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Spirit Message – Getting Past the Spiritual Storm Upon Us

Today as I ask Spirit what can he give me to help everyone through this Spiritual shift in our lives.. Spirit answers back with multiple answers. The bottom line is to hang in there, don’t quit, do everything in life with love and stay positive. Beyond this great shift that many of us are experiencing is a new life just waiting to be lived. Pushing through the storm will be well worth all of our efforts.

Many Blessings,


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Staying Positive

Spirit urges us to stay positive. When life brings you worry, stress and pain… it is more needed than ever to try and keep your thoughts positive. Thoughts are energy, so, negative thoughts and negative energy and positive thoughts are positive energy. We have enough negative energy in our lives so we need to do whatever we can to add more positive energy to it and bring it back into balance.

Many Blessings,

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Will I Ever Be Happy?

The number one question I get all the time. Will I Ever Be Happy?

I give you the answer that spirit gives me. I have also struggled with this in my life but I have learned to listen and understand .. FINALLY!

I hope you enjoy my explanation of Finding Happiness Within and I hope more than anything that you too will also be able to find and experience it!

Many Blessings,

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I am having one of those moments….

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You know that moment when you want to write something deep and profound that will move others… to relay how you feel inside and there are just so many words that come to you that you can’t seem to get them in the right order???

I am having one of those moments….

I sit here taking a look back into my memory banks and browse upon all the most memorable moments of my life. I see all the good times and all the bad. I look over them carefully and pause for reflection. I search through my feelings about these moments and I realize quickly that the MOST important moments were the ones filled with love. All of the bad moments, important as well but for different reasons. The bad moments in life were times of growth and lessons to be learned. Those moments showed me the strength inside, they showed me how I have abilities greater than I thought possible. I am grateful for those moments but the moments that fill me with light are the moments that were made with love.

The moments in life where love is present are indeed for me the MOST important. The moments I want to reflect on most. Those are the moments when our spirit soar with the greatest power. When love is in our hearts, we become unstoppable, there are no mountains too tall to climb, no rivers too rapid to cross, no oceans to vast to overcome and no obstacle that is too difficult to stand in our way. When you meet someone who is filled with love you can’t help but feel it, absorb some of it yourself and then pass it on to others. Love is truly limitless. It fuels the light within us to levels unimaginable but definitely attainable. The more you are filled with love the more you feel capable of doing and becoming. The light within grows brighter and brighter with every moment that you are filled with love.

Think about the moments in your life that are the most memorable. You will find the bad days and the strength that they unveiled and you will see the growth that those days created. You will then move on to the good days and how much love was felt on those days. You will see that those were days where moments were laced together with true love. Those were the days where your smile was the brightest, your heart filled to the brim and nothing could possibly get in your way of experiencing what we all wish to attain… HAPPINESS in it’s purest form. LOVE.

Today, I am filled with endless LOVE!

Many Blessings,

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Finding Inner Peace

You have to start with letting go of the thoughts in your head that make you sad, hurt angry and upset. I know it is easier said than done but, if you cannot change these things then dwelling on them does not change the situation and it solves nothing. Holding on to these disruption thoughts only makes you sick and robs you of your inner peace.

Many Blessings,

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Magic on Ordinary Days

WP_20140623_003Some people spend their entire lives wishing for magic to happen. Whether it be their knight riding in on a white horse to rescue them from their mundane life or being followed by a magical trail of glitter and sparkles where ever they go, they keep wishing for magic. What they fail to see is the magic that is already there. Yep, right their in their lives every single day. We all have it! Magic isn’t something only a select few get to experience. Magic lives in the lives of all of us if we wish to see it.

Here’s some everyday magic you may have not noticed:

A smile from a stranger
A compliment for no reason at all
Finding something that was once lost
A cuddle from someone you love
A kiss
A kind gesture
Finding a penny (face up)
Finding a 4 leaf clover 😉
Laughter from a child
Giggles between friends
The song of the birds
The soft scent of honeysuckle floating on a breeze
Positive words
Feeling good about who you are
Completing a complicated task
Finding understanding
Knowing who you are
Being in the moment
Peace within
Finding your balance (even if only for a moment)
Doing for others
Spreading positivity

You see these may not seem very magical, but they are. These are just a few of the simple things in everyday life that make us feel good. Imagine for a moment a life without all of these things. Yeah, not so nice huh? Drab and sad to say the least.

