Lobby today and started down an aisle to look at a giant clock at the other end. There were tons of mirrors in that aisle.. I try my best to avoid mirrors…. the horror of seeing what I look like out in public.. cringe. Just before I got to the clock I turned an saw myself… I paused, stepped back for another look and do you know what??? Other than the typical stuff…. yeah I need to lose some weight, blah blah blah, etc…  there was nothing wrong with that reflection. That was me and I’m not all that bad to look at. A bit fluffy but if I really want to change that, I can!

For years I felt so unattractive, not from words said or actions toward me but more because of a lack of actions and just the feeling that I got. One knows when someone else finds them attractive and that’s something I haven’t felt in a very long time. When that feeling is absent in your life long enough, you begin to think you look how you feel inside and inside I felt that I must be hideous. Why else would that feeling of mutual love be held back from me so much?   I certainly know I’m far from what most consider beautiful or gorgeous and that’s okay… I’m happy to be me. Today the reflection in that mirror wasn’t hideous at all and it took me by surprise. It was a really nice moment and I hope that it stays with me.

Many Blessings,


  1. I always enjoy reading your post. They are filled with hope and smiles and honesty. YOU my friend are indeed a beautiful person…inside and out! May this light that shines through you always continue to glow with a beautiful, magical peace within. ~Matthew

  2. Boy, do I know the ‘I’m not going to look in the mirror, I am so unattractive in every way’ feeling. Those words are not true and they are always a lie. I pray you stay on the path of seeing that you are actually beautiful.
    I also want to pass along a tip. I started drinking 3 cups of decaf black tea with honey and apple cider vinegar to help with my allergies (since medicines stopped working) and it was very effective. And it’s quite tasty, actually. Then I hit a rough patch with allergies triggering asthma and I began to drink 5 cups of tea spread out over each day. Fat literally started melting off my body. I was eating better also, but I’ve done that before to no avail. I’ve told several other people about this ‘tea’ and they lost weight too, 20, 30, 40 pounds like me. I guess the pharmaceutical companies don’t promote this because it’s inexpensive and both honey and vinegar are good for us. 🙂 Anyway, it’s one cup of black tea with two teaspoons of honey and two of apple cider vinegar, if you’d like to try it. If you do, pleasde let me know what happens. I’m very curious about whether or not this works for everyone. So far, it seems to be! Best wishes for 2015.

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