Day: March 22, 2015

New Artwork

Yesterday, filled with energy from the New moon and the beginning of Spring I sat down at my easle and started painting. I created a new piece for my office at work and a new piece that I currently have up for sale in my Etsy shop!

Check them out!

wolf and raven<<< This piece is the one I created for my office

And this piece (Dreaming with the Wolf)
I created is currently listed in my etsy shop…. click here to view more photos of it! >>>>>>

Many Blessings,

We are NOT our Stories

Our experiences in life are our stories. They happened, they are real but now they are nothing more than thoughts. We hold dear the stories that enlighten us, that make us feel good, we remember the lessons learned from the teaching stories… but we let go of the story itself. We are not the story. We are the spirit that had the experience but we are not the story itself. Whatever it is you need to let go of… let it go… it is nothing more than a thought to you now…. it is not what is happening right here, right now… it’s in the past which makes it nothing more than a story… a thought.

Many Blessings,