Positive Energy Flows

Positive energy fills the air. Stress and tension seem to melt away. Anxieties are going away and you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Many Blessings,

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Weekly Forecast for June 29 – July 4th

Here’s what’s happening this week! Full moon right in the middle of our week lets us relax Monday and Tuesday while the Moon is working on getting it’s full shine on !! After the Full moon Surprises are coming your way. All positive things some big and some small. Also a reminder from Spirit to enjoy each moment as it comes and stop worrying so much about what’s coming that you miss out on life right here – right now.

Many Blessings,

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Don’t Give Up

Life is hard and sometimes we feel like we just want to quit.. just check out so that we don’t have to deal with all these life lessons and obstacles that keep getting thrown at us. There are good things in life… things worth fighting for, things worth staying for. Don’t give up on life, on yourself and don’t give up the fight… when better times come around, you want to be able to enjoy them. Don’t give up. Better days are just around the corner.

Many Blessings,

Blessings From Nature

Shared  from my photo blog: I have had one really stressful week…. and things still aren’t coming together as hoped.. but hopefully soon I’ll find a moment to relax. I stepped outside the office a few minutes ago just to get some fresh air and as I was walking around with camera in hand I said … ” I need a nice big butterfly to come by and share with me it’s magic”. Just then I looked up to find a feather sticking up out of the grass… and then another just over by the edge of the building … I picked up my feathers and continued walking around … just trying to find a way to let go and relax for a bit before going back inside to get some work done. When I popped around to the front of our building a butterfly… oops nope a month (upon closer examination) fluttered by and landed on a rose… I said “it’s no butterfly .. but it’ll sure do!” “Close enough!” … as I walked around the last little bit of building another feather was on my path.

Today’s message: Be thankful for the small blessings that come your way.

Many Blessings,


Change Your Focus

spring bloomsNot every day can be lollipops and giggles… but no matter what life is throwing at you,  there is beauty to be seen. The negativity in a day is in reality just a small part of our life. It will pass soon and we will look back and wonder why we stressed so much over that tiny little moment of our lives. During those moments of stress, hardship and despair it’s extremely difficult to see anything other … but if we can manage if even for a moment to change our focus … we may be able to also gain some perspective on that moment.

Seeing obstacles for what they instead of how they make us feel at that moment…  feelings of dread, fear, sorrow, anger, etc  dissipate more quickly and the situation becomes more manageable.

How to do this?

Stay aware. Be open to seeing every thing in life with more than one point of view. Make a conscience effort daily to integrate this way of seeing into your life. Take each moment as it comes and if possible find a way to step back from that moment that brings you such stress and anxiety to reflect on what is real and what is made up with emotions.

Many Blessings,

Tis the Season

winter berryTis the Season to be stressed to the max with to-do lists a mile long, family and friends stopping by, parties to plan, parties to attend, gifts to make, gifts to purchase, food to prepare, decorating to be done.. etc!

Don’t forget to add some “me time” to your to-do list.  Time to relax and de-stress is definitely something we should all be planning with all the chaos that happens during this festive time of year. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, relax in a hot tub for a bit, sit in the silence of a clean room, step outside in nature.. whatever it takes to allow yourself some time to regenerate and refuel.

The holidays are no fun at all if you are too tired to enjoy them. So make sure you add “me time” to that list of yours and enjoy!

Many Blessings,

What the Day May Bring

This morning I’ve been feeling urged to talk about making it through the day. It’s easy to talk about and to hand over suggestions when times aren’t so rough… but when the times go wrong and then even more wrong and the waters of life are choppy as hell… what words can be said… what advice can be given?

I thought about this post for a moment and began thinking about positive thoughts and no matter what’s going on to keep that positive outlook until the storm has passed.. and then I thought …. hmmmmmmmmmm …. yeah easier said than done. I thought to myself, why the heck am I even posting about this anyway? I wondered if there was someone out there right at this moment that needs a shoulder, an ear or just someone to acknowledge their storm. I thought for a moment that I wouldn’t write more about this topic and then I thought more about those weathering the storm right now and how can I help them.

My only advice while in the middle of any shit storm is.. HOLD ON TIGHT! DON’T LET GO!!! The storm won’t last … keep that thought in mind and just hold on! I know it sucks.. I  know it’s painful… but hold on. Just keep holding on. When brighter days do come around.. you’ll be glad that you didn’t let go.

Many Blessings,

When worry occupies the mind …

>When worry occupies the mind … be sure and cast away those mindful troubles before going to bed.Step outside and cast your worries away for the night so that you can get a peaceful nights sleep.

Worry through the night can cause illness, headaches and along night of tossing and turning

There are many way to let go of those worries.. or should say many techniques..A few are: Before bed write them down and burn the paper before going to bed… Designate a worry stone.. at night before bed .. place your worries on the stone and place it outside on the ground so that the Earth can take those worries away

Prayer always helps. Cast your worries to the heavens before bed

A shower or bath before bed is helpful to wash away the worries and also good at helping you relax …

These are just a few ways to help release worries from your mind before bed…

Many Blessings and Sweet Dreams,