Creating a Reminder Journal

Today’s wisdom is more of a self help idea for you all.

Here’s the thought:

Create a Reminder Journal

Inside the journal, create several areas, as many as you like…. for different topics and then begin filling it in. When you are having a particular hard time in your life you can go back a read all the wonderful times you’ve experienced and know that more are sure to come again. How can you feel bad when you read through all the best times of your life?

The topics should be something like:

~ Times when you experienced joy

~ Times when you felt loved

~ Times when you felt accomplished

~ Times when you felt proud

~ Times when you felt on top of the world

~ Times when you laughed yourself silly

~ Times you cried tears of happiness

~ Times when you felt guided

~ Times when you felt like you helped

~ Times when you felt blessed

and you can go on and on creating as many “POSITIVE” topics as you like…. what a great way to lift yourself up when you are feeling low.

Many Blessings,



    1. yeah I was just thinking .. what exactly is the point of writing down all the crap we go through.. why not keep a special journal filled with just the positive moments in our life .. when times are bad or hard .. this could be a life saver

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