Not Seeing the Signs?

For those of you who have been looking for or hoping to have a sign from the universe .. I’m going to attempt to help you just a little bit.

1st  – imagine a number any number .. 1 digit, 2 digit or even 3 .. it can even be a repeating number like 111, 222, etc…

This number is going to be your sign.  You may see this number at the beginning, in the middle or even the end of a any sequence of numbers or you may see it alone.

Now after you read all of this.. close your eyes.. imagine my thumb in the center of your forehead for a moment or two … see this number … I am giving this number to you… introduce yourself to this number and then open your eyes and let it go.

Don’t worry about it or think about it again.

You will just start seeing this number as the days go by more and more often. This number is now your sign. You are now aware of it’s presence and since you are aware, you will see whats been in front of you all this time. Doing this will open you up to see other signs and more of what the universe has been guiding you to see.

Many Blessings,

Let me know your experiences.. I’d love to hear back from those who give it a go.


There is sure to be a lot of activity today being the day after Halloween and 11-1-11.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the Angelic or Master  Numbers.

So here is some information about the numbers 1, 11, 111, 1111 and any other combination of the 1s.

This first snip comes from “Whenever you see the sequence 111 or 1111 show up, it is a great sign of a golden opportunity. Both sequences mean that a “doorway” has opened up in which your intentions and goals will manifest extremely quickly. The Angels have taught me to focus my thoughts and intentions whenever I see 111 or 1111, almost like making a wish when a cake with candles is presented to you.”

I find this so true. I have noticed that since I began to recognize these sequences of numbers, straight away I have a mind set for blessings, gratitude and positive thinking. I thank the angels for the nudge and I can’t help but feel really good inside when seeing these numbers. It’s not just the numbers 11 or 111 it is any combination of triple digits. Each with their own significance.

Lately I have been seeing 666 a lot. This tells me to change my thoughts. What I have previously conceived to be bad is not neccisarily so. Previously, my thoughts toward the 6s came from early childhood conditioning. Growing up in the bible belt of the South, we are taught that the 6s are evil, thats the Devil’s number, the mark of the beast. Can you imagine that poor number 6 and how it must feel to have such a bad reputation for no real good reason at all. So now when I see the 6s I smile and acknowledge the message and the goodness that can be found in that number and dispell any negative thoughts that may come to mind.

Ok back to the 1s. Today is indeed a magical day filled with endless possibilities for us all. We simply need to recognize that the possibilities exist and that they are within our reach. We then need to take positive action to walk forward in our lives to bring about the changes that we wish to see.

Have a blessed and prosperous day,

Evil or Not?

This morning I was greeted straight away with the 6’s.. I was at first thinking .. Oh great! I then asked could I not get a better number.. and then I changed my thought patterns.. Why is it 666 should be considered evil? Why is it that I think it does? well from conditioning .. I have always been told by others that it was evil so it must be.. right? NO! The angels want us to change our way of thinking … just because someone has told you that this is the meaning of whatever it is .. that doesn’t mean it is all truth… meditate on it for yourself and go within to find the TRUE answer.. the TRUE meaning of what lies before you.

Here’s something I found on the 6’s that may shed more light this subject of angelic numbers.

666 was known as a number of higher dimensional light and there are those that have deliberately created fear around these numbers in order to keep sacred the true geometric knowledge and keep the magical frequency available for the select few. Those that hold fear around the numbers then create their own reality, bringing the true negative aspect of that geometry into their reality. For those that believe 666 to be a number of darkness, of service to self frequency or indeed a ‘devil’s number’ as you say, then this is exactly what it shall be. The living force of the universe is weaved upon a net, a web as it were, a mathematical web of number frequencies like codes in a computer. These numbers that exist, flow, change, divide, remain the same, move, feel, communicate, dance, learn and teach are the very fabric that works it’s magic around you when you use that which you know as the law of attraction. The fabric of geometric intelligence, the living numbers and mathematical shapes of the universe, of hyperspace respond to your consciousness, to your emotions, to your actions and thoughts. These geometric number frequencies exist within you, within your DNA therefore your thoughts are intertwined at all times with them. From our perspective they are one and the same. From your perspective there is a choice, there is free will. You can choose to believe that any order of numbers, any geometric shape or symbol or triple number code such as 666 is dark, negative, bad and evil bringing bad luck, omens of disaster and fear into your lives. Or you can choose to break free from the deliberate conditioning of others, conditioning that only serves to halt your evolution and ultimately shift timelines and prevent Ascension of Earth and Humanity on Earth.

