Month: February 2014

New Moon – New Beginnings

new beginningsToday is the New Moon and the End of the Month… So now we bid farewell to February and welcome in March with a new moon cycle. It is time to start those projects you’ve been wanting to get done, try new things, new techniques and possibly even new ways of thinking. 

Now is a good time to do an overlook of your life and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong. Start thinking about where you want the rest of the year to go and start doing the things to get you there. Keep positive thoughts and a positive outlook as you move forward and use the energy of this New Moon to help boost you to the new beginnings that you want/need in your life. 

Many Blessings, 


Quote of the Week

I’ve been pairing up some quotes from my blog posts and photos that I have taken and thought I would start sharing these images each week or at least until I run out of them 🙂

So here’s the first one:

holding on

You can view all of them on my pinterest board if you like

Many Blessings,