Stop Waiting!

Stop waiting for someone to love you before you love you. When you love you, the right someone will come into your life and love you too. When you don’t love you… that’s when all the wrong people show up and you settle … settle for less than you deserve.

Many Blessings,

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Cutting the Cord – Toxic Relationships

This week, Spirit has us take a look at all the many relationships in our lives… friends, family, romantic and any other relationship. It’s time to cut the cord on those toxic relationships that are holding you back, making you miserable and causing you to feel bad.

Many Blessings,

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Awakening the Soul by Braid Palmer

Awakening the Soul by Braid Palmer – The wonderful, Braid Palmer has explained beautifully how one stops living in the mind and starts living from the heart and soul. Understanding and undoing the environmental layers to empower the soul. Awakening it so that we can find true peace, happiness, love and balance in our lives.

Many Blessings,

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Relationship Problems 101

Today, I speak about relationships and the idea of fixing others and making someone love you.

Many Blessings,

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Love: When will I Find The One

Today’s message gives you something to think about when it comes to love. Loving yourself, love from another and finding THE ONE. We start with ourselves… I know it’s been said, but it’s true!

Many Blessings,

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The Power of Love

Love is the ultimate super power! When you life feels void of love, you visit the deepest darkest pits of despair, pain and sorrow… but when love fills your life.. the are endless possibilities. There is nothing you can’t do, no distance too far, no obstacle too large! Love takes you to new heights spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Many Blessings,

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The Path of Love

Never ever fear or regret love. To love someone is a great gift to them and to yourself. We must not allow heartache to interfere with the flow of love that comes from inside us. If one cannot return your love, that is no reason to stop sending it out into the universe. Each of us carry a special kind of love and sometimes we find ourselves giving it to someone who just isn’t capable of returning it. It’s not reason at all to shut down and stop loving. You ARE love. Allow it to continue to flow, eventually it will reach someone who is capable of returning that love.

Many Blessings,

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The Woman with a Foolish Heart

ravenatalker2015She said to him that she’s writing a story. The title, she says, is “The Woman with a Foolish Heart”. He then asks “is this a self reflection then?” She answers with a definite “yes” and then he replies with, “I presume this is past tense” and she says, “mostly” then he says something that changes her story all together. He replies with, “I challenge if it was your heart or mind that was foolish?” So this is where the story becomes changed from what she once believed to what she knows within her soul.

This woman you all must already know is me. The conversation as seen above, is real. The thoughts that filled my mind as I wrote down the title of this story were of memories. Memories of all the times my heart held out hope for a love that was real, only to become shattered with broken promises, denied love, affection and truth. I thought about my fears and prayed to Spirit to please not let me be fooled again. In writing this story it became clear… I was indeed reflecting within the mind and certainly not the heart. Memories and thoughts all coming from the mind of course… but what about my heart? What was in my heart then and what is in my heart right now? There is only one answer, “LOVE”.

The heart holds no fear, doubt, worry or anything other than love. Love is what the heart is for. With every beat there is only love within the heart. The mind would like us to “think” differently. The mind tells us to hold back when the heart says be free to love. The mind says fear is real but the heart says I love you still. This woman who thought she had a foolish heart, realized that it has always been the mind that was foolish. The heart is what it has always been and will always be… pure, unfiltered love. Just because love was given but not returned does not mean it wasn’t real.

My heart is unchanged by an unfortunate past, it still continues to love. I love more today than I have ever loved before. The past has not weaken my spirit, but made it stronger. There is a fairy tale still waiting to be written. It’s not about the knight on the white horse, about being rescued, about the castle or the ball or anything else the common fairy tale might seem. It’s about the dance of life between two people in the same agreement with their souls. Two people who compliment each other is such a way that there is balance and love that simply never ends. Two people unafraid to truly love each other and give of themselves without holding back and without condition. That is my fairy tale and I believe in it with all of my heart.

Now, I’m just going to sit here with my mouse friends next to this pumpkin and see what happens next 😉

Many Blessings,

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50 Shades of “Yes Please”

Today I talk a little bit about keeping the romance in a relationship alive. It’s important to take time for each other and to not let intimacy with each other go. When was the last time you had a passionate kiss? Be playful with each other, tease each other … make time for your relationship.

Many Blessings,

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Loving Who You Are!