You can read more of this article here :

Many Blessings,

My Magical Life

I love, love, love my magical life.. I really do.. it brightens my days and brightens the light inside me as well.  That being said.. I have to tell you about my commute home from work this afternoon. Here we go:

Well, earlier today I was blogging about work ethics and about doing the best you can do and then taking it a step further … all the while that I was writing about this I was thinking about my husband because he is that way as well. He just cannot make himself do something half way. He always has to go a step beyond what one might think you should do so that he does it better than what was done before.

Well.. the thoughts of my darling husband lingered through my mind all the way home. Every time I think of him, I can’t help but smile. It’s one of those smiles that starts right in the center of your being and just jumps right out onto your face as though it cannot be contained! So, I’m driving home and thinking about him and smiling all the while and I thought to myself, “thoughts of my hubby are just fluttering through my mind like a butterfly upon a breeze” I know,  I know.. I’m sappy that way.

Just a few minutes into my drive and “Our Song” comes on the radio… ok so you know I had to chuckle a bit to myself as a grin covered my entire face. I reach over and turn up the radio and at that moment I am in a que to merge onto another section of the interstate and as I sat there singing along to “our song” I look over at the traffic and in the median bounces a butterfly right past my car.. LOL! Finally I make it up to the merge and as traffic from the other lanes are mingling a truck moves over in front of me with the license plate of 777LVV. I think to myself…. “OMG, can this get much better!” You see we were married on 7/7/07 :-). I continue singing and making my way home.

The song is over and I can’t get much happier. I’m on my way home, I have a wonderful husband and life is pretty good today. As these thoughts fill my mind, it’s time to merge again and you won’t believe this but now I am behind another car with one of those angelic numbered license plates. This time it’s 444, which means the angels are surrounding you and  with you. You can imagine, I am all grins!

My commute is about an hours drive and now I am getting really close to home. Again, I am qed up to merge onto the last bit of highway just before hitting the back streets to home. I’m sitting there at a mere crawl inching my way forward, the windows are down, the radio is on and a cool breeze comes into my window. I breathe a heavy sigh and think to myself,” What a beautiful day” just then a car slowly passes by and yep you guessed it another plate with angelic numbers. This time it’s 111, which means opportunity and new doorways opening up.

Just seconds after seeing the 111, this thought rolled into my head,  “I just need to let go of thinking about the things I don’t have and concentrate on what I do have in my life”. Just as that thought finished, I look over and there is yet another car with 444 on the license plate! I’m thinking.. no one will ever believe this! This was the universe confirming my path or at least that’s how I like to believe.

Just amazing! Funny how life works. Those things that can’t be explained. Some call them coincidences … I call it magic!

Love life and watch it love you back!

Many Blessings,

All Signs Point To…..

On my in to work this morning I was greeted right away with the angelic numbers 222. (222 meaning  – Have faith. Everything’s going to be all right.)

This made me smile as I felt blessed and comforted seeing the numbers there in front of me as I drove to work. I began to think about signs in general.. what they mean to people and their significance to others.

I also thought for a moment about those who would like to tell us that we make things up to mean things and that none of it really means anything .. we just say that it does.

Then I thought … well who cares if it is real or not. If I am able to find comfort in something as simple as a set of numbers, then whats the harm… what does it matter to anyone else but me. It means something to me and that is all that matters.

The truth is that none of us can truly say what is at the end of our road until that end has come to be. Having faith and something to believe in doesn’t hurt anyone at all.  If in times of stress, hardship, struggle, loneliness or whatever the case may be .. you are able to find comfort in whatever sign it is you have chosen to see then so be it. You are the only one effected by the sign.. so whats the big deal. Why is it some are so bent on arguing about what sign you chose to believe in and whether or not it is a real sign or not??? I think maybe the case is that they have their eyes closed so tightly to what cannot be explained that they don’t “SEE” .. and when others say that they have “SEEN” they feel.. .well they feel a bit left out and since they haven’t “SEEN” any signs then they must not be real.

Finding comfort in finding a feather.. seeing sets of numbers.. hearing a birds call… feeling like someone of a higher power is watching over you harms no one. Go ahead and believe as you wish .. it is all our given right.

Signs are everywhere you just have to ask for them. When asking for a sign you are making yourself aware of your surroundings.. so what was there all the while is now visible to you.

