Have you had that feeling that you are being guided to do something particular for some unknown reason?

I get that feeling all the time. I never know how it will turn out until it does 🙂

So today I am sitting at my desk at work and I am drawn to get up with my camera and go outside. I walk out the front door for a moment and it didn’t feel just right so I walked toward the back of the building and just as I stepped outside .. I looked down and found this staring back at me .. waving hello!

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Instead of picking it up I just took it’s photo and whispered a little thank you.

I walk on over to a stone retaining wall and saw this dandelion standing all alone it’s it bright and beautiful glory. My thought

was… how great it is to take pleasure in ordinary things like this lone dandelion. 

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I stepped back for a moment and as I looked down … here was another clover waving hello 🙂 … again I just took it’s photo and whispered my thank you. 

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I could hear some birds in the distance making a bunch noise. I figured it was young ones wanting to be fed. I stepped down toward the end of the wall to see what else there was to see and I looked up to find this Red-Tailed Hawk being bullied by a Mockingbird. He must have been too close to the Mockingbird’s nest.

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Uh oh .. I’ve been spotted! hawk 2

Here’s the following photos that I was lucky enough to capture.


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When you follow that inner guide.. you just never know what experiences await!

Many Blessings,

Dandelion Dreams

dandelionDandelion wishes and sunset dreams
Morning dew sparkling on the grass as the early light beams

A soft hush fills the air
As a breeze runs it’s fingers through my hair

The Meadowlark awakens a song within
Oh sweet melody… where have you been?

The times are changing at last
Join me as I say goodbye to the past

A great teacher it has been
I let go with a happy heart and cheerful grin

What has been done is done
No need to regret the web that has been spun

We start today with an outlook that’s brand new
Learning to love the ever growing spirit that lives inside you.

Dandelion wishes and sunset dreams
Loving life and all that it means!

Dandelion wishes and sunset dreams!

Many Blessings,

Some info about the Dandelion: 
(from about.com)
Dandelion is an herb that is beneficial from root to blossom. It is one of the most versatile and important herbs to learn about.

Dandelion is a multi-purpose herb. All parts of it are useful. From early spring, when the new leaves are steamed and eaten as a potherb, through the summer, the leaves and blossoms are harvested. In the fall, the roots are pulled after a frost. Even the white, milky sap is used as an effective wart remover. Dandelion is a diuretic that also contains potassium. It has been used as a liver tonic. Regular harvesting will keep the dandelion from going to seed and sowing itself. This will keep the spread of cultivated dandelions out of your lawn. No matter what use you want dandelion for, this easy growing plant is going to be a wonderful addition to your herbal garden.

The Power of Wishes

I just have to share this story of something that happened to me the other day.

I was at work and there were two little girls that were hanging out at the office with their dad (one of our agents). I know these two to be quite the pranksters. So I was making my rounds through the office getting ready to finish my chores for the day so I could then head home. I came around behind them, smacked a chair and shouted at them and scared them to bits… hahahahahaha. We all laughed and I went back to my office to finish up for the day. They came to my door claiming what I had done was not funny. I said it sure was funny from my side seeing their faces when I shouted. They proclaimed that they would be getting me back. So for the next several minutes they played around the outside of my office waiting for the opportunity to get me back.

Something then happened that was one of those little awesome moments that I think these two little girls might remember for years to come.

I had a plastic cup in my office that had loads of dandelions in it that I was collecting to make wish bottles for Christmas. I walked out of my office with tons of stuff in my hands and was setting some of it down so that I could free a hand up to close my office door. The cup of dandelions then flips up and spills all over me and the floor! UGGGGGGG!

I said “Oh no! My Wishes!” the two little girls came running over and asked, “What did you say?”. I said, I dropped my wishes…. your what? .. My Wishes! I dropped my wishes!