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said “I Love You” to yourself? It’s great to love others and to be kind and give to as many people as you like, but don’t neglect yourself in the process. You deserve a little love too, ya know!

Many Blessings,

The Raven and The Wolf

WP_20150407_016[1]This story began when time began. Two souls who found each other again and again, lifetime after lifetime. The journey, never the same but the love and the connection between the two souls remained as steady as the light from the moon.

It has always been as if there were two hearts beating as one. Like a native drum, the rhythm of their hearts called to each other across land and time. The two felt like they were simply wandering aimlessly looking for something they weren’t even sure existed. Then there would be the first glimpse of something. Without knowing what it was, they followed their hearts one step, one moment at a time. The closer they came to one another the more awake their souls began to feel. The beating inside them grew stronger, grew louder with every moment as their paths began to cross. The feelings inside them stirred like a winter storm out of control.

There was always this emptiness inside them that could only be filled by the other. Without knowing what it was they were seeking, their journey often felt unbearable. Love appeared to them in many ways but never felt true. Heartache after heartache they endured. It was never much of a task to heal, for the love only ran so deep, never to the depths that they wished for. Somewhere inside them they knew there was another kind of love that existed. It was only when they met that true love was found. It was so frightening, that kind of love. That kind of connection between two souls that seemed magical beyond words. Unbreakable. A bond between two souls, like a binding contract with the stars. It was something that was always meant to be. They would always find each other.

At times there wasn’t enough life in their journey to find each other, so the search continued over into the next life and the next and the next until once again they would be united. Life always felt the same kind of darkened void until they would meet. Again and again through time they followed that rhythm beating inside them.  The calling was for their union.

What is it they were meant to do? Why were they always searching for each other? What is it that kept them on this path toward one another? Was it just a game of hide-n-seek between two playful souls or was it something else? Each life together brought them new happiness and then great sorrow when it was time again for them to part.

Was it the lessons learned on their way to each other or was it the gift of finding the other? Maybe it was all of the above and everything in between. The answers we may never know. Only the stars can tell us the true story. What we do know is that this journey toward each other continues… lifetime after lifetime.

Many Blessings,

The Dance

native loversA midnight waltz among the stars, where he reaches out to take hold my hand and it feels as though we have become one. With nothing more than a single touch, his spirit and mine join together and we dance. In perfect unison, each step followed by another so effortlessly. Gliding along through space and time with an ease that settles deep within my soul. Hand in hand, our fingers laced together so perfectly that one would not know who’s fingers belonged to who. It may seem silly, this dance, to others… but it is a connection that can never be broken. It’s a nightly ritual of two souls who long to be together in physical form, but distance keeps them apart. For now.

When night fills the sky and it is time to close their eyes, the two lovers meet in a sacred place that only they know. Off in a distant field of their minds, stands a tree. A most sacred tree that becomes their shelter, their home, their place of dreaming, where love is more than just a dream or a possibility, love is their only reality. They know that there will always be a tomorrow and they will meet at the tree once again, but the time in between seems like an eternity. Tormented by the distance that keeps them apart. The time they have each night beneath their tree, is all that they can think about throughout the day. Time slowly tics by and the longing inside them grows. As the sun fades away and is replaced by the moon, they eagerly close their eyes and make their way to the tree.

From the mists they appear side by side, reaching out to each other, they touch and the dream becomes real. She feels him as he pulls her close, his hands reaching around her back, pulling her into his embrace. Her lips touch his with a kiss so sweet and meaningful. Intoxicated by each other, breathing in each other’s essence, melting into one another. Their movements so fluid, that someone peeping into their dream might not realize that there are two souls. Beneath that tree, they spend the entire night wrapped around each other’s mind, body and soul. Looking into each other’s eyes as though it were the first and last time. Holding on so tightly to one another as if they know their time is limited. It doesn’t matter how long they have in this sacred place of dreaming … all that matters is that they are there for the moment and they shall not waste a single second of it.

To be continued…. 

Many Blessings,

Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain – Relationships  – Relationships work when you focus on what’s important… Fill your life with love and compassion for each other instead of THINGS for each other. The truest test of love is sticking with someone when times are hard, loving someone when they are at their worst. It’s easy to stand by someone when times are easy… staying when it gets bad is what counts the most. Live, Laugh, Love and build those things together and forget what what society “thinks” is important. A life worth living is not forged with monetary gifts but with gifts from each others heart and soul. Remember these things and build a life on LOVE.

