What’s to Come….

IMG_8573  We are smack dab in the middle of winter and outside look bleak while the Earth continues to rest for the remainder of winter. It won’t be long and she will awake with much to do. Flowers to grow, trees to bud, animals to birth and life to nourish.

Today is one of those crazy Tennessee days where it’s nearly 60 degrees, mid-January…. I have stepped outside with my camera several times in hope to click something spectacular but I’ve not found much at all to focus on.

As I stepped outside and was leaning against the railing I spotted this little downy feather in one of the shrubs, it was waving back and fourth with the breeze. It is a reminder that although today might not bring me the things I hoped…. there is still that… HOPE. I smiled at the little feather, so small and delicate there waving at me. So tiny and yes it still got my attention and I am thankful for the reminder that there is always more to come. More to look forward to and more to live for.

 IMG_8576I  made my way back around to the other side of the building, about to step back inside to get back to work when I noticed this bird nest in a little tree up on the hill. I stepped up to take a couple of shots and again smiled at the thought that in a few shorts month this nest might be home to a new family, creating new life. I’ll definitely keep my eyes on this one and with any luck we’ll all get to witness the miracle of life in the Spring.

So much to look forward to.

Don’t waste your time energy thinking about the things you don’t have… instead shift your focus on what’s to come, life will be so much more fun and enjoyable with that new perspective.

Many Blessings,

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