holding on

Quote of the Week

I’ve been pairing up some quotes from my blog posts and photos that I have taken and thought I would start sharing these images each week or at least until I run out of them ūüôā

So here’s the first one:

holding on

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Many Blessings,

Holding on to Pain and Anger

IMG_8505¬†Someone suggested yesterday that I speak a little about holding on to anger, so ¬†here I am talking about holding on to pain and anger. I’m adding in pain, but this ¬†should include any type of negative emotion, behavior or thought.

Holding on to these things do us no good at all. They stew inside us and destroy  our chances of peace and happiness. Negativity robs us of so many things and can  hold us back from progressing forward.

So, you are holding on to anger from something that has happened to you, or you ¬†are holding on to pain from a past event or you have developed some sort of ¬†negative behavior, stemming from something that happened…. in the PAST. ¬†PAST being the keyword here. You cannot go back and change what has ¬†happened, you can’t rewind and replay and expect a different result. Why hold on to these thoughts or feelings? What good are they doing? Is the other party learning any lessons, are they suffering from what you continue to hold on to? NOPE! They are most likely oblivious to your ¬†own internal pain and self punishment while you suffer daily.

So why hold on?

It’s in the past… it happened. EVERYONE has had bad things happen to us… EVERYONE. You are not alone. LET IT GO! It does not serve you at all to continue holding on to the negativity. It hurts you and you alone… why allow a negative experience from the past to continue interrupting your present and infect your future?

LET IT GO… It will be the best gift you ever give yourself… that release will be your new found freedom.¬†

Many Blessings,

Magical Mondays – Hanging On Through Change

This morning I was taking a quick walk around the office building checking out the fall foliage and took the above photo. Something about it called to me. I sat here for a moment pondering what it was that pulled me into the image and suddenly I understood its message.

Today’s magic is about tapping into our inner resources. These leaves are holding on though they are going through some pretty major changes. They will continue to hold on until the last ounce of life inside them is gone. They share their beauty through all the stages of their life. They do not hide who they are and what they are going through.. every stage of their life is something to behold and until there is no life left… they hold on… tapping into every resource available to them.. they hold on.

Many Blessings for a very Magical Monday!

When everyone else has let go

¬†I took this photo today. At first I thought nothing of it .. just thought the color was awesome and it was the last of the summer blooms that we will be seeing this year. ¬†When I got home and downloaded it off my camera … I paused and looked at it a bit longer. My first thought was of the old saying “He loves me, He loves me not”… and I thought to myself.. I will label this photo… “He loves me”. So I posted it on my facebook wall and went about my business posting a few other things and liking a post here and there … supporting my friends ¬†and then I came back around to the photo. Again, I paused and just starred for a moment. There was something about this rose that I was connecting to and I wasn’t quite sure what that was.

Suddenly, the answer was clear and this phrase came from the tips of my fingers as I began to type out a new caption for it: “When everyone else has let go…You will find me still holding on”.

This pretty much sums up my life in a single phase…
When everyone else has let go.. You will find me still holding on. 

Always believing in the possibilities ahead.. always carrying hope of better days .. always holding on for whatever is to come… determined not to give up… still holding on.

Many Blessings,

What the Day May Bring

This morning I’ve been feeling urged to talk about making it through the day. It’s easy to talk about and to hand over suggestions when times aren’t so rough… but when the times go wrong and then even more wrong and the waters of life are choppy as hell… what words can be said… what advice can be given?

I thought about this post for a moment and began thinking about positive thoughts and no matter what’s going on to keep that positive outlook until the storm has passed.. and then I thought …. hmmmmmmmmmm …. yeah easier said than done. I thought to myself, why the heck am I even posting about this anyway? I wondered if there was someone out there right at this moment that needs a shoulder, an ear or just someone to acknowledge their storm. I thought for a moment that I wouldn’t write more about this topic and then I thought more about those weathering the storm right now and how can I help them.

My only advice while in the middle of any shit storm is.. HOLD ON TIGHT! DON’T LET GO!!! The storm won’t last … keep that thought in mind and just hold on! I know it sucks.. I ¬†know it’s painful… but hold on. Just keep holding on. When brighter days do come around.. you’ll be glad that you didn’t let go.

Many Blessings,