Month: December 2013

Creativity Amuck!

projectcollageAs most of you probably already know … I am a tad bit of what you might call a creative soul. {{giggles}} I can’t help myself, I am always creating something or at the very least, thinking of creating something.

After posting a photo of one my newest projects last night, someone asked “do you ever rest? and do you ever get tired?”. YEP, but resting to me is creating. Do I get tired? YEP! I am often tired but my curiosity to see the finished project and what it might look like when it’s done and the excitement of creating overrides how tired I might be.

For me, going home after work and not creating something is more tiresome than creating things. When I’m working on projects I am filled with the energy from the project, the thoughts of what will be and the process of seeing it come to life from my own hands. THAT is exciting to me and fills me with a type of energy that wipes away the tiredness from my day. There is a sense of fulfillment that comes from creating with your own hands that doesn’t come from anywhere else. To dream a project, gather all the materials, begin the creating process and then to see it finished is a feeling of pure joy for me. If you’ve never given creative projects a try, I hope that you find the time to do so at some point in your lives. Don’t worry about being perfect, don’t worry about failing, just do it. Try something and keep at it and if you don’t like what you’ve chosen, choose something else and try that. Pretty soon you might even find yourself addicted like me!

Many Blessings,

Ringing in the New Year

2014This New Year is even more special than most that have passed in that this year on the New Year we also have a New Moon.

The New Moon is a time of New Beginnings, a fresh start to take on new projects, new journeys and start new lives, traditions, new ways, new everything!

Cleanse yourself of the past and prepare for the days to come.

Here’s something you can do to help you bring things into focus at this time of a New YOU!

On two sheets of parchment paper you will make 2 lists:

The first list will be of all things you don’t want or no longer need in your life. Be specific!

The second list will be of things you want to keep in your life and things you would like to see coming into your life. Again, be specific. While writing these things out on your list be sure to visualize each of them coming into reality.

You will take the “Keep” list, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, bless it and thank Spirit for being with you and place it in a safe place for the year.

You will then take the “Get Rid of” list and burn it in a fire. Watch that list burn and imagine all the things on that list burning out of your life with it. Be sure while you do these acts that you do them with love in your heart. You don’t want bad karma, mojo or intentions intertwined with your ceremony. Do all things with love. You don’t wish for bad to come to anyone or anything in your lists … you just no longer want or need them in your life so you should wish them away with love and kindness so that the parting be an easier transition for all who may be involved.

And as with all ceremonies you should take time to yourself to reflect, prepare and ground yourself before beginning. Cleanse the space, yourself, your mind and body before the ceremony. Close the ceremony with an offer of blessings to Spirit and all who may have been watching over you during the ceremony and for the year ahead.

Many Blessings,

50 Shades of Positivity

  1. IMG_2781Let’s start with a smile, because smiles make everyone feel good
  2. How about a time out for some me time, taking time for yourself helps clear your mind and eases your soul.
  3. Do something for someone else… just because.
  4. Let go of baggage from your past.
  5. Let go of negative behaviors that slow or stop you from moving forward.
  6. Declutter, a clean space makes you feel good and more at peace.
  7. Change perspective, sometimes it takes a different view at what’s in front of you to understand that you can make it through.
  8. Do something each day, big or small that brings you closer to your dreams.
  9. Laugh, negativity can not live inside a body that laughs.
  10. Get out! Get outside of your house or office and spend some time in nature. It has a way of soothing even the most weary of souls.
  11. Be creative, find a hobby or craft and immerse yourself in it.
  12. Learn to meditate and make time to do it often.
  13. Let go of fears that hold you back from achieving your goals.
  14. Never ever grow up. Seriously … growing up sucks. LOL…. child like wonder keeps you young.
  15. Keep a journal of all the happy moments in your life and when you are having a hard day, read it.
  16. Don’t procrastinate on things you enjoy, you never know when the moment will be gone forever.
  17. Tell those closest to you that you love and appreciate them, often.
  18. Do something for fun just because.
  19. Love yourself.
  20. Allow others to love you.
  21. Complete the tasks that you start. Seeing a project finished gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
  22. Play in the rain, stomp through the puddles and dance without worry of getting a little damp.
  23. Sing … who cares how good or bad you are .. sing, sing and sing some more.
  24. Dance! The same as above!
  25. Volunteer, doing good deeds for others is very fulfilling.
  26. Believe in yourself.
  27. Teach yourself new things all the time.
  28. Travel, get out and see the world.
  29. Exercise, yeah I know… I said that evil word… but, it is true that exercise makes you feel good.
  30. Surround yourself with positive people, don’t hang out with negative people, they only drag you down into their dark world.
  31. Create a space in your home that is just for you. It doesn’t matter how large or small.
  32. Let go of other people’s ideas of who you are suppose to be and be you.
  33. Forgive yourself.
  34. Traditions, keep them or start new ones. Traditions that make you feel good anyway. Traditions give us a feeling of being connected.
  35. Dream.
  36. Pursue those dreams.
  37. Create a prosperity wall or board. Things you would like to see coming into fruition in your life. Change it every year to suit you as you grow.
  38. Leave yourself positive notes and reminders in odd places so that you come across them when you least expect it. You never know when you may need that little encouragement.
  39. Don’t be afraid of change. Change happens all the time, it’s what helps us grow and progress forward.
  40. Remember that all things are possible if you believe. We can do amazing things when we believe they can be done.
  41. Be a friend to someone, a good friend, not just a sometimes friend when its convenient.
  42. Be kind to others even those who are not kind to you.
  43. Be appreciative for what you have and don’t dwell on the things you don’t have.
  44. Stop worrying so much. Worry doesn’t change anything, it only makes you feel bad.
  45. Step outside your comfort zone from time to time, you’ll find great things just beyond those walls.
  46. Keep positive thoughts, one must be realistic but at the same time you can keep a positive outlook for your situations.
  47. Trust yourself.
  48. Allow yourself to be happy, to feel happiness and understand that its okay for you to be happy… no matter what anyone else says.
  49. When speaking of others, say only good things. Refraining from speaking poorly about someone will make you feel better about your own choices.
  50. Do all things with love in your heart. You’ll soon see your world getting better and better.


