The Dance

native loversA midnight waltz among the stars, where he reaches out to take hold my hand and it feels as though we have become one. With nothing more than a single touch, his spirit and mine join together and we dance. In perfect unison, each step followed by another so effortlessly. Gliding along through space and time with an ease that settles deep within my soul. Hand in hand, our fingers laced together so perfectly that one would not know who’s fingers belonged to who. It may seem silly, this dance, to others… but it is a connection that can never be broken. It’s a nightly ritual of two souls who long to be together in physical form, but distance keeps them apart. For now.

When night fills the sky and it is time to close their eyes, the two lovers meet in a sacred place that only they know. Off in a distant field of their minds, stands a tree. A most sacred tree that becomes their shelter, their home, their place of dreaming, where love is more than just a dream or a possibility, love is their only reality. They know that there will always be a tomorrow and they will meet at the tree once again, but the time in between seems like an eternity. Tormented by the distance that keeps them apart. The time they have each night beneath their tree, is all that they can think about throughout the day. Time slowly tics by and the longing inside them grows. As the sun fades away and is replaced by the moon, they eagerly close their eyes and make their way to the tree.

From the mists they appear side by side, reaching out to each other, they touch and the dream becomes real. She feels him as he pulls her close, his hands reaching around her back, pulling her into his embrace. Her lips touch his with a kiss so sweet and meaningful. Intoxicated by each other, breathing in each other’s essence, melting into one another. Their movements so fluid, that someone peeping into their dream might not realize that there are two souls. Beneath that tree, they spend the entire night wrapped around each other’s mind, body and soul. Looking into each other’s eyes as though it were the first and last time. Holding on so tightly to one another as if they know their time is limited. It doesn’t matter how long they have in this sacred place of dreaming … all that matters is that they are there for the moment and they shall not waste a single second of it.

To be continued…. 

Many Blessings,

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