Many Blessings,

I am a Body of Light

IMG_1154I am a body of light…. swaying to and fro with the vibrations of the universe

My soul sings in harmony with another… it always has and always will

Connected by a mere strand of web, stretching from one place to another.

Each with a light of our own, a beacon for one another flashing into the space between us

Two clocks ticking away, in unison but distance holds us apart

Tic Toc, Tic Toc…. When the time is right … all will see a phenomenal light

Two souls coming together, two hearts beating the same rhythm

Two souls sharing the same light.

Forever changing the echos in the night.


I wonder…

Edited in Lumia SelfieWhen the day comes that the memory of me fades, I will still be there, right by your side. Right where I have always been.

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be loved. Like completely loved, all your faults and positives, wrapped together and loved just as you are. No need to improve, the love remains. Through the rough times and the good times, through the light and the dark. Loved. Loved for the person that you are, no matter the qualities that make up who you are at that moment. To be loved through all the changes that evolve on the inside and out. Simply Loved.

I wonder what it’s like to have someone in your life that is happy that you are there. Happy to see you at the end of a long day, happy to know you care.

I wonder what it’s like.

Hmmmmm.. maybe the key here is that I learn how to love myself in the same way.


He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not

WP_20140518_012-4I just had an interesting conversation with the clerk at the grocery store and must share:

I was checking out when some lady began speaking to my cashier in some other language that I certainly did not understand at all. My cashier replied back and the conversation went on for some time. It ended and my cashier said to me, she said that I (the cashier) should find someone, that it must be lonely being single and alone. I just stood there listening. She then said, I don’t want a boyfriend, boyfriends leave you and break your heart, I just want to find a husband and then love him. She said, husbands don’t leave you, so husbands don’t break your heart. Okay, now she has my full attention and I replied, husbands do sometimes break your heart as well. She looked at me and asked, How? I said, well, husbands leave you too. She said, not in my country, we don’t believe in divorce. To divorce in my country it is shameful, if a woman divorces she could be killed and if not the family will not take you back either because they are ashamed. I said to her, well then I hope he loves you back and she replied with, if he doesn’t then I will just pitty him. She finished ringing me up and I wished her luck.

On my drive back home I kept thinking about the conversation. It rolled around and around in my head. I pondered the pros and cons of her belief. Those who don’t believe in divorce sounds like a promising situation …. unless….. one of the people is mean, hurtful and nasty to the other in some way, what about being eternally married to someone who is abusive?… certainly not my idea of happily ever after. Divorce is not fun either and I don’t think anyone goes into a marriage thinking that somewhere down the line a divorce will be in their future…. but it happens.

My mind then went to her worry of being heartbroken. She doesn’t want a boyfriend because she is fearful of falling in love with someone who could leave her and break her heart. In my own life I have had my heart broken many times and it sucked every single time… but also in between all of those heartbreaks were moments of great love. The big question is would you give up those moments of love to keep your heart from ever being broken?

No matter how horrible and painful those heartbreaks may have been, I certainly wouldn’t want to give up those moments of love. To think about living my life with the possibility of never knowing or feeling love is far scarier than worrying about getting my heart broken. Your heart will mend but not without love.

Those moments of love are what get me through the times when love is absent. It makes me very sad to think about never experiencing those moments. Don’t be afraid of heartbreak… you should never be afraid to love and be loved.

Many Blessings,

The Fairytale Update

fairy-talesI heard a great quote today from a movie, a mother and daughter were talking about love and the whole fairy tale idea of it all when the mother said “You’re knight and shining armor isn’t going to show up with a horse and carriage to rescue you… you need to update your fairy tale baby!”.

Romantic stories of love have been told for centuries, every little girl grows up hearing these tall tales before she can even speak and then one wonders why we seek this thing called romance. Romance does still exist, it just doesn’t look like the picture painted in all those storybooks.

Today’s knight, instead of riding a horse and fighting fierce battles in shiny armor, he drives a car and has a 9 to 5. He has just as many issues as the damsel in distress and can sometimes need rescuing himself. He has bills to pay, obligations to fulfill and a boss to answer to just like the rest of us. The battles he fights are simply day to day getting by and getting ahead and the shiny armor is the light he carries within.