Magic isn’t about fairy tales and sparkle, it’s not about a bunch of hocus pocus and making things appear with a twitch of your nose. Magic is about appreciating all parts of life and walking your path with love.

Magic is noticing those things that are mostly unseen, finding an appreciation for all life here on Earth, and harnessing the happiness life offers us.

Most important … Magic is love.  Plain and simple .. LOVE. Love yourself, love others, love living. LOVE.

Many Blessings,

Finding the Light

WP_20140616_010I woke up this morning with no idea what I was going to talk about today, so I have been throwing all kinds of topics around in my head. None of these seemed to be the topic of the day. For a moment I thought, oh well I may not have a blog to post today and then life happened.

My co-workers started making their way into the office and I felt my thoughts falling into a big ol’ bucket of negativity as they began all their banter with each other and interrupting the peace and tranquility I’ve had so far this morning. I thought to myself, “Wow! I really might be anti-social today”. I stepped outside to get away from the noise for a moment and I thought, this is a good time to take my daily sky watch photo.

Stepping outside, I found not a cloud in the sky… only sunlight and blue skies. Great, but kind of boring from a photography point of view. Heavy sigh. So as I was feeling more relaxed and walking around, I looked up and saw the sunlight twinkle in and out of the crape myrtle flowers blowing in the wind and my thoughts were instantly lightened. I took my phone out and started snapping photos, trying to catch the light as it was peeking through the branches. It was a fun, playful experience… dancing with the tree, the sun and the wind. Finally I caught it!! I caught the light!

You see today’s message is a simple one. “There is light where you choose to see it.”

I am now out of my anti-social pit of negativity and in a more positive frame of mind.

Thank you Spirit and thank you to the sun and the wind for the playful dance beneath the crape myrtle tree.

Many Blessings,

What’s to Come….

IMG_8573  We are smack dab in the middle of winter and outside look bleak while the Earth continues to rest for the remainder of winter. It won’t be long and she will awake with much to do. Flowers to grow, trees to bud, animals to birth and life to nourish.

Today is one of those crazy Tennessee days where it’s nearly 60 degrees, mid-January…. I have stepped outside with my camera several times in hope to click something spectacular but I’ve not found much at all to focus on.

As I stepped outside and was leaning against the railing I spotted this little downy feather in one of the shrubs, it was waving back and fourth with the breeze. It is a reminder that although today might not bring me the things I hoped…. there is still that… HOPE. I smiled at the little feather, so small and delicate there waving at me. So tiny and yes it still got my attention and I am thankful for the reminder that there is always more to come. More to look forward to and more to live for.

 IMG_8576I  made my way back around to the other side of the building, about to step back inside to get back to work when I noticed this bird nest in a little tree up on the hill. I stepped up to take a couple of shots and again smiled at the thought that in a few shorts month this nest might be home to a new family, creating new life. I’ll definitely keep my eyes on this one and with any luck we’ll all get to witness the miracle of life in the Spring.

So much to look forward to.

Don’t waste your time energy thinking about the things you don’t have… instead shift your focus on what’s to come, life will be so much more fun and enjoyable with that new perspective.

Many Blessings,

Ringing in the New Year

2014This New Year is even more special than most that have passed in that this year on the New Year we also have a New Moon.

The New Moon is a time of New Beginnings, a fresh start to take on new projects, new journeys and start new lives, traditions, new ways, new everything!

Cleanse yourself of the past and prepare for the days to come.

Here’s something you can do to help you bring things into focus at this time of a New YOU!

On two sheets of parchment paper you will make 2 lists:

The first list will be of all things you don’t want or no longer need in your life. Be specific!

The second list will be of things you want to keep in your life and things you would like to see coming into your life. Again, be specific. While writing these things out on your list be sure to visualize each of them coming into reality.

You will take the “Keep” list, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, bless it and thank Spirit for being with you and place it in a safe place for the year.

