Savoring the Moments

Spirit hands me a piece of candy …. it is a reminder that even during hard times life still holds some sweetness. Also, we need to make sure we are savoring every moment. Slow down and don’t rush through life so much that you let the goodness slip past you.

Many Blessings,

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What If…

What if it’s going to be okay?
What if life isn’t really over?
What if the tears stop falling?
What if I stop reliving the past?
What if my heart becomes whole again?
What if the pain just stops?
What if the bad memories no longer haunt my sleep?
What if smiles and laughter take over?
What if I’m not scared anymore?
What if this hurt becomes nothing more than a memory?
What if I’m going to be okay?
What if love comes calling again?

What if……

Many Blessings,

Would You Come Back?

A while back I had a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe in reincarnation and her argument was “why would you want to come back?”.

My argument was “Why wouldn’t you?”.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in reincarnation or not. That’s not what this post is about .. what it IS about is finding reasons to live life all over again.

Some of my reasons for wanting to live life all over again:

Falling in love all over again
Giving birth to my children, holding them in my arms all over again
The excitement and wonder of Christmas
Jumping in that huge pile of leaves that took you all day to rake up
Giggles and laughter
Moments spent with friends
Talking all night on the phone
The first kiss
Making a difference in someone’s life for the better
Feeling that first kick
Singing in the car, not caring who sees
Sunsets and sunrises
Summers first rain
Winters first snow
Snow angels
Snow days!
Trick or Treat
Wondering how the Easter Bunny got into the house to hide your eggs
Swinging as high as you can swing
Spinning in circles til you fall down
Cuddles with the one you love
Baby’s first words or steps
A cuddle by the fire
Hot soup on a cold winter’s day
Bubble baths
Birthday Cake!

This list goes on forever ………

Do you see? There is so much you would miss if not ever born… why wouldn’t you want to do it over and over again?

No matter what you believe .. no matter how hard the road has been … there is reason to live!

Many Blessings,


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The Power of Wishes

I just have to share this story of something that happened to me the other day.

I was at work and there were two little girls that were hanging out at the office with their dad (one of our agents). I know these two to be quite the pranksters. So I was making my rounds through the office getting ready to finish my chores for the day so I could then head home. I came around behind them, smacked a chair and shouted at them and scared them to bits… hahahahahaha. We all laughed and I went back to my office to finish up for the day. They came to my door claiming what I had done was not funny. I said it sure was funny from my side seeing their faces when I shouted. They proclaimed that they would be getting me back. So for the next several minutes they played around the outside of my office waiting for the opportunity to get me back.

Something then happened that was one of those little awesome moments that I think these two little girls might remember for years to come.

I had a plastic cup in my office that had loads of dandelions in it that I was collecting to make wish bottles for Christmas. I walked out of my office with tons of stuff in my hands and was setting some of it down so that I could free a hand up to close my office door. The cup of dandelions then flips up and spills all over me and the floor! UGGGGGGG!

I said “Oh no! My Wishes!” the two little girls came running over and asked, “What did you say?”. I said, I dropped my wishes…. your what? .. My Wishes! I dropped my wishes!

They looked closer to see what the heck I was talking about. They had forgot all about trying to scare me and were concerned about my wishes now. They pitched in and tried to save as many as they could. They asked me what I was planning on doing with them and I told them I was going to make wish bottles. They looked confused and intrigued all at the same time. They helped pick up as many as they could and then I vacuumed up the rest and made my way out to my car. I put all my stuff in the car and then walked over to the side of the building to see if I could find any more dandelions. Lucky enough I found 3. I kept one and put it in my cup to replace what was lost and the other two I took back inside and handed them to the girls and told them I had some fresh wishes just for them.   Quickly they ran outside to blow off the seeds and make their wishes. As I was walking away I looked back with a smile and said.. make sure you make those wishes count! They smiled and with excitement blew off the dandelion seeds.

Oh the joys of childhood and believing all things are possible with nothing more than a dandelion, a deep breath and a wish.

So for a moment they got to step out of the adult world of “now sit down, be quiet and behave” to come on lets BELIEVE!

Many Blessings,

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 I wrote this a while back … but thought I might refresh it and share again.

Unforgettable moments, people, places, scenes and events.

I want to be one of those unforgettable people..  and be part of many unforgettable moments, view unforgettable scenes and witness and participate in unforgettable events.

I want happy memories that will last many lifetimes. I want happy memories of me to linger long after I am gone. I’d like others to want me around even when I’m not.

I want to be a creator of those unforgettable times for everyone I can.

I want to be a part of the great magic that flows through the air and into everyone… bringing them up… making them laugh .. and making them feel good all over .. inside and out.

I’ll do my part each and every day to make this possible..

I just hope that others see and feel the magic … hold on to the magic and appreciate the magic that has come their way .. from me and from others.

A magic that fills your being with a joy that makes you feel as though there is nothing you can’t do.. no mountain to high too climb.. no river too wide to cross.. no boundaries to hold you back.. a magic that feels like new love .. fresh and exciting .. that sends tingles up your spine every time you think of me.

That’s me and that’s my wish for tonight for everyone … tomorrow and eternity.

Many Blessings,

Who Was I?

If you haven’t ever been through a past life regression … you don’t know what you are missing!

I have been fortunate to attend several past life regression sessions and each and every time I find out something new about myself.

I went in from the beginning with an open mind but also a bit skeptical about what would happen… and what if anything I would see or remember.

The sessions I attended were group guided meditations … a group of people would all be guided back by one person at the same time.

So, there I am at my very first session … laying in the floor, so many thoughts going through my head … wondering what this will be like. Will I see anything? Will it feel real? Will I connect? What on Earth is this going to reveal and will it work?

She begins by having us close our eyes and talks us through a relaxed state…. then she has us going to a forest and in this forest the trees have doors … each door an entrance to a past life. We each select a door and step through .. we are taken to that lifetime.. then to the most important day of that life and then to our death in that life and finally back to the light.

I was amazed at how clear the visions were that came to me.. and how I felt all the emotions of that life coming into me. This felt like a true memory each and every time. Quite amazing.

I learned that in many of my lives I was in one form or another … a teacher and that in most cases I found myself somewhere in Uk, England or Ireland mostly. These impressions stay with you once you bring them to life. It’s quite hard to forget once you remember!

Not that I would want to forget.. each experience brought me an “Ah-Ha!” moment …

I won’t go into detail now about my own experiences .. but I will ecourgage you to find yours. Truly an experience you’ll never forget and an experience that could help you in this life.

Anyway …. Spirit urged me to share this tonight and so there have it…

Many Blessings,