Many Blessings,

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Feeling All Alone in a Crowded Room

crowI know many feel this way and I’m certainly not alone here. I’ve always been a loner from since I can remember back in my early childhood days. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd or do things to “fit in”. I follow my own set of rules that have nothing to do with anyone other than myself and the beliefs that are a part of my core being.

For the most part I am okay with being a loner and then there are times when I feel too much alone. It feels good to connect with others. To have that mutual bond for whatever reason that gives you that feeling of “someone understands me or someone gets me or even  a feeling that someone cares”, that feeling is priceless.

The holidays I think are the worst at least for me they are. I am usually the one going out of my way to create for others, hoping to make their holiday a little more special … those loner feelings then fall right into place when it seems as though no one cares to make mine more special in return. It’s certainly not why I do it, I do things for others because I really want to create something special for them and make them feel good. It’s just nice if at some point I wasn’t the only one who seems to care and go out of my way for others.

How do you get past these feelings?


Personally I get back to creating. I find things to do that make me feel good and I do them a lot. I do my best to ignore that fact that those around me just don’t go out of their way for others and I continue doing “me”.

I wish I had more advice for others to help you cope, but I’ve got nothing. We have to learn to accept who we are and who other’s are and that we are all separate individuals. Don’t take it personally because someone else doesn’t do as much as you do or that they seem not to care as much or that they don’t do more. Continue being you and enjoy your life to its fullest.

Many Blessings,

December Full Moon

full moonThe December Full Moon is known as the Oak Moon or as the Cold or Long Night Moon, the Oak Moon is a time for hope and healing. This time of year the Moon has reign over the Earth, because there are more hours of night than day. Our thoughts turn to the rebirth of the light and the longer days that are promised after the winter solstice. Women who have become pregnant in the spring are about to give birth and will probably want to focus their energies on delivering a healthy baby. This is the time of year to complete something you have worked hard on and to make sure that the task is truly completed, all the details dealt with. It’s also a great time to let go of old patterns or problems and start anew. If something has been eating at you for a long time, work to give it up at this time. Let go of the negative and let the light of longer days shine inside you. Working with children in a nurturing way can be very rewarding and healing.

Don’t forget to step outside and soak up a bit of that full moon magic tonight. Also now is a great time to cleanse and charge your crystals with that full moon energy… place them outside or in your windows so that they can capture that moon magic.

Many Blessings,

The Drum


This weekend I had the privilege of creating my very own hand drum. My dear hubby got me a kit for my birthday and I was finally able to sit down and devote time to creating this beautiful gift. Here’s a photo of my drum just as I finished getting it all together.. the tape will be removed once dry, it takes about 12 hours to fully dry so by the time I get home today I should be able to hear her sound. I can’t wait!!

drumstickHere’s a photo of my drumstick as well.

I thought that this would be a good time to share with you all, more information about the significance of the drum.

To most it is just a drum, nothing more than an instrument that creates sound. But then there are those who have a deeper understanding and connection to the drum. To these people (me included), it is far more than just an instrument of sound… it is the heartbeat of Mother Earth and connects all living beings.

The drum gives us both rhythm and meaning to life. It is the healing rhythm that we hear when singing, dancing, or walking through the world. The round form of the drum represents the circle of life and the whole universe.

Here’s a beautiful story I found on that must be shared about the drum: 

By: Lynn Thomas  –  entitled “Heartbeats”

“As I write this, snow is gently falling outside and I can’t help but think about how quiet it is out in the Black Hills right now. Imagine, one of those perfect days where you can hear even the smallest rustle in the trees and you realize that it is so quiet that you can even hear your own heart beating.

Before long, you begin to notice a rhythm, and as you listen, the beat grows louder and seems to flow outward into your surroundings. It is at that point you ask yourself: Is the rhythm drawn from what’s around me or am I adding my beat to a dance already in progress?

This ‘heartbeat’ is central to many tribal cultures all over the world and is often manifested into one of human kind’s earliest instruments of communication – the drum.

We understand the message of the drum because we heard it even before we were born. As we came to life in our mother’s womb, we heard a soft repeating sound that lulled us to sleep or alerted us to danger. Her heartbeat became our guide and the forever binding connection between mother and child was established. To this day, it is that first memory of our mother’s heartbeat that draws us to the drum.

From large pedestal drums, to smaller hand drums, it is said the drum’s ability to unite people in one emotion is what makes it such an integral part of Native American culture. It is considered sacred because of its ‘voice’ and the spiritual nature of its power.

Once you hear the drum, you will never be the same.

So, the next time you are standing in that perfect moment of unbroken silence, remember that there really is no silence. There will always be a ‘heartbeat’, and maybe, if you are listening, you will start to hear the song too.”

Many Blessings,