Month: March 2012

In the Garden of Dreams

Most when they see this particular plant only see a random weed growing in their garden, messing up the landscape of their smooth cut, green grass.

When I see this plant I think of wishes and dreams coming true.

As a child I picked many a dandelion and with all the breath I could muster, I would blow and blow and blow, hoping to blow off every seed so that my wishes would come true. If ever I was successful in blowing off every seed, I truly knew that those wishes would indeed be granted.

At the first sign of Spring I would pick every dandelion I could find… one after another, blowing off every seed that I could. If unsuccessful once, then I’d find another and continue blowing and continue wishing. I believed that I could do it and with that belief I kept going.

I always felt that my dreams were within reach as long as I kept trying.

That’s the beauty of seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

May today you see the world through the eyes of a child as well and know that as long as you keep trying, your goals, your wishes and your dreams are within reach.

Many Blessings,


It’s Spring!

It’s Spring!

Blossoms, birds and bees
The green, green grass growing
Warm air whirling through the trees

It’s Spring!

Life sprouting right up from the ground
Daffodils, daisies and violets splashing color to and fro
While the robin fills the air with its sweet, melodic sound!

It’s Spring!

Revitalized from the ever glowing sun
Bare feet on the fresh mowed lawn
Blue skies and cloud watching … OH what fun!

It’s Spring!

A sunny day picnic for two
Baby ducks playing on the lake
A feeling all fresh and new!

It’s Spring!

A wonderland of life now buzzing through the air
The great awakening has begun
While I’m sunning on the deck without a worry or a care!

It’s Spring!

Many Blessings,

Today’s Food for Thought – Life

Today’s Food for Thought

Imagine your life as a huge blank canvas… now, how will you paint it… what’s in your own life painting???

What’s in the background?
How many layers of paint will it take?
What type colors will you use?
What’s in the details?

Every moment that we live we are creating our lives…. everything you do effects your life from the largest of decisions to the smallest.

The paths we take… the thoughts we think… the lives we touch  – all become a part of our own life paintings.

Many Blessings,


No Longer the Seeker

Today while grinding some of my stained glass for a project I’m working on a thought came to mind… My thoughts were of how I was feeling at that very moment and about where I am right now in my life. I reflected for a moment about where I’ve come from and of the road that has brought me to right now.

I pondered all the seeking that I have done along the road and then thought …
“hmmmmm … what is it that I seek now?”

I couldn’t think of a single thing. (Which surprised me!)

It’s not that I don’t have anything left to learn.. it’s more so that I have found ME!

I found my place in this life and my purpose.. I have found what fills me and I have found my own inner happiness.

No longer do I feel that limbo, unknowing of where my road leads and of who I am or suppose to be.

I still have no idea where my road will go.. I’m just not so worried about it anymore.  Some may say that just comes with age.. where ever it came from, I don’t care. I just know that I am finally at peace inside myself. I am no longer afraid of what if and what’s next and that not knowing of the days to come. I take each day as it is and as it comes. No longer stressing daily of “OMG.. I need to know every step.. every turn.. every obstacle that may or may not be coming!”.

Today I am happy in LIVING LIFE.. enjoying all moments large and small.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. that feels soooooooo good!


Many Blessings,

Good Morning Mr. Bluebird!

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and I get a greeting from my dear friend the Bluebird! As soon as I saw him fly across the backyard I ran for my camera hoping he would sit still long enough for a photo or two!

Here’s a bit of info on the bluebird from

Bluebird is a reminder that you are born to happiness and fulfillment, but you can sometimes get so wrapped up in everyday things, that happiness seems rare. Bluebird reminds you to take time to enjoy yourself.

Bluebird is associated with the throat chakra and creative expression. 

Bluebird is symbolic of the need to work hard and play hard.
Be careful of shouldering too much responsibility.

Bluebirds, and their totem people, are gentle and unaggressive.
They do not push or bully, but they are very scrappy if threatened.

A Bluebird person should have their front door facing south, the door for awakening their inner child.

Many Blessings,

Now Staring… The Starling!

This little fella visited my window this morning 🙂

So here’s a bit of wisdom from our friend the Starling …

Starling teaches how to behave within a group setting – how to be effective and assertive without becoming a bully. Communication is important to Starling people; however, you must be careful what you say, for people may take it incorrectly or blow it out of proportion. Watch your own sensitivity to other’s words. You might be reading more into it that is truly there. By learning Starling’s behaviors, you can live peacefully within your community of friends and family. (from