dreams coming true

Loving Life and the Journey

Life is filled with ups and downs, good times along with bad times. Cursing life and the journey does us no good at all. I have come to love the journey and this road I have traveled.. even the hard parts… especially the hard parts. The rough patches I’ve lived have brought a greater appreciation for the magic and love life has to offer.

Many Blessings


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Being YOU

owl444Don’t allow outside forces to destroy who YOU are or allow them to take the light from inside.

Be who you are without fear ..

We are happiest when we don’t have to hide or mask the true self… when we are allowed the freedom to be exactly who we are without criticism and without fear of others looking at us with the tilted head and disapproving look on their faces.

I have learned that those type of people exist no matter where you are or where you go. There is always someone out there that won’t agree with everything you do or everything you believe.

Be yourself and don’t worry about what if someone doesn’t like this or that .. what if I look foolish .. what if I fail.. what if it doesn’t work exactly as planned .. what if.. what if… what if ….

I know from experience those “what ifs” are the true killer. Every day  that you don’t do something that feels right in your soul .. those what ifs eat away at you .. and your mind takes you on a nasty journey of self doubt.

Now please, do use common sense when living your life and making choices. Don’t do those things that you know may hurt you or someone else in some way.
Just follow your heart and be true to who you are. Follow your truest dreams and don’t let the ideas of others cause you self doubt.


You never know .. some of those dreams may just come true.


As my favorite quote goes:

Only the ones who believe,

Ever see what they dream

Ever dream what comes true….

Many Blessings,

In the Garden of Dreams

Most when they see this particular plant only see a random weed growing in their garden, messing up the landscape of their smooth cut, green grass.

When I see this plant I think of wishes and dreams coming true.

As a child I picked many a dandelion and with all the breath I could muster, I would blow and blow and blow, hoping to blow off every seed so that my wishes would come true. If ever I was successful in blowing off every seed, I truly knew that those wishes would indeed be granted.

At the first sign of Spring I would pick every dandelion I could find… one after another, blowing off every seed that I could. If unsuccessful once, then I’d find another and continue blowing and continue wishing. I believed that I could do it and with that belief I kept going.

I always felt that my dreams were within reach as long as I kept trying.

That’s the beauty of seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

May today you see the world through the eyes of a child as well and know that as long as you keep trying, your goals, your wishes and your dreams are within reach.

Many Blessings,


Remember Who You Are

IMG_8974Remember who you wanted to be when you were young?

Remember the dreams of growing up?

Remember ………

It is time to find yourself again …. through the chore of growing up and living you have forgotten or lost who you are …

It is time to remember ….

It is never too late to be who you are.. Walk with love in the direction of your dreams and keep with you always that inner child who wishes on stars, pinky swears and who believes in fairytales and wishes coming true.

Many Blessings,

Fuss and Fret

No need to fuss and fret
No need of worry and regret

What is …. will be
What was is now gone

Let pain and sorrow be strangers from your past
Remember it’s just temporary … it won’t long last

Find that place deep inside
Where love and light do reside

Find the peace within and let it flow
Now, doesn’t that feel better … letting it all go

No need to busy yourself or rush around
Simply plant yourself firmly in the ground

Now breath deeply .. in and out
Ease your mind of all self doubt

Harness your own power
Let it wash over you like an April shower

Know and trust in you
All your dreams have the possibility to come true.

It begins with just one word that I’ll now say
Then, I’ll flap my wings and fly away.


Many Blessings,