he love me not

He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not

WP_20140518_012-4I just had an interesting conversation with the clerk at the grocery store and must share:

I was checking out when some lady began speaking to my cashier in some other language that I certainly did not understand at all. My cashier replied back and the conversation went on for some time. It ended and my cashier said to me, she said that I (the cashier) should find someone, that it must be lonely being single and alone. I just stood there listening. She then said, I don’t want a boyfriend, boyfriends leave you and break your heart, I just want to find a husband and then love him. She said, husbands don’t leave you, so husbands don’t break your heart. Okay, now she has my full attention and I replied, husbands do sometimes break your heart as well. She looked at me and asked, How? I said, well, husbands leave you too. She said, not in my country, we don’t believe in divorce. To divorce in my country it is shameful, if a woman divorces she could be killed and if not the family will not take you back either because they are ashamed. I said to her, well then I hope he loves you back and she replied with, if he doesn’t then I will just pitty him. She finished ringing me up and I wished her luck.

On my drive back home I kept thinking about the conversation. It rolled around and around in my head. I pondered the pros and cons of her belief. Those who don’t believe in divorce sounds like a promising situation …. unless….. one of the people is mean, hurtful and nasty to the other in some way, what about being eternally married to someone who is abusive?… certainly not my idea of happily ever after. Divorce is not fun either and I don’t think anyone goes into a marriage thinking that somewhere down the line a divorce will be in their future…. but it happens.

My mind then went to her worry of being heartbroken. She doesn’t want a boyfriend because she is fearful of falling in love with someone who could leave her and break her heart. In my own life I have had my heart broken many times and it sucked every single time… but also in between all of those heartbreaks were moments of great love. The big question is would you give up those moments of love to keep your heart from ever being broken?

No matter how horrible and painful those heartbreaks may have been, I certainly wouldn’t want to give up those moments of love. To think about living my life with the possibility of never knowing or feeling love is far scarier than worrying about getting my heart broken. Your heart will mend but not without love.

Those moments of love are what get me through the times when love is absent. It makes me very sad to think about never experiencing those moments. Don’t be afraid of heartbreak… you should never be afraid to love and be loved.

Many Blessings,