Day: January 24, 2015

Getting Back Up

Life iEdited in Lumia Selfies quite often complicated and hard. There are magical moments and moments of great hardship.  The world will knock you down over and over again. Just make sure you keep getting back up.

Life lessons are hard, they create so much chaos in your life, you don’t know if you are coming or going and searching for that next step can feel like a huge burden. All the “what if” questions flood your mind, creating worry and fear. That’s the whole point.. Your world gets turned upside down when it’s time for big change. We are all creatures of habit to some extent. Unless someone throws the puzzle pieces up in the air, we will continue searching for the right piece to go in that empty space in front of us. Sometimes you are simply working the wrong puzzle.

Although change can throw you off balance, there is a great feeling that comes with finding your balance again. Remember as a child when you use to walk across an old fallen tree… each step taken with care, not to lose your balance…. when you would begin to teeter from one side to the other it was both frightening and exciting all at the same time and then that moment when you regained your balance…. remember that feeling? THAT was a great feeling, you felt safe, you felt okay and that moment of fear, when you nearly fell off … is gone. You still have to keep walking forward to get off that old tree. Just remember that the fall is still possible and that tree isn’t going anywhere… get back up and try it again.

Many Blessings,