One’s Idea of Magic

I was having a playful conversation with my husband tonight … he was having a tummy ache and I said to him … “one kiss from me love and your tummy will be all better”. He kept changing the subject and I asked… ” don’t you believe in my magic love?”. He would never answer me, so I walked away. I said to him If you believed in my magic, you could feel all better but since you don’t believe you’ll just have to suffer.. lol. A few minutes later I said ” you know what… I believe in you” .. he said “but I’m not magic”. I just left it at that, but you know what? He is.. he just doesn’t know it.

One kiss from him reduces my stress to absolutely nothing. My worries, my fears, my concerns.. everything is gone with just a kiss. Now  that’s magic! Too bad he doesn’t even realize it… but all is not lost .. because I know he is.. I feel it every time I look at him.. every time he touches me and every time his lips touch mine.

Magic you see isn’t pulling a rabbit out of a hat or turning bad men into frogs … magic is something more special than that!

Many Blessings,

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