working with the masters

Dream – Working with the Masters

I was having a pretty wild dream this morning… I was in this place on a mountain that was like a monastery where one might go to be trained by the masters. My husband was there as well. We were both in the physical course together.. we were being taught something like Tai Chi but it was called To Tai Chi or something like that … something only the masters knew. Suddenly one of the masters recognized me and called out my name and said.. Holly, what on Earth are you doing in this class … you should be in the class for the creatives. I said to her, because I want to do it all. Everyone in the class laughed, even the masters… the master was like… but no one can do it all and no one needs to do it all .. and I said but I want to learn it all and at least give everything a try. I want to see for myself how much I can do….. I want to explore all the abilities inside me.

The master and the other students then began to tell about how the classes for the creatives were very hard. Telling about some of their own experiences from the classes. They started going on about how the master would describe things for you to draw and you would have to draw from your own mind ….. you would not be given an image in the physical to draw from.  I was then shown images of their results and the master spoke about how  different everyone’s perspectives were and how beautiful each drawing turned out. I understood this and appreciated the process and that this would be something that would just make me better at what I already do… but it did not change the fact that I wanted to try the harder things… things that I had never tried before to see what other abilities were inside me.

The Master appreciated my wanting to learn and so allowed me to do so.

I was then given this task that was extremely odd in my mind. I had to open up this fruit/plant looking thing that had something in its center .. it was round and had thousands of hair like moving parts.. very compact and the size of a silver dollar. I had to be very careful taking it out … placing it in the palm of my hand and moving it to this big cushion type thing that wasn’t really a cushion.. I’m not sure what it was. The master had told me what it was but that bit I forgot. When I placed this thing on the cushion looking thing it began moving from inside its center – outward. the cushion looking thing it sat on then began to grow. The master said to me that whatever it is placed on.. grows. It has the ability to turn even the smallest stone into a mountain.

The next scene in this dream was as if that master and I were floating overhead while this thing I took from the plant was creating a mountain… as the rock it was on grew it would move to another section of the rock and the rock would continue to grow and grow until it was indeed a very large mountain.

Suddenly my dream leads to an end where even in the dream it felt also as though I had skipped past many things to get to this part of the dream. I was in some sort of group discussion about death and I spoke up to say… but I already know where I go, I have seen it. Everyone paused… the master looked at me quizzically and asked me to  tell them what it was I saw.

I spoke of a large stone mountain that was dome shaped surrounded by pine trees. The Master then said I know exactly where that it…. let me show you and she then took me to that place … we went there and we were floating above it and I looked at her and said something like, see..  I told you I had seen it ( this was a place only the masters knew of .. I was told… she again looked at me quizzically) and that’s where I woke from the dream.

Note: there were lots of details that I had also seen in this dream that I haven’t described here such as the vibrant colors of the drawings the students had done.. the landscape of the mountain the monastery was on… some of the tasks the students were taking part in.. etc.

Many Blessings,

Looking for a Sign

This morning as I drove into work I was looking all over for my sign… the sign that Creator is watching over me .. that combination of numbers that when I see it … it is like the arms of heaven reaching down and giving me a great big hug … 444. So as I traveled all through the traffic .. making my way to work … I scanned all the license plates, signs, buildings and all that I passed hoping for the smallest glimpse of my numbers 444 … hoping for a hug to start my day.

Nearly at work I sat there at a traffic light … scanning all the plates around me and 444 just wasn’t there … I thought to myself.. please Creator.. I could use a hug to get the day started.. and as soon as the words were coming from my head … there it was … but not in the usual way 🙂 I suddenly noticed that every car that circled me (ok except for the ones behind me because obviously I could not see them LOL) had a 4 on the plate and some had a 4 somewhere on the car itself .. and I smiled .. and I thanked the Creator for the hug…

Message for today: You are not alone and your prayers do get answered.. not always the way we think they will … but they will.. and the Creator surrounds us with his love always .. we just have to open our eyes and see. To see the signs clearly in front of us we must be open to more than how we “expect” or “wish” them to be… and accept what is given with love.

Many Blessings,