Month: April 2012

Something More…

Singing my song, whistling a tune.. asking the fairies to show me the way … I roam the green grass filled with patches of clover in search of those with leaves of 4. Each one I find I thank my wee little friends and search on for yet another. I gather those with leaves half chewed… leaves large, medium and small… I gather them all.

I stopped for a moment and smiled when this little one came into sight.

This one is a fully grown 3 leaf clover who has begun to grown 1 more. Unafraid to change, not trying to fit in with the others… this clover wants to be something more. So with all it’s might it digs down deep within the soil and gathers the strength and ability to make that change happen. This clover is now something quite different… something fabulously more!

Many Blessings,