universal signs

Not Seeing the Signs?

For those of you who have been looking for or hoping to have a sign from the universe .. I’m going to attempt to help you just a little bit.

1st  – imagine a number any number .. 1 digit, 2 digit or even 3 .. it can even be a repeating number like 111, 222, etc…

This number is going to be your sign.  You may see this number at the beginning, in the middle or even the end of a any sequence of numbers or you may see it alone.

Now after you read all of this.. close your eyes.. imagine my thumb in the center of your forehead for a moment or two … see this number … I am giving this number to you… introduce yourself to this number and then open your eyes and let it go.

Don’t worry about it or think about it again.

You will just start seeing this number as the days go by more and more often. This number is now your sign. You are now aware of it’s presence and since you are aware, you will see whats been in front of you all this time. Doing this will open you up to see other signs and more of what the universe has been guiding you to see.

Many Blessings,

Let me know your experiences.. I’d love to hear back from those who give it a go.

Looking for a Sign

This morning as I drove into work I was looking all over for my sign… the sign that Creator is watching over me .. that combination of numbers that when I see it … it is like the arms of heaven reaching down and giving me a great big hug … 444. So as I traveled all through the traffic .. making my way to work … I scanned all the license plates, signs, buildings and all that I passed hoping for the smallest glimpse of my numbers 444 … hoping for a hug to start my day.

Nearly at work I sat there at a traffic light … scanning all the plates around me and 444 just wasn’t there … I thought to myself.. please Creator.. I could use a hug to get the day started.. and as soon as the words were coming from my head … there it was … but not in the usual way 🙂 I suddenly noticed that every car that circled me (ok except for the ones behind me because obviously I could not see them LOL) had a 4 on the plate and some had a 4 somewhere on the car itself .. and I smiled .. and I thanked the Creator for the hug…

Message for today: You are not alone and your prayers do get answered.. not always the way we think they will … but they will.. and the Creator surrounds us with his love always .. we just have to open our eyes and see. To see the signs clearly in front of us we must be open to more than how we “expect” or “wish” them to be… and accept what is given with love.

Many Blessings,