Spending the Day with Wolves

I finally got back the photos from the disposable cameras I had to use at the Seacrest Wolf Preserve last weekend. So understand that these were NOT taken with MY camera… grrrrrrr but at least I have something to show you all from the AMAZING trip visiting the wolves!



Many Blessings,

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Full Moon Visions with the Wolf

In today’s video I tell you all about the visions I had during last night’s  full moon. It involves two wolves, pregnancy and the birth of something new. Enjoy!

Many Blessings,

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New Artwork

Yesterday, filled with energy from the New moon and the beginning of Spring I sat down at my easle and started painting. I created a new piece for my office at work and a new piece that I currently have up for sale in my Etsy shop!

Check them out!

wolf and raven<<< This piece is the one I created for my office

And this piece (Dreaming with the Wolf)
I created is currently listed in my etsy shop…. click here to view more photos of it! >>>>>>

Many Blessings,