You will then take the “Get Rid of” list and burn it in a fire. Watch that list burn and imagine all the things on that list burning out of your life with it. Be sure while you do these acts that you do them with love in your heart. You don’t want bad karma, mojo or intentions intertwined with your ceremony. Do all things with love. You don’t wish for bad to come to anyone or anything in your lists … you just no longer want or need them in your life so you should wish them away with love and kindness so that the parting be an easier transition for all who may be involved.

And as with all ceremonies you should take time to yourself to reflect, prepare and ground yourself before beginning. Cleanse the space, yourself, your mind and body before the ceremony. Close the ceremony with an offer of blessings to Spirit and all who may have been watching over you during the ceremony and for the year ahead.

Many Blessings,

50 Shades of Positivity

  1. IMG_2781Let’s start with a smile, because smiles make everyone feel good
  2. How about a time out for some me time, taking time for yourself helps clear your mind and eases your soul.
  3. Do something for someone else… just because.
  4. Let go of baggage from your past.
  5. Let go of negative behaviors that slow or stop you from moving forward.
  6. Declutter, a clean space makes you feel good and more at peace.
  7. Change perspective, sometimes it takes a different view at what’s in front of you to understand that you can make it through.
  8. Do something each day, big or small that brings you closer to your dreams.
  9. Laugh, negativity can not live inside a body that laughs.
  10. Get out! Get outside of your house or office and spend some time in nature. It has a way of soothing even the most weary of souls.
  11. Be creative, find a hobby or craft and immerse yourself in it.
  12. Learn to meditate and make time to do it often.
  13. Let go of fears that hold you back from achieving your goals.
  14. Never ever grow up. Seriously … growing up sucks. LOL…. child like wonder keeps you young.
  15. Keep a journal of all the happy moments in your life and when you are having a hard day, read it.
  16. Don’t procrastinate on things you enjoy, you never know when the moment will be gone forever.
  17. Tell those closest to you that you love and appreciate them, often.
  18. Do something for fun just because.
  19. Love yourself.
  20. Allow others to love you.
  21. Complete the tasks that you start. Seeing a project finished gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
  22. Play in the rain, stomp through the puddles and dance without worry of getting a little damp.
  23. Sing … who cares how good or bad you are .. sing, sing and sing some more.
  24. Dance! The same as above!
  25. Volunteer, doing good deeds for others is very fulfilling.
  26. Believe in yourself.
  27. Teach yourself new things all the time.
  28. Travel, get out and see the world.
  29. Exercise, yeah I know… I said that evil word… but, it is true that exercise makes you feel good.
  30. Surround yourself with positive people, don’t hang out with negative people, they only drag you down into their dark world.
  31. Create a space in your home that is just for you. It doesn’t matter how large or small.
  32. Let go of other people’s ideas of who you are suppose to be and be you.
  33. Forgive yourself.
  34. Traditions, keep them or start new ones. Traditions that make you feel good anyway. Traditions give us a feeling of being connected.
  35. Dream.
  36. Pursue those dreams.
  37. Create a prosperity wall or board. Things you would like to see coming into fruition in your life. Change it every year to suit you as you grow.
  38. Leave yourself positive notes and reminders in odd places so that you come across them when you least expect it. You never know when you may need that little encouragement.
  39. Don’t be afraid of change. Change happens all the time, it’s what helps us grow and progress forward.
  40. Remember that all things are possible if you believe. We can do amazing things when we believe they can be done.
  41. Be a friend to someone, a good friend, not just a sometimes friend when its convenient.
  42. Be kind to others even those who are not kind to you.
  43. Be appreciative for what you have and don’t dwell on the things you don’t have.
  44. Stop worrying so much. Worry doesn’t change anything, it only makes you feel bad.
  45. Step outside your comfort zone from time to time, you’ll find great things just beyond those walls.
  46. Keep positive thoughts, one must be realistic but at the same time you can keep a positive outlook for your situations.
  47. Trust yourself.
  48. Allow yourself to be happy, to feel happiness and understand that its okay for you to be happy… no matter what anyone else says.
  49. When speaking of others, say only good things. Refraining from speaking poorly about someone will make you feel better about your own choices.
  50. Do all things with love in your heart. You’ll soon see your world getting better and better.