Just as that line from one of my favorite songs goes… Only the ones who believe, ever see what they dream, ever dream what comes true.

So says the raven today… DREAM.. BELIEVE.. HAVE FAITH.. LIVE.. LOVE… LAUGH and SEE!

Many Blessings,

Pssst…. Over Here!

111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

Ok … now that you are awake … These are your master numbers … a nudge from the angels and masters … triggers to set your spiritual self on a new awakening … a new leg in your journey.

I’m not here to give you the meaning of each set of numbers but to tell you what they are and what to look for… the research is yours to do on your own.

NOTE: Just because a website claims certain sets of numbers have this particular meaning or that … does NOT mean that is what it means to you … it can mean what they say it means or it might not in your case… that is up to you.

You know what’s going on in your life and on your path … trust your intuition .. the inner knowing that already exists inside you. If it feels right … then it’s right for YOU .. if it feels wrong .. then it’s wrong for YOU.

Good morning and welcome to your new awakening!

Many Blessings,


Number Eleven possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality, and is idealistic. Others turn to people who are ‘Eleven’ for teaching and inspiration, and are usually uplifted by the experience.

In systems such as Astrology and basic Numerology, eleven is considered to be a Master Number. Eleven can also represent sin; transgression and peril. Ten being the perfect number, eleven represents the exceeding of both.

It is interesting to note that eleven when broken down ( 1+1=2) comprises the Two of duality.

Number eleven is a master vibration and as such should not be reduced to a single number.People with this number could be both idealistic and visionary, and they are attracted to the unknown.They can be both unusual, interesting and magnetic personalities.

Eleven bring the gift of spiritual inheritance, is gifted as the “Light-Bearer”. It is the number of the Light within all. Strengthened by the love of Peace, gentleness, sensitivity and insight. Greatest facility is the awareness of Universal relationship. Is related to the energy of Oppositions and the Balancing needed in order to achieve synthesis.

Eleven is The PeaceMaker… Colours : Gold, Salmon, Prune, White and Black.

Determining Your Life-Path Number

Let us say that you were born on March 29, 1968.

March is the third month–3

the day 29, 2+9 totals 11

the year 1+9+6+8 totals 24 which reduces [2+4] to 6

Now add 3 with 11 [11 being a Master Number does not reduce]=14 +6=20

Drop the zero, and you have 2 as your Life-Path Number.

Many Blessings,

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Today’s Note Brought to you by the Number 13

friday 13th
Being Friday the 13th …. A day that most dread and some even fear … a day surround by superstition and bad luck …. I thought I’d give you something positive to think about instead.

13 Wishes from Me to You

1. May fear never guide you or hold you back

2. May love and luck be blessings to you every day

3. May good health and happiness always be at your door

4. May you always know the love that comes from the heavens above

5. May you see with eyes clear and true

6. May your voice sing aloud the spirit that is only you

7. May you know that angels surround you

8. May you find beauty in every day

9. May you fall asleep each night in comfort and peace

10. May success always be your friend

11. May you know what its like to let go and soar the skies ever so blue

12. May you hear the whispers on the wind

13. May you know that it’s love that makes the heart glow.
These are my wishes for you … that today be a day not feared … but filled with love and blessings … for I have made 13 wishes for you.

Many Blessings,

Looking for a Sign

This morning as I drove into work I was looking all over for my sign… the sign that Creator is watching over me .. that combination of numbers that when I see it … it is like the arms of heaven reaching down and giving me a great big hug … 444. So as I traveled all through the traffic .. making my way to work … I scanned all the license plates, signs, buildings and all that I passed hoping for the smallest glimpse of my numbers 444 … hoping for a hug to start my day.

Nearly at work I sat there at a traffic light … scanning all the plates around me and 444 just wasn’t there … I thought to myself.. please Creator.. I could use a hug to get the day started.. and as soon as the words were coming from my head … there it was … but not in the usual way 🙂 I suddenly noticed that every car that circled me (ok except for the ones behind me because obviously I could not see them LOL) had a 4 on the plate and some had a 4 somewhere on the car itself .. and I smiled .. and I thanked the Creator for the hug…

Message for today: You are not alone and your prayers do get answered.. not always the way we think they will … but they will.. and the Creator surrounds us with his love always .. we just have to open our eyes and see. To see the signs clearly in front of us we must be open to more than how we “expect” or “wish” them to be… and accept what is given with love.

Many Blessings,