Magical Monday – Spreading Joy

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Some of my favorite moments in life are those that I can share my own joy with others and watch as they themselves become filled equally with joy, love and excitement. In this day and time people are quick to talk about all the pains, heartache, illness and despair that life has to offer but not so quick to share the more joyous moments in life.

I have to ask … why???

I know that there has to be a balance but the scales seem far too often tilted in the negative direction.  October had Breast Cancer Awareness… and November had Testicular Cancer Awareness… but what now?? What about December?  Are we all suppose to be too busy decorating, partying and buying gifts to raise awareness for anything? I think now…
So here’s a challenge I’d like to offer up through the month of December:

December – the month of deck the halls, falalalalalaaaaaaaa, joy to the world and have a holly jolly …..  My challenge is for everyone to share their joy each day.. I know some days it will be hard … we become overwhelmed with tasks, chores, decorating, buying, entertaining and so on …. that suddenly it is Christmas in xx days and our list is still way too long to cope.

Seek out some joy, some light, some love and some happiness… share it.. share it with as many as you can until it has spread like winter’s first sniffle. Watch as others become filled with that amazing light I like to call PURE JOY. When you see someone without a smile.. give them a reason to laugh…. when you see someone needing a hug … for goodness sake  – HUG THEM!

Share the spirit of love, light and joy through the month of December and I’m sure that you just might witness something far brighter than the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center!

Go on now.. get to spreading!

Many Blessings,

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