Many Blessings,

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Embracing the Light

embracing the lightIn a world full of all kinds of trouble … it’s not always easy to “Embrace the Light”.

Worries, fear, sorrow, loss, stress, emotions, etc… so many troubles that can suck the light away from us.

It’s necessary that we take time often to remove ourselves from these troubles and look toward the light… the good life has to offer us. Otherwise, we get sucked into a black hole of negativity that does nothing to help us along our journey.

Today’s post is a simple reminder to take time to reflect on the good in life… just don’t stay in reflection so long that you miss out on the now.

Many Blessings,

Magical Monday – Spreading Joy

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Some of my favorite moments in life are those that I can share my own joy with others and watch as they themselves become filled equally with joy, love and excitement. In this day and time people are quick to talk about all the pains, heartache, illness and despair that life has to offer but not so quick to share the more joyous moments in life.

I have to ask … why???

I know that there has to be a balance but the scales seem far too often tilted in the negative direction.  October had Breast Cancer Awareness… and November had Testicular Cancer Awareness… but what now?? What about December?  Are we all suppose to be too busy decorating, partying and buying gifts to raise awareness for anything? I think now…
So here’s a challenge I’d like to offer up through the month of December:

December – the month of deck the halls, falalalalalaaaaaaaa, joy to the world and have a holly jolly …..  My challenge is for everyone to share their joy each day.. I know some days it will be hard … we become overwhelmed with tasks, chores, decorating, buying, entertaining and so on …. that suddenly it is Christmas in xx days and our list is still way too long to cope.

Seek out some joy, some light, some love and some happiness… share it.. share it with as many as you can until it has spread like winter’s first sniffle. Watch as others become filled with that amazing light I like to call PURE JOY. When you see someone without a smile.. give them a reason to laugh…. when you see someone needing a hug … for goodness sake  – HUG THEM!

Share the spirit of love, light and joy through the month of December and I’m sure that you just might witness something far brighter than the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center!

Go on now.. get to spreading!

Many Blessings,

I am Unworthy

Tsk Tsk Tsk… this statement is the most damaging of all. The negative thoughts you put into your head about yourself, stop you dead in your own tracks. Your growth physically, mentally and Spiritually is halted with every negative thought you imprint upon yourself.

I see it every day … friends saying things like: “I can’t” , “I don’t know how”, “I’m afraid”, “I don’t have the skills”.. how about not talking and pointing out what you can’t or think you can’t do and instead focusing on the things you are good at and the things you CAN DO!

Stop talking down about yourself to yourself and others!

Work on improving the areas that need improving while showcasing the talents you have already mastered. This will boost yourself confidence and help your personal growth.

Many Blessings,

Magical Mondays

I’m going to try and dedicate Mondays to Magical posts. Don’t be surprised if you find that my magical posts are what one might expect. I’m all about mixing things up and keeping it real. That being said.. let’s move on to our first Magical Monday post!

Mondays are hard… it’s back to work from a weekend that is always too short. Let’s take time every Monday to empower ourselves, rev up our engines and charge our week for positive thoughts, actions and manifestations.

Find a chant, phrase or even a simple thought that fits your needs for the week ahead and repeat it as often as needed throughout the day.

Today’s chant comes from a post I made this morning on another group.

Singing this chant in my best munchkin land voice from the Wizard of Oz:
Millions of Dollars, Millions of Dollars, Millions of Dollars are on the way… Millions of Dollars, Millions of Dollars will fill my bank account today!

Many Blessings,

Creating a Reminder Journal

Today’s wisdom is more of a self help idea for you all.

Here’s the thought:

Create a Reminder Journal

Inside the journal, create several areas, as many as you like…. for different topics and then begin filling it in. When you are having a particular hard time in your life you can go back a read all the wonderful times you’ve experienced and know that more are sure to come again. How can you feel bad when you read through all the best times of your life?

