inner child

Your Inner Child Wants to Play

Today, your inner child wants to come out and play!! It’s hard to focus on work.. you are in a playful mood! Please be responsible but have fun! Take the time to enjoy life to its fullest… after all this is why you wanted to be an adult… so you could do whatever you wanted!

Many Blessings,

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Adulting Can Wait! Today We Play!

The Full Lover’s Moon is tonight/tomorrow and the energy is through the roof! Today, is a play day! You want to be a kid again and play in the rain, dance in the puddles,  laugh, play, giggle and enjoy life! Adulting can wait til another day.. today.. we PLAY!

Many Blessings,

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My Inner Child Wants to Play

Candy and Caramel coated apples on a stick
The year is passing us by really quick

The trees begin to change into their fall attire
Families gather around a warm, glowing fire

Roasting and toasting as the year nears it’s end
You can feel a chill in the air from the cool Autumn wind

Trick or Treat, candy sweets and costumes too
Scary monsters roam the streets with ghastly ghost shouting BOO!

Pumpkins carved and lit to light the way
Scarecrows placed to rush the birds away

Shorter the days and longer the nights
Movies are playing to cause us a fright!

There’s a great big pile of leaves to jump in and play!
I think I’ll release my inner child today!

Tossing leaves of red, yellow, brown and gold high into the air
I don’t even care if they land in my hair!

For I am a child at heart and I like to live that way
Where all my dreams may come true…..
and my worries stop at how much longer I get to stay out and play. 

Yeah, I think I’ll release my inner child today!

Many Blessings,

Remember Who You Are

IMG_8974Remember who you wanted to be when you were young?

Remember the dreams of growing up?

Remember ………

It is time to find yourself again …. through the chore of growing up and living you have forgotten or lost who you are …

It is time to remember ….

It is never too late to be who you are.. Walk with love in the direction of your dreams and keep with you always that inner child who wishes on stars, pinky swears and who believes in fairytales and wishes coming true.

Many Blessings,

My Wish Today

What is my wish this day?

My wish is that all grown-ups get to have some fun and play!

Remember what it’s like to play in the rain
Let’s get silly and walk around, chugging along like a choo-choo train

Let’s seal of all our secrets with a pinky swear
Let’s see who blinks first as we give each other the stare!

A pinch and a poke
Yeah that’s right.. you owe me chips and a coke!

Let’s stay up and laugh all night
Let’s grab some sticks and play fight

Dragons, fairies and witches exist
Let’s play 1 potato, 2 potato with our fists

I’ll hide and you can seek
Hey now! Don’t you peek!

Summer days are always the best
When you never needed or wanted time to rest

Let’s fly some kites in the park
We’ll play all day but we have to be home by dark!

Let’s spin and spin all around
Let’s spin until we get dizzy and fall to the ground

Ring around the rosies
Pocket full of posies

Days were full of adventure and fun
We laughed, we played, we’d swing and run

Tickles and giggles all through the night
Jumping on the bed and pillow fights!

Remember when?
Way back then…

My wish today is easy you see
Let’s remember what it was like to be a kid
When our days were filled with light and worry free

Come on now.. don’t make me beg
Last one to the tree swing is a rotten egg!

Many Blessings,

The Fool

The Fool


The fool is the pilgrim, the unwitting wise one. The fool represents our unconscious self, naive, simple, gullible. To begin the journey toward enlightenment and integration of self, one must first become the fool, seeing things from the outside, detached, childlike and trusting. (If we were fully aware of just how difficult the seeker’s path can be, we might choose not to quest at all!)


So true that last statement is .. some things are just not meant for us to know.. otherwise looking back in your life how many times would you have chosen not to do something .. and then there would be a lesson left unlearned.. growth would have been delayed.. We need to learn to let go of the control we don’t have but crave.. we have this thing about “needing to know” … so much of our life we don’t truly enjoy because of that “needing to know” .. we get obsessed with wanting and needing to know every step  and every phase that is or might be coming our way .. we end up trying to control our future and forget to live in the here and now.. so much time is then wasted and not lived and certainly not enjoyed.. and that is a true shame ..


Embrace your inner child today and have some fun!!!




Many Blessings,