Think about the fairy tale you are looking for… is it realistic or is it something of pure fiction? Do you even need rescuing? Maybe it’s time to update the storybook of your life … you never know, you might find that you are already living your own happily ever after. So stop thinking you need what others have written and write your own.

Many Blessings,

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One’s Idea of Magic

I was having a playful conversation with my husband tonight … he was having a tummy ache and I said to him … “one kiss from me love and your tummy will be all better”. He kept changing the subject and I asked… ” don’t you believe in my magic love?”. He would never answer me, so I walked away. I said to him If you believed in my magic, you could feel all better but since you don’t believe you’ll just have to suffer.. lol. A few minutes later I said ” you know what… I believe in you” .. he said “but I’m not magic”. I just left it at that, but you know what? He is.. he just doesn’t know it.

One kiss from him reduces my stress to absolutely nothing. My worries, my fears, my concerns.. everything is gone with just a kiss. Now  that’s magic! Too bad he doesn’t even realize it… but all is not lost .. because I know he is.. I feel it every time I look at him.. every time he touches me and every time his lips touch mine.

Magic you see isn’t pulling a rabbit out of a hat or turning bad men into frogs … magic is something more special than that!

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – Love

What can I say that has not been said before when it comes to love. It is that one thing we are all in search of and yet so few feel like they have found true love.

Bells, whistles, lightning and thunder are suppose to be heard when that love walks into your life… but is this true?

YES!!! Yes it is very true.

Your entire being knows when that other half of your soul stands before you. Words or actions will not be needed for the souls communicate on a level that few understand.

Magical is another word used often to describe the feeling of true love. I have to agree but also I should say that one need not expect to have that “magical” feeling every moment of every day. The magic is  always there but in the chores of living day to day other things blur the magic and while it is there.. it may be unseen or felt less than other moments at times. This is ok.. this is how it should be.. for the magic is never gone… it’s just not always front and center.

Be sure and let those you love know it every day. If you want a magical love life then you have to play a part in making sure the magic is front and center.. don’t allow life’s day to day challenges blur the magic that lives within your bond.

It’s the small things that for me bring that magic back to the surface… like looking over at my husband and as he turns his focus and looks back at me and that smile of his takes form… A magic stirs inside me and I bubble over with how very much I love him. Late night cuddles and morning kisses .. sigh… Preparing meals together… the love and care that goes into every action. These are just a few of the things that normally may go without notice but for me these are the moments I look forward to.

Many Blessings,

My Magical Life

I love, love, love my magical life.. I really do.. it brightens my days and brightens the light inside me as well.  That being said.. I have to tell you about my commute home from work this afternoon. Here we go:

Well, earlier today I was blogging about work ethics and about doing the best you can do and then taking it a step further … all the while that I was writing about this I was thinking about my husband because he is that way as well. He just cannot make himself do something half way. He always has to go a step beyond what one might think you should do so that he does it better than what was done before.

Well.. the thoughts of my darling husband lingered through my mind all the way home. Every time I think of him, I can’t help but smile. It’s one of those smiles that starts right in the center of your being and just jumps right out onto your face as though it cannot be contained! So, I’m driving home and thinking about him and smiling all the while and I thought to myself, “thoughts of my hubby are just fluttering through my mind like a butterfly upon a breeze” I know,  I know.. I’m sappy that way.

Just a few minutes into my drive and “Our Song” comes on the radio… ok so you know I had to chuckle a bit to myself as a grin covered my entire face. I reach over and turn up the radio and at that moment I am in a que to merge onto another section of the interstate and as I sat there singing along to “our song” I look over at the traffic and in the median bounces a butterfly right past my car.. LOL! Finally I make it up to the merge and as traffic from the other lanes are mingling a truck moves over in front of me with the license plate of 777LVV. I think to myself…. “OMG, can this get much better!” You see we were married on 7/7/07 :-). I continue singing and making my way home.

The song is over and I can’t get much happier. I’m on my way home, I have a wonderful husband and life is pretty good today. As these thoughts fill my mind, it’s time to merge again and you won’t believe this but now I am behind another car with one of those angelic numbered license plates. This time it’s 444, which means the angels are surrounding you and  with you. You can imagine, I am all grins!