The topics should be something like:

~ Times when you experienced joy

~ Times when you felt loved

~ Times when you felt accomplished

~ Times when you felt proud

~ Times when you felt on top of the world

~ Times when you laughed yourself silly

~ Times you cried tears of happiness

~ Times when you felt guided

~ Times when you felt like you helped

~ Times when you felt blessed

and you can go on and on creating as many “POSITIVE” topics as you like…. what a great way to lift yourself up when you are feeling low.

Many Blessings,


Wisdom from the walking trail

It’s all about frame of mind… 

Whatever you do …. if you decide before you do it that you hate it or will hate it then it’s probably not going to be an enjoyable experience for you. (This isn’t always true.. but mostly true.. there are always those exceptions 🙂

If you set your mind to be open to the task.. then who knows.. you may end up liking it or at the least .. not minding it so much.

I started out in my most recent “battle of the bulge” thinking that adding a workout to my already busy day was just going to be that much more work for me… it made just getting to the gym a real chore… talking myself into going and not giving up all the way home up until I actually stepped foot into the gym and then from there I would have to talk myself into staying on the bike while I was there just to get through the whole workout.

Then suddenly a funny thing happened somewhere between getting there.. being there and finishing my workout…. My thoughts went from dread to I now look forward to my workouts! How can that be??????

Well I wasn’t going to give up on the workouts .. it is my mission this time around to win this battle… and so I might as well try my best to find a way to like what I’m doing. So I did! I found something in the gym that I absolutely love .. that would be the swimming and the sauna .. hee hee LOVE IT! I save that for last .. I go in do my rounds with the weights .. do my 30 minutes of cardio and then my reward is there waiting every time.. time to swim .. which is also a great workout so there’s an extra benefit to me.. and then after swimming as many laps as I can handle .. off to the sauna I go.. there is my meditation time.. time to just sit and relax and sweat off a bit more weight at the same time.

So now it’s so much easier to get through my workouts .. so much easier to get to the gym .. and all in all I feel better.. I don’t have that looming dread hanging over me at the end of my day.

As soon as my thoughts changed from negative to positive .. everything clicked and my world became a whole lot brighter. This was something I needed to do regardless of how I thought about it so I might as well turn it into something enjoyable.

I’m lucky that my thoughts changed so quickly .. just 5 weeks into my battle.. if only they had changed years ago maybe I wouldn’t have such a large battle.. but that’s in the past and for now I’m concentrating on each day as it comes.

Message of the day:

When you have a task before you and you’re feeling that dread … look around and see if there is a way to see the positive and embrace that part of it.. even if it’s something small.. a little bit of positivity goes a long way!

Many Blessings,

Are You Happy Now?

mockingbirdAre you Happy Now?

When asked this question, what comes to mind?

Are your first thoughts, those of well no.. I need to lose more weight, I want to get my teeth whitened, I need to make more money, I want to be loved more, I want more success, a bigger house, a newer car… etc.?


Do your thoughts go toward all that you have in life and all the possibilities that await?

Happiness comes when YOU allow yourself to be so. Happiness doesn’t come from material things so having a bigger house, better job or whatever it is you “desire” in the material world won’t mean that you’ll be happy.

Take this time now to think about all the things that have made you laugh or smile.. I bet most of those things have nothing at all to do with material possessions… and more so on acts of kindness, friendship, family bonding, and basic human interaction. Maybe it was a child’s laughter, or finding your very first 4 leaf clover, or watching the sunset or rise…. Maybe it was a kiss or a look… Maybe it was the look on someone’s face when they had lost the plot… maybe it was your child’s first steps… whatever it was … I can almost guarantee it had nothing at all to do with something you “thought” you wanted or needed.. instead it was something that just came to you freely and without some supermarket price tag.

I’m not saying that life isn’t hard and that there are no tragedies …. I’m simply saying to take a moment and appreciate all the little things in life that bring you unexpected joy.. take a moment to appreciate those around you … tell those close to you that you love them and appreciate them. Hug a whole lot more and complain a whole lot less.

Take today to appreciate the fact that if nothing else in this world you still have life … and if you still have life you have dreams, hope and possibilities.

True happiness comes not from outside joys but those that touch your heart and make you smile…. From the inside out!

Many Blessings,