They looked closer to see what the heck I was talking about. They had forgot all about trying to scare me and were concerned about my wishes now. They pitched in and tried to save as many as they could. They asked me what I was planning on doing with them and I told them I was going to make wish bottles. They looked confused and intrigued all at the same time. They helped pick up as many as they could and then I vacuumed up the rest and made my way out to my car. I put all my stuff in the car and then walked over to the side of the building to see if I could find any more dandelions. Lucky enough I found 3. I kept one and put it in my cup to replace what was lost and the other two I took back inside and handed them to the girls and told them I had some fresh wishes just for them.   Quickly they ran outside to blow off the seeds and make their wishes. As I was walking away I looked back with a smile and said.. make sure you make those wishes count! They smiled and with excitement blew off the dandelion seeds.

Oh the joys of childhood and believing all things are possible with nothing more than a dandelion, a deep breath and a wish.

So for a moment they got to step out of the adult world of “now sit down, be quiet and behave” to come on lets BELIEVE!

Many Blessings,

the image above borrowed from weheartit.com

Ordinary Magic

Today I want to take a moment to talk about the world around us and the magic that goes unseen by most.  You see magic isn’t always those things that take our breath away and then again .. it’s all in how you “see”. Most think of magic as a trick or something even made up… not real. Magic is very real.. magic is inside us .. all of us. Yep, that’s right.. magic lives inside of every one of us. It’s a part of everything… you just have to know how to “see” it.

I was standing at the window this morning as my breakfast was warming in the microwave and I was in awe of how the sun was shining through the leaves of a tree just outside the window. When my breakfast had finished warming, I put it on my desk, grabbed my camera and on my way out to photograph the tree.. I stumbled across a few other magical moments that caught my eye. You see beauty and magic can be found in the most ordinary of things, if only you wish to see it.

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Many Blessings,


In the Garden of Dreams

Most when they see this particular plant only see a random weed growing in their garden, messing up the landscape of their smooth cut, green grass.

When I see this plant I think of wishes and dreams coming true.

As a child I picked many a dandelion and with all the breath I could muster, I would blow and blow and blow, hoping to blow off every seed so that my wishes would come true. If ever I was successful in blowing off every seed, I truly knew that those wishes would indeed be granted.

At the first sign of Spring I would pick every dandelion I could find… one after another, blowing off every seed that I could. If unsuccessful once, then I’d find another and continue blowing and continue wishing. I believed that I could do it and with that belief I kept going.

I always felt that my dreams were within reach as long as I kept trying.

That’s the beauty of seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

May today you see the world through the eyes of a child as well and know that as long as you keep trying, your goals, your wishes and your dreams are within reach.

Many Blessings,


On My Walk Today ….

Amazing what you hear when you listen…

Today is a beautiful day with deep blue skies and a nice spring breeze… so when lunch hour came around I left my desk and went for a walk. I’d like to take a moment to share with you what I heard on my walk today.

The trees speak gently and whisper this message: No matter the force of the wind, stand your ground with roots planted deep and allow the wind to pass through you … you’ll be amazed to find yourself still standing.

The yellow butterfly came to dance with me as I made my rounds. So joyfully it danced back and fourth around my path as I made my way. The sunlight bouncing off it’s yellow wings gave it a brilliant luminescent hue.  Yellow – the color associated with the sun  – giving us the gift of revitalization, strength, endurance and mental clarity. The butterfly – reminding us to dance and to fill our hearts with joy. A reminder not to take life so seriously.

Suddenly a silver dragonfly came buzzing past me and then danced upon the honeysuckle along the path. The dragonfly  – the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment; and the communication from the elemental world.  Dragonfly medicine beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits which need changing.  Call on Dragonfly to guide you through the mists of illusion to the pathway of transformation.  Silver gives us the gift of emotional stability, removes or neutralizes negativity, aids in intuition, dreams, psychic abilities and psychic workings.

And last but certainly not least  – The dandelion – it’s seedlings drifted all over the park .. it looked as though they drifted on the breeze with purpose and knew where they were going. The dandelion has many medicinal purposes and reminds us that not only do we need to take care of not only our spiritual but also our physical bodies.

Well, I’d say that was a very insightful walk today 🙂 It’s always fun learning something new and to be outside with all Creators gift … it can’t get much better than that!

Many Blessings,

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