love spell

The Power of Love

Love is the ultimate super power! When you life feels void of love, you visit the deepest darkest pits of despair, pain and sorrow… but when love fills your life.. the are endless possibilities. There is nothing you can’t do, no distance too far, no obstacle too large! Love takes you to new heights spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Many Blessings,

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The Fallen One

The Fallen One … that would be me.

I have fallen right under his spell
It’s in his eyes, his touch and his smile
From the very first moment we met… I fell.

It’s a magic like no other I’ve ever known
I’m quite taken and can barely breathe
His spell has me shaking right to the bone

Uncontrolled with wild abandon, My love for him does soar
To the heavens high above the Earth and the ground
It’s like a mighty lion inside me with a ferocious roar

Ready to give way at any moment… any time
My heart is the dam filled to the rim, ready to burst
Overflowing with love and passion, spouting words in romantic rhyme.

I am taken by his presence when ever he is near
Waiting breathlessly for him to be at my side
My heart is pounding so loud, everyone must be able to hear!

He has taken my heart and my breath away
My life is surly blessed in every way
I have fallen under his spell since the very first day

I am the Fallen One … who has fallen for The One!