Month: November 2012

The Power of Wishes

I just have to share this story of something that happened to me the other day.

I was at work and there were two little girls that were hanging out at the office with their dad (one of our agents). I know these two to be quite the pranksters. So I was making my rounds through the office getting ready to finish my chores for the day so I could then head home. I came around behind them, smacked a chair and shouted at them and scared them to bits… hahahahahaha. We all laughed and I went back to my office to finish up for the day. They came to my door claiming what I had done was not funny. I said it sure was funny from my side seeing their faces when I shouted. They proclaimed that they would be getting me back. So for the next several minutes they played around the outside of my office waiting for the opportunity to get me back.

Something then happened that was one of those little awesome moments that I think these two little girls might remember for years to come.

I had a plastic cup in my office that had loads of dandelions in it that I was collecting to make wish bottles for Christmas. I walked out of my office with tons of stuff in my hands and was setting some of it down so that I could free a hand up to close my office door. The cup of dandelions then flips up and spills all over me and the floor! UGGGGGGG!

I said “Oh no! My Wishes!” the two little girls came running over and asked, “What did you say?”. I said, I dropped my wishes…. your what? .. My Wishes! I dropped my wishes!

They looked closer to see what the heck I was talking about. They had forgot all about trying to scare me and were concerned about my wishes now. They pitched in and tried to save as many as they could. They asked me what I was planning on doing with them and I told them I was going to make wish bottles. They looked confused and intrigued all at the same time. They helped pick up as many as they could and then I vacuumed up the rest and made my way out to my car. I put all my stuff in the car and then walked over to the side of the building to see if I could find any more dandelions. Lucky enough I found 3. I kept one and put it in my cup to replace what was lost and the other two I took back inside and handed them to the girls and told them I had some fresh wishes just for them.   Quickly they ran outside to blow off the seeds and make their wishes. As I was walking away I looked back with a smile and said.. make sure you make those wishes count! They smiled and with excitement blew off the dandelion seeds.

Oh the joys of childhood and believing all things are possible with nothing more than a dandelion, a deep breath and a wish.

So for a moment they got to step out of the adult world of “now sit down, be quiet and behave” to come on lets BELIEVE!

Many Blessings,

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Many Blessings,


November Full Moon

The November Full Moon is the Snow Moon also known as the Beaver, Mourning or Tree Moon … depending on where you are from.

Remind yourself that although winter is coming, it will not last forever. Do what you can to reduce your stress and to strengthen your bonds with family and friends. Back before the advent of grocery stores and central heating, people really counted on those bonds, which could be the difference between making it through the winter or perishing. So, know who is really there for you, and count your blessings.

The moon offers us a lot of energy and when it is full it offers that much more. Use it wisely and responsibly. Be clear in your thoughts and actions.

Many Blessings,

Shifting Your Thoughts

We all find ourselves in that negative zone from time to time. Some far more than others. Getting out of that negative space often seems like a task that is larger than life, larger than you feel like you can handle at that moment.

It’s as hard as you allow it to be. I know you hate that answer but it’s true. My words are easy to say and easy to type but I know how difficult it feels in real life. I have been in that negative space far more often than I would like to admit.

The question of the day is: How do you get out of that negative space and into a more positive one?

By shifting your thoughts from whatever it is that put you in that ugly space to begin with. Is it easy? Yes and No. It’s something that will take some serious work on your behalf. You will have to focus your thoughts and energy to something else…. something that doesn’t relate what so ever to those negative thoughts. The further from that negative monster that put you into that space.. the better!

Find something to do. Busy yourself with something that will make you feel good. Whether it is something for another or something productive for yourself or whatever… find something physical to focus your energy and thoughts on.

Take some reflection time to focus and remember all the best moments of your life. Fond memories always put a smile on my face and help me move forward.

