over coming obstacles

Oooooo Those Obstacles!!!

Obstacles are opportunities for growth and healing. Do we allow them to block us from moving forward or do we use them as opportunities for growth and healing? Being able to stand on your path and look back at what you have overcome is a great feeling. Life will throw us many obstacles… forge past them and take that lesson and learn from it and allow yourself to heal once you have made it past. Look at what you have already survived… you can do this.

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Many Blessings,

The Good and the Bad

Inspired by the words of a friend this morning … “Its the choices we make in the toughest of times…that show us and others who we really are….” by Bear Medicine Walker

I thought I’d take some time to elaborate on this topic for a moment.

It’s easy to be great when things are going well… but when things go bad that’s when our true colors and our true nature sings out loud.

We may not make the best choices or decisions during hard times but if we are of good intentions and a good heart, we will do the best with what we have and what we know.

Mistakes happen .. we all fall down from time to time. It’s easy to be pulled down into a slump of depression and negativity… but it’s how we pull ourselves out of it that matters most. The will and intent to want to pull yourself out of the darkness and into the light says more than words could ever do.

I want to offer just a small bit of advice at this time: Please do not judge others by their immediate actions.. instead take a longer look at the whole picture and give them time to regroup. Treat each as you would hope you would be treated in times of hardship and struggle.

If I alone were to be judged by some of my decisions and actions from the past … Ooooooo boy would I be in a world of trouble.

We each walk our own path … although it may seem similar to another .. each walk is different.. with different circumstances, experiences, knowledge or lack of and different actions and reactions. None should be compared to another.

Our life here is about learning and growing … so mistakes will be made without doubt. EVERYONE makes them .. big , small…. we all are similar in this way.

Be kind to others as you walk through your day .. you just never know what they may be going through … behind that smile maybe a broken heart, a stressed mind and a confused weary soul… so be kind and considerate with your actions always.

Many blessings for a great day!