My commute is about an hours drive and now I am getting really close to home. Again, I am qed up to merge onto the last bit of highway just before hitting the back streets to home. I’m sitting there at a mere crawl inching my way forward, the windows are down, the radio is on and a cool breeze comes into my window. I breathe a heavy sigh and think to myself,” What a beautiful day” just then a car slowly passes by and yep you guessed it another plate with angelic numbers. This time it’s 111, which means opportunity and new doorways opening up.

Just seconds after seeing the 111, this thought rolled into my head,  “I just need to let go of thinking about the things I don’t have and concentrate on what I do have in my life”. Just as that thought finished, I look over and there is yet another car with 444 on the license plate! I’m thinking.. no one will ever believe this! This was the universe confirming my path or at least that’s how I like to believe.

Just amazing! Funny how life works. Those things that can’t be explained. Some call them coincidences … I call it magic!

Love life and watch it love you back!

Many Blessings,

Lost in his kiss….

Sigh…. It never gets old or common place.. that kiss…. when his lips touch mine I find myself lost in his kiss. You know how in those romantic movies the camera slows to focus on the couple locked in a magical kiss.. the camera zooms in on their faces and slowly encircles them as the background becomes fuzzy and fades away …. as if the world around them has completely disappeared… well that’s exactly how I feel every time my husband’s lips touch mine.

No matter what else in the world is going on … my worries and my stress lessen and I am lost in the magic of a single kiss. Moments I treasure … moments that stay with me long after they are gone.

Take time in your life to treasure those moments… a kiss, a warm embrace, a glance in your direction, a smile, a touch … time passes so quickly and our lives are filled with things to be done.. don’t let these small but priceless treasures get lost in the busy… busy .. hustle of  day to day living.

When those moments come … take in the moment and relish it … allow yourself to truly be in that moment and not elsewhere.

Many Blessings,

The Good and the Bad

Inspired by the words of a friend this morning … “Its the choices we make in the toughest of times…that show us and others who we really are….” by Bear Medicine Walker

I thought I’d take some time to elaborate on this topic for a moment.

It’s easy to be great when things are going well… but when things go bad that’s when our true colors and our true nature sings out loud.

We may not make the best choices or decisions during hard times but if we are of good intentions and a good heart, we will do the best with what we have and what we know.

Mistakes happen .. we all fall down from time to time. It’s easy to be pulled down into a slump of depression and negativity… but it’s how we pull ourselves out of it that matters most. The will and intent to want to pull yourself out of the darkness and into the light says more than words could ever do.

I want to offer just a small bit of advice at this time: Please do not judge others by their immediate actions.. instead take a longer look at the whole picture and give them time to regroup. Treat each as you would hope you would be treated in times of hardship and struggle.

If I alone were to be judged by some of my decisions and actions from the past … Ooooooo boy would I be in a world of trouble.

We each walk our own path … although it may seem similar to another .. each walk is different.. with different circumstances, experiences, knowledge or lack of and different actions and reactions. None should be compared to another.

Our life here is about learning and growing … so mistakes will be made without doubt. EVERYONE makes them .. big , small…. we all are similar in this way.

Be kind to others as you walk through your day .. you just never know what they may be going through … behind that smile maybe a broken heart, a stressed mind and a confused weary soul… so be kind and considerate with your actions always.

Many blessings for a great day!


 I wrote this a while back … but thought I might refresh it and share again.

Unforgettable moments, people, places, scenes and events.

I want to be one of those unforgettable people..  and be part of many unforgettable moments, view unforgettable scenes and witness and participate in unforgettable events.

I want happy memories that will last many lifetimes. I want happy memories of me to linger long after I am gone. I’d like others to want me around even when I’m not.

I want to be a creator of those unforgettable times for everyone I can.

I want to be a part of the great magic that flows through the air and into everyone… bringing them up… making them laugh .. and making them feel good all over .. inside and out.

I’ll do my part each and every day to make this possible..

I just hope that others see and feel the magic … hold on to the magic and appreciate the magic that has come their way .. from me and from others.

A magic that fills your being with a joy that makes you feel as though there is nothing you can’t do.. no mountain to high too climb.. no river too wide to cross.. no boundaries to hold you back.. a magic that feels like new love .. fresh and exciting .. that sends tingles up your spine every time you think of me.

That’s me and that’s my wish for tonight for everyone … tomorrow and eternity.