When we find ourselves in that negative pit… we dwell on all things negative and bring a dark and dreary cloud over ourselves that does not have to be there. Focusing so much on those negative thoughts doesn’t make it go away, it doesn’t make you or anyone around you feel good, it doesn’t help or improve your life in any way at all. All it does is prolong the negative darkness that is there.

Shift your thoughts and you’ll be asking yourself why on Earth you spent any time at all in that negative space.

Many Blessings,


Daily Insight – The Spiritual Warrior

By the sounds of it you might envision a spiritual warrior as someone in full battle armor fighting battles of all sorts in some spiritual way or even a spiritual realm… which would be correct except that the armor isn’t a tin suit.

Spiritual armor is knowledge, love and acceptance. The tools of a spiritual warrior are the same. The realm in which they fight is within themselves.

A spiritual warrior will fight battles daily, not to save the world as a whole, but to save their own personal bit of the world in which they live which may be as small or as large and wide as they wish to reach. Now don’t take this wrong.. I’m not saying that they are focused only on themselves. Spiritual warriors walk many paths and work in many ways to help the world as a whole… but the real battles are within. Working daily to improve themselves, with hopes to reach the highest level of spirit that they can achieve in this lifetime.

A spiritual warrior knows that the more they know and the stronger they are at their own core of being, the more they are able to help others. The battle never ends… there is no finale of fireworks and certificates to be handed out. There is only the realm of living that is after this. With each realm their task is to become better than the one before. To live in harmony with oneself, with nature and the world that sustains us.

Many Blessings,

Magical Mondays – Being Yourself

Its a wonderful feeling to be free to be you. There was a time when I felt like I couldn’t be myself. I felt like I had to hide certain aspects of who I am to fit in or not to stand out too much. I’ve never been one that cared about what others thought of me… but I also never want people to think badly of me. I would hide aspects of myself around those who I thought would fear or not understand who I am.

I’m not sure when that all stopped .. I think it has been a gradual thing than something I just suddenly stopped doing. Through the years I have found that by being myself openly and honestly to everyone.. there was far less to fear by me and by others. It’s not that I am some sort of monster .. there are just parts of my way of doing things that differ from others. I see the world as a magical place filled with possibilities of even more magical moments and opportunities. I once worried about being called names like the ever so common “witch”…. but somewhere down the line I realized that those that don’t understand will always throw stones and call you names. So if someone was freaked out by my collection of crystals or my magical way of talking and seeing the world… and if they were to call me that name.. I would say thanks and then explain to them that a witch is a healer and a magical person and nothing at all that I would be ashamed of if someone wished to call me by that name.

Do I consider myself to be a witch? No, not really.. who needs labels.. I am just me. I have my way of seeing and doing .. my own way of being and I am me always. The label I give myself is Holly or Raventalker … that’s who I am … no need to add extra names to it. I am simply me. Every day .. all the time .. I am me. It feels so good to fly as you are without worry or fear of what others don’t understand.

Many Blessings,

Another Day of Beauty

I stepped outside for a moment to take a break from work and as I stood there with the cool autumn breeze blowing, the birds chirping in unison and the sun radiating down upon my shoulders… I felt completely at peace. Nature has a way of doing that to me. I find balance and peace every time I step out into the natural world.

I stood there for some time taking in the surroundings and just allowing nature’s rhythm to soothe my mind, body and soul.

I looked down for a moment and there was this little leaf caught in the grass, blowing in the breeze. It had already turned brown… it’s colors had all faded away.  It was decaying right before my eyes. Every moment, precious … it would only be with us for a matter of days now. I looked closely at this little brown leaf and I’ll tell you what I saw:

I saw every vein as a story once lived by this little leaf. My mind wandered at the things that it might have seen, the experiences it might have felt and the lifetime that it lived. Those veins once filled with nurturing juices of life, now barren. This made me think about how precious life is and how quickly one can go from a life where we are being sustained and nurtured to a place where we become part of what sustains other life so that it may grow… live and experience.

Many Blessings,

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