Today’s Note Brought to you by the Number 13

friday 13th
Being Friday the 13th …. A day that most dread and some even fear … a day surround by superstition and bad luck …. I thought I’d give you something positive to think about instead.

13 Wishes from Me to You

1. May fear never guide you or hold you back

2. May love and luck be blessings to you every day

3. May good health and happiness always be at your door

4. May you always know the love that comes from the heavens above

5. May you see with eyes clear and true

6. May your voice sing aloud the spirit that is only you

7. May you know that angels surround you

8. May you find beauty in every day

9. May you fall asleep each night in comfort and peace

10. May success always be your friend

11. May you know what its like to let go and soar the skies ever so blue

12. May you hear the whispers on the wind

13. May you know that it’s love that makes the heart glow.
These are my wishes for you … that today be a day not feared … but filled with love and blessings … for I have made 13 wishes for you.

Many Blessings,