Many Blessings,

Summer’s Beginning

WP_20140620_010Here I stand on the longest day of the year…. stretching my hands to the universe accepting of the energy that comes fourth. Thankful for the blessings in my life and hopeful of a future filled with many more.

A time when the days stop growing and the nights stop shrinking …
A time to begin working with your dreams.

Tonight when the sun finally slips down and calls it a night… I’ll lay my head upon my pillow and dream many dreams for happy days to come.

Dreaming of  the love I have found and growing old together… still smiling at each other when those days come to an end. Dreaming of creations yet to be realized and created. Dreaming of peace and love for all my family and friends. Dreaming of the future… of an ease of life, of fresh air, clean water and our warm and cozy home. Dreaming dreams that  keep us dreaming, keep us hoping, keep us living, keep us smiling.

Tomorrow I shall awake and follow those dreams as I do each and every day. Never giving up, never stopping when I fall. I’ll continue to chase those dreams til my days find their end.

The Solstice, where the days are still much longer than the night, we have time to bring our dreams into creation… and as each night comes to be, we are given a wee bit more time to focus our intent within our dreaming.  Use this time wisely.

Let your dreams be realized in the sun lit hours while the moon guides you through the night and keeps you dreaming those dreams that keep you living the life you always knew could be possible.



Many Blessings for a Happy and Bright Solstice,


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From a thought to a dream

From a thought to a dream
From a dream to reality
We all have within us this ability

To make our wishes and dreams come true
The power is there, sitting deep inside you

Thoughts become words, words become action
The universe works in reaction

Speak out loud, what you wish to see
Answers will soon come to thee

With honor and love in your heart
For the dream to come true
You must play an active part

Walking in the direction of your dream
It’s not as easy as it may seem

Obstacles sometimes block the way
Never give up, no matter what anyone has to say

Positive thoughts and actions ease the trail
Don’t worry about “What if I fail”

Where there is a will, there is a way
That’s what I’ve always heard them say

So follow your heart and you shall soon see
What was once a dream, has now become reality!

Many Blessings,

Let Me Be….

cades cove 5
Let Me Be…

Think of me in a kind and loving way
Feel my heart in the words that I say

Let me be more than some romantic notion
Recite me like the ingredients of a spellbound potion

Allow my hands to help you heal
Know that my love for you is real

Remember the twinkle in my eyes that let you know
That you are the one who makes the light inside me glow

Chant me like a sacred song
Love me as forever is long

Know me inside and out
Hold me in your heart without any fear, without any doubt

Let me be your muse, I’ll share with you my magic light
Hold me close, everyday and every night

Love me in a true and honest fashion
I’ll give to you my devoted love and passion

I want to be the poetry that lies within your soul
I’ll be the greatest love you’ll ever know

Let me be the rain that quenches your thirst
The one you wake and think of first

Lull me like a magic rhyme
You’ll see how our love will withstand the test of time

Cast me like your most cherished wish to stars above
I’ll promise you forever my love

Let me be your most fond memory
I give to you my heart and all that is me.

Many Blessings,

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One Thousand Times

Barred Owl

One Thousand Times

One thousand times I’ve been born
One thousand times I’ve died

The years have passed by like a soft whisper in the wind
Days and nights gone without my knowing

One thousand paths I have walked
One thousand lessons I have learned

Tears I have cried for so many reasons
Smiles, laughter and love have helped me make it through the seasons

One thousand rights
One thousand wrongs

Blessings and curses bestowed upon me
Love, the miracle that always brings me back to why I’m ME

One thousand ways
One thousand times

One thousand pairs of eyes
One thousand ways to see

One thousand lips to be kissed
One thousand people, wondering if ever they were missed

One thousand ways to go
One thousand reasons to live again

One thousand times ……


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Let Me Be Forever Yours

Let me be your rain….
I’ll wash away your worries, your fear, your pain.

Let me be your sun…
I’ll light your days and warm you as the nights grow cold.

Let me be the wind…
And I’ll carry your wishes to heaven so that they may be heard.

Let me be your moon..
I’ll be the light in your darkest hours.

Let me be a soft whisper…..
So that my words may linger in your ears.

Let me be your eyes…
So that I may be in your every vision.

Let me be your hands…
For I willl always be within your reach.

Let me be your heart…
So that I will know the source of your love.

Let me be forever yours…
So that I may spend the rest of my days loving you.

Many Blessings,