Day: January 18, 2015

Year of the Raven… continued

This weekend was a major moment for me. I treated myself to a weekend holiday. After work on Friday, I headed straight for the mountains, all by myself. No one to keep me company on the 4 hour drive, no one to go sightseeing with, no one to have lunch and dinner with, it was just me keeping my own company. I had several emotional moments, but gathered my senses and enjoyed myself.

I drove up without booking a hotel, I thought for a change I wouldn’t really plan a thing and just see where I landed. I got to the strip in Pigeon Forge and just picked a place to stay. I got my room key thing-a-ma-bob and I knew straight away that this would be a great trip. My room number was 111 (Number 111 signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into your reality). Note to self: Stay positive! That being said, I got some sleep so I could get up before the sun to make my way up the mountain to see the sunrise.
cades cove 1
So my day starts out again without any real plans except to get up the mountain before the sunrise and drive the Cades Cove loop. My first stop, Visitor’s Center to get a map…. hmmmmm looks like the Visitor’s center isn’t open this early. No map, no problem! I just followed the signs. Found a great spot for the sunrise photo and continued to the Cove.

cades cove 3I laughed at my own silliness when I got out at the first stop and grabbed nothing but a sweater to keep me warm on the mountain where it was 25 degrees and a long walk to the abandoned cabin I was headed for to take photos. The crows were laughing at me too. They surrounded the field as I made my way up the path and cawed back and fourth to each other. I nodded my head and said.. I know, I know…. not a smart decision! It’s wasn’t my first and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

I ran into a fellow photographer at the cabin and showed her my crystal ball trick then took her camera to get a shot of her in the beautiful surroundings… we ran into each other at several places along the rout in Cades Cove and each time exchanged where the best view points were. I really enjoyed being out on that mountain top, even all by myself. I realized that I wasn’t ever really alone. I could hear the voices of all my friends cheering me along, I felt their love and caring thoughts and all of their support. They weren’t physically there, but I felt their spirit with me.
cades cove 2
There were deer everywhere you looked, frost covered everything and made it look like a winter wonderland. I was in my own little piece of heaven. At one spot in the Cove I encountered an amazing amount of Eastern Bluebirds. Oh my goodness, they were so beautiful and everywhere! The wind would blow through the trees and the frost would float down just like snow. The vibrant colors of the bluebirds stood out again the white landscape. It was like a scene from my very own fairy tale. BEAUTIFUL! I knew I was right where I was meant to be. My spirit sang out loud how happy it was to be there in this place of beauty.

The stress that was once inside me, gone…. the loneliness I had been feeling for so long, gone… the heartache that follows me around like a shadow, not gone but definitely healing. I stood on that mountain looking at the valley below and the voice inside me said, “You’ve got this!” I let everything else go and enjoyed every moment of my holiday alone.

To check out the photos I took … click here and visit my Facebook Photography Page, Life Through Raven Eyes.
cades cove 4